Saturday, June 30

My Female Pick!

I like her the first time I saw her play in the Australian Open 2006. To say that she's a good player is an understatement because currently, she's the world's number 1 female tennis player. But, I didn't know it back then. I simply like her for no apparent reason except that I like the way she behaved on court.

She played the finals against Amelie Mauresmo where she quit in the 2nd set for not feeling well, to my disappointment. She cried though. Her retirement gave way to Mauresmo bagging the championship trophy but I reckon Amelie was not at all happy because her worth was not really proven. (MCJ was happy because he's been rooting for Amelie as she had always been a bridesmaid but never a bride until that time.) But Amelie proved that she can be a champion without her opponent's retirement (Justine Henin) in the Wimbledon of the same year.
That same year, Justine bag the French Open Championship title for the 4th time and third in consecutive years which makes her grand slam titles equal to six. She was also in the finals in the US Open where she lost to Maria Sharapova.
She withdrew in the Australian Open this year for personal reason. I speculate, she must have been in the process of getting a divorce from her husband (or might be the other way), Pierre-Yves Hardenne. She has then confirmed in her website that she has separated from her husband and will assume her maiden name, Henin. And I didn't knew about it. :) It was just at the first day of Wimbledon 2007 that MCJ told me she had divorced from her husband and that I should stop adding the Hardenne after her name. For almost two months, she lost the number 1 title to Maria Sharapova but reclaim it again.
Justine won the French Open Championship title this year against Serena Williams, equalling Monica Seles's open era record, and surpassed US$15 million in career prize money earnings.
Justine is playing on Monday for the 2007 Wimbledon day 7(?).
I used to know her as Justine-Henin Hardenne and up til now, I still have tongue slip-up and call her that. :)

Loves To Beautify?

Most of us love primping and beautifying our homes, offices, stores or any indoor spaces. They are just who are gifted in this department that they don't need to hire designer to decorate - count me out though but my talent can pass-up MCJ's standards. They can turn a shabby place into an elegant one. Well, with the aid of various crafts and tools of course.

And I noticed that plants are indespensable decoration in one's home or office. I think, it's the luscious color of green that cools the eyes factor that made plants imperative as a decoration. But, I also know that this adornment is sort of difficult to maintain. There are the tasks of watering, trimming, exposing to sunlight, dusting, etc. And if you want to get around these tasks, you can always opt for the silk trees. They look the same as the natural plants but are less daunting to maintain.

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My Fave Star In Action

While cleaning and digging out rubbish from MCJ's bedside table, I saw three concert tickets. Hummm! And my resentment resurfaced. Why? Because he watched a concert with his parents and brother, G and wife N, while I was in Pinas last February. It was not meant to annoy or outcast me though because he only knew about the concert after I've left for Pinas. But, but, but! I was really upset of not going with them to that concert because I like the singer. He is the 2006 Australian Idol winner. You know the feeling being conned? Hehehe! I was really rooting for him last year to win the contest and he did. I know you can imagine the feeling of seeing your fave star perform live.

In fairness to MCJ, he was not guilty for pulling a trick to me and he didn't raved that much about the concert rather just gave a positive appreciation of the performance of Damien Lieth. And I am getting over with my indignation.

I just hope Damien Lieth will have another concert near by and I'll happen to be here.

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Outdoor Party

One of MCJ's elder sister, C, loves hosting parties or family gatherings. When MCJ's other sister (S) and family from Adelaide were here last week for vacation, C decided to have a family dinner. It was sort of a P family reunion less their eldest brother who also lives in Queensland but a bit far from us.

We were expecting a nippy and windy night so I let MCJ donned a fleecy jumper and track suits while I help myself with three layers of tops including the jumper and two pants - talking of not used to chilly weather. The weather wasn't that biting when we left home but dinner will be served outdoor so we stayed in the outdoor veranda.

We were expecting that dinner will be served as soon as we get there but that wasn't the case. The roasted meat wasn't cooked yet because the "guys" put it on around 4PM which was a bit late. We have to wait for more than two hours, I think and then the mob being so hungry had already eaten the food that we took there with us. :)

Halfway through the socialization, cold wind started to blew from behind us. Brrrrr. C has this bonfire thing but it wasn't enough to warm us all. I reckon, an outdoor fireplace would be very handy in that occasion. We just hurriedly ate our dinner and flocked inside the house to watch footy where it was warm.

