Tuesday, January 30

Filling Lunch

I just had my lunch and it really filled me. It was sort of like a breakfast meal.. but I didn't have a brunch kasi I had my breakfast between 7 and 8 this morning. I fried the left-over from yesterday rice, 'yong simple fried rice lang.. with salt and oil, then I fried the already-cooked slice of silverside corned beef, 'yong malutong na pagka-fry and fresh tomato. Yum! I ate them na nakakamay lang, kaya feel na feel ko ang pagkain. While I was about to fry the rice, sabi ko di ko ipapa-fry lahat. There were more than two servings but then reconsidered because I dont want to fry some again later. (Btw, I like it fried if "bahaw" na yong kanin.) Yon pala, hindi enough yong one serving ng rice for me. Mahirap naman kung bitin ang pagkain. I have some left-over here beside me, but I am planning to eat it again after this post. Hehehe. Natatakam talaga ako. And I eat more while reading or facing the computer. If I am just alone here at home, I already made it a habit to eat in front of the computer or telly kasi nakakawalang gana kumain alone, db? But if you're doing something, you are not aware that you've eaten the whole lot already.

These days, if I am not out with Hubs or surfing the net or watching teevee, you can always find me at the kitchen making or cooking something. Kahit simple recipe lang for an amateur and still-learning-to-cook me, it's a big accomplishment if I had cooked a meal and it tasted like what I expected it to be. :)) Pregnancy makes me love to eat and of course cook, which I enjoyed. (Btw Cess, I made the peach jam na yesterday and I think, it tasted yummy - that is for me. There's nobody here to try it kasi my Hubs doesn't like sweet on his bread. But I just made enough for myself and I already put some of it in pikelets instead of honey. - Thanks really for the heads up.)


I felt really bad after Hubs left this morning. After breakfast, I went out to water the plants and he was getting his stuff ready. I expected him to leave just as soon as he finishes but he didn't. I took my time in tending to the plants and I just knew when I was already finished that he was actually waiting for me to go with him. I thought, I made myself clear yesterday that I am not going out with him because I am experiencing an uncomfortable pain in my lower left belly. I don't want to aggravate it by sitting in the car the whole day. Anyway, after sending him off, I vaccuumed the office to make up for not going out with him. But, it really made me feel bad... you know the feeling that you want to go with him but you just cant because you feel sick? Haaayyyyy!

Monday, January 29

He Did It Again

In the recently concluded Australian Open tour, Roger Federer, for the third time bagged the championship title. I think, it wasn't easy for him to win, though, he was the next man to win the championship in three sets straight since 1972, against Fernando Gonzales. The latter who has the strongest forehand in the tour and had beaten Rafa, Haas, Hewitt, to name a few. I reckon, Gonzales is the Roger F of the next tennis generation, after Roger F reign. ;)

Oh, I just like the man for his great attitude on and off court.. the reason mainly why he is well-loved by the crowd.

Just found this baby photo of Roger. He's adorable.

*Photos nicked here.

Wednesday, January 17


I dont really want to say, I am back because I was never gone. :)) I was just lurking around and sure have read all the posts of you folks. I was just in a sort of limbo for almost three months. It was an exciting, funny, frustrating and I-dont-want-to-go-through-again phase of my life. (I still am in that phase though I am getting better each day.) You read it right, I dont want to go through that phase again. I know it is worth it when you see even just a smile of your angel but they said, One is a good number. Hehehe. But I am very vulnerable and open that I may change my mind sometime in the future. ;)

I know for a fact and second hand experience that being pregnant is not always a cherished experience especially in the first trimester. While my friends were in their 'paglilihi blues', I always prayed that I wont go through it when its my time. I reckoned before, I wont because sometimes, it goes with the genes and my siblings weren't really that bothered during their big-belly times. Oh well, who can (human being) predict the future, as they say? Who would have thought that I will feel more or worse than normal women do? Hummmm.

The day that we confirmed that I am pregnant, I started to feel ill. First few days were just lying down in bed and sometimes falling asleep almost all day. It was then followed of feeling dizzy when I am up and about.. then always feeling hungry when I have just eaten.. and then throwing up at night. Yup, my typical morning sickness is at night. MIL said, she'd never heard of a pregnant lady throwing up at night before. ;( I might be weird. Hehehe. I hate heaving when I was not pregnant because it turned my stomach if not wits upside down, but now... I sometimes self-induced it to make me feel better.

