Friday, January 27

Not Yet

..fully moved in, anyway. We're still in the process of moving some things outdoor-sy and cleaning the old place. This moving is really a stressful process but intime, we will be finally settled in our new place. Then, there's no moving again unless we get lucky and receive more blessings that will afford us a much bigger place.

As of now, things are crawling their way to their proper place. Really, the process of finding each and every item in the house its proper location where it is accessible, out of the way, appropriate and not hideous is easier said than done. I am thankful that we have a big shed for storage that I can just dump things that are seasonal. But things like ironing boards (yes, we have two or maybe three), is still in its temporary location - outside on the port. I see to it that ironing is done in bulk so I only have to take the paraphernalia once a week or a fortnight.