It was fun but almost all of us got sniffles the next day. :)

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Friday, June 29


Haayyyyy! I know I've mentioned this many times that I am happy for starting this pro-blogging thingie. I get to write my personal experiences, hobbies and what-have-you's and at the same time write for some company and get paid.

For a SAHW and soon to be mum, this is a big thing for me, earning my own money. I get to pay my own shopping spree and some for Bubba.

Thanks to the evolution of blog sites primarily, as I don't have my own website (yet) and for blog advertising.

Before, when I stayed infront of the computer for almost a day and blog away, I feel relieved and revitalised... now, I feel more than that. It's the great feeling of playing while at work and I'm loving it. :)

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My Pick!

Tonight/today, Roger F will be playing against Marat S for Wimbledon Day 5.

I want to wish him luck but I guess it takes more than luck to win. :)

Drug Rehab

Gone were the times where getting help for any addiction was made discreet. These days victims voluntary turn themselves in to helpful institutions for drug rehabilitation. Look at the celebrities. They themselves know that they need to seek help and help they get, done in an open book fashion.

The exposed manner that victims ask for help, came the equal trend of the influx of drug rehabilitation center. There has been a number of these networks that offer help to look for a suitable help center to the victims. These facilities have made remarkable help in our society today.

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I gained more than 2 kilos in one week time! Whoooaaaaaaa!


Maybe, I was just wearing bulky clothes and shoes when I weighed.

Maybe, it's just the water. I should have visited the loo before doing so!

Whatever it is... I don't feel fat.. just too pregnant! :)
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Online Dating

I've started to tell how MCJ and I met here.. so I might be retailing bits and pieces sometimes.

Now I can say that we were one of those lucky couples who hit it off right away even meeting in a bizaare way. We started in a sort of whirlwind romance. For five months, we keep contact by online chatting, emailing and paying off hefty phone bills, well mostly on his part. Then he decided to see me in person - which is another story to tell.

Fast forward, after being official us and a romantic proposal, we got married more than a year after. And a year after tie-ing the knot, we fell pregnant.

We have lots of stories in our closet to tell as a testimony how we get on with our relationship but all of them will just boil down to the happiness and love that we're sharing now.

MCJ and I owe it to the wild wild web and an online dating site for bringing us together. These days, there are various online dating sites accessible to those who want to meet 'the one' just like the way I did.

One, there's FriendFinder. I've heard of this site from my ex-coworker and they have lots of stories to tell about the people they've met online through the site. You can meet locals in this site if you don't fancy an LDR. Now, I've got the chance to visit the site. It is very straightforward and user-friendly for those who are not www-savvy. I'm sure anybody who's interested to meet friends, can have a find right away.

Thursday, June 28

Beauty Regime

I said, I am not vain and that is supported by the vanity test that I took. Yet, I still have a minimal beauty regime to take care of my looks especially my skin. I thought, I was not born with a milky-porcelain coverings so I have to at least look after of what was given to me.

I noticed that back home, most people wanted to have white complexion. Well, at some point.. I wished to have one also. I joined the wagon of throngs who used whitening soap, lotion, etc. Until I met MCJ. When he was there with me, he used to hold the umbrella for me but always made fun of it. He said, he likes my color as it is and there was one instance that we stayed in un-shaded area on the beach just to bake me. Eventually, I came to love my color.

Now, the skin care products that interest me are those that will keep my skin soft and moisturized especially in the nippy weather. I kept on changing brands though but I know, I will stick to one brand in time. I just have to find the elusive sort that fits my skin type.

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I Was Thinking... uhmmm!

I love this tag from Mitch and Mitch. I don't know pero bigla akong kinilig. Hehehe!

What Were You Thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Like some others, I met MCJ in the wild wild web so for me there were three instances that I've met him.

First, was when I saw his profile. I admit, I was the one who actually made the first move so we can get in touch. :) And what was I thinking? Because MCJ posted a very long (84 stanzas) emotional poem that he composed himself, it then occured to me that he's very romantic and emotional(which is not common to all men).