My Hubs bought me a morning sickness formula, made of ginger, which in the early part made me feel better. But when I told my OB about it, she recommended to stop taking it as according to her, there is no proven study that ginger indeed cure nausea but I have read it in a book written by an American author. I just didn't argue with her then. I eventually stop taking it as the smell of ginger made me puke. :(

Talking of smell... I detest some kind of smell then. I don't put on cologne which the only body smell that I can stand up with, I avoided passing the garden where I can smell the gardenias... some yummy food odor makes me puke.

But I crave for various kinds of food, well, mostly exotic Pinoy dishes and the worst part is, I don't know how to cook them. And I loooovvveee eating fruits especially tropical ones and luckily, they are of abundance here. I can't swallow bland-tasting food.. so is water. It was really worst as I feel dehydrated. My remedy was to drink cold chocolate drink always.... now, I am able to drink iced water or suck on ice cubes.

Father was so excited of baby that he started to research for names the same day we knew that I was pregnant. But up until now, we havent agreed yet.. we just have different likes and favorites. ;))


The four-day Manila trip was so hectic but funny! For me, it was made not mainly for bureaucratic reason but for food. Hehehe. I started my night there with sinigang na hipon, pritong tilapia, inihaw na liempo, kangkong with bagoong, to name a few... well dont forget the mangga. I always feel "bundat" all through out the day and night that I can hardly sleep from belly uneasiness. (matakaw kasi) I met up some friends over food, did some shopping, eat, visit the doctor, eat, eat... and eat. My last night was spent with former officemates in ATSC over dinner in a resto two shops away from G3 Italianis. I tell you, their food are not yummy that I cant even remember the name of the resto. Their sinigang na hipon doesnt really taste like sinigang at all. Walang asim. If I could give credit to them, its in their lechong kawali/pata - I am not sure now and their dessert something like with ube - see, I was really in limbo that I dont remember most of the menu. Hehehe. But I didn't eat much as I had an upset stomach that night.

And then, I was really sick when we touched down Sydney airport... and through Brisbane where I have to wait for Hubs to pick me up for more than an hour. He was in the international airport and I was in domestic. Funny. Ha ha ha! Not! ;( He reckoned, I would be in the international as I flew Brisbane-Sydney-Manila from there, where I rubbed elbow with Darren Lockyer, the number one rugby league player in the world.

Because of getting sick inflight and waiting for more than an hour, my next week was spent mostly in bed. My first time jetlag.


Our Christmas and New Year were spent with in-laws - Christmas eve lunch with Hub's elder sis and family, Christmas lunch and New Year with Hub's younger brod and family. We watched spectacular fireworks in Scarborough park.


Then came this story in the first week of 2007.

Hubs (just arrived): Tell me you have the camera. (talking to me)
Me: Nope. Remember, you tucked it under the seat of the van last New Year.
Hubs: It was stolen then.
Me: Haaaa! What happened? (my tummy started to churn)

Yup, the camera was indeed stolen. The thief may have been lurking around the car and spotted the camera bag (big enough to be a handbag), thinking that it was a handbag. The wallet in the glove box was untouched though.

I almost cried. Sobrang nanghinayang ako. The cost of that thing can fly me return Manila-Brisbane. But its not just the cost. I have come to love that wonderful creation kasi I was able to learn to use it and give some effects to photos. Kainis! ;))

Hubs jokingly blamed me, saying that I arranged it to be stolen, because, I want a tourist camera. Hahaha! True that I want a slim and handy camera because for one, my use of the "then" cam was restricted. Hubs was so very careful in using it that I have to do the same, always with caution. Before taking pictures, I have to put the sling around my neck, keep the lense cover securely, and put it back right after taking photos. Hindi gaya ng handy cam na, you can take photos in an instant. Hehehe. There you go, wala na nga akong handy cam.. nawala pa yong "then" cam.

Wala pa rin kaming new camera until now. But Hubs said, when we're going to buy, we'll look for a better deal and buy the professional one that he likes, and the tourist cam that I like. Sana it will be soon. *fingers crossed*