Next, was when I first heard his voice over the phone. That was when he asked my permission if he could at least court me even without seeing me first. I was in a very crowded hotel and eating dinner. Lots of what he said were a blurr to me. What I can only remember was he told me what he was doing while talking on the phone. He was on his right knee with the bible ontop of it and his right hand. I thought, this guy must really be spiritual and a full-gospel. I believed him when he said that because he had proven it. Almost all of his points driven were supported by bible passages.

Third, was when I met him eye-to-eye for the first time. It was his first time in the Philippines and he fully trusted me that he made no further research about the place, where to stay and what-have-yous, so I met him at the airport. There were two people following him, towing his luggage. Those guys were, you know who they "are" (we have to pay them just for helping MCJ cross the road). We just looked at each other and said "hi". He was quiet and an obvious face of a curious man, looking around and noticing what others were doing. It crossed my mind that he's a snob. Hehehe.

While I was huggling with the two guy of how much are we going to pay for the rented car, MCJ piped-in "you can't argue with her, she always wins"... I then laughed. First impression vanished to far away land. :) I thought, this guy can make me laugh in tough times.. and he always did!

Now, I'm keeping the ball rolling by tagging Mitch, Dangkin, Arlene and anybody who wants to do this thingie.

Thanks Mitch! I had fun reminiscing.

Wednesday, June 27

Superior Teaching Builds Better Minds

I was not fortunate enough in my forming years to have not the luxury of having a tutor but I wouldn't say that I was unfortunate either because my mother was very patient to burn the candles and kerosene lamp every night with me and my elder sister.

But the trend and generation has dramatically changed that most mothers form a big chunk of the workforce and it is a sad reality that making time for the family let alone teaching the kids after school has been a constant stuggle. Yet, I give credits to those mums who can give their kids enough attention for their schooling and be a part of it despite a demanding career.

But I know that most of the parents are thankful for institutions like Escore that provides innovative tutor. If the going gets tough at work and time is of a little constraint, you can stay calm and channel your attention to the most important aspect of your work because you know that company such as this helps kids achieve their goals and reach their academic potential in math, reading, spelling and writing.

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I Am Maarte but Not Vain!

You Are 31% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

Tagged by mitch here and I was actually planning of doing this without being tagged. :) Thanks, mitch!

Some if not most people that know me finds me "maarte". Well, in other aspects but not on my looks. How? These are some of the reasons:

  1. I can't remember buying a make-up kit for myself. If I ever had one at one point, somebody might have given it to me and then after a couple of months I'd given it away also. I love putting on eye shadows but somebody has to tell me what colors should coordinate. I'd bought lipstick one time but I gave it to my mother. :) I am only using a lip care.
  2. It was only a couple of years back that I started using moisturizer and toner for my face. What prompted me to use them? Err, who? My friend who I used to live with and out of envy actually when she was primping herself up at night and I was just lying down reading something or watching her. And I kept on changing brands.
  3. I don't care about the brand of shampoo that I use but I am particular with conditioner. I reckon, the latter shadowed the effect of the earlier so it's no use buying exy shampoo. I kept on changing conditioner brands also and even if I still have almost a new bottle but then, if it doesn't give my hair the effect that I wanted, I would ditch it and buy another brand.
  4. I am no "fashionista". I shop for the style of stuff that I have concieved in my mind not the style that I saw in the shops. And it is frustrating sometimes.
  5. In the later part of my working years, I'd love to accentuate my clothes with chandelier earrings, a pair of shoes and hand bag. I do the same now even if I am just staying at home sans the shoes and handbag.
  6. Now that I just stay home, I help myself up with wearing comfy canvass shoes to avoid drying and cracking of my soles.
  7. I am happy doning fresh and comfy clothes and shoes everyday, a pair of earrings, the rings that MCJ gave me and clean nails and soft moisturized hands.

There, who said I am vain? :)

Anyone interested in doing this tag? Go ahead and have fun!

Buried Fancy!

I fancied to be a mechanical engineer one day when I was in high school. I was really entertaining the thought that I could survive in a career world dominated by men. But then fate used it power that I ended up in another program. That's another story though.

You might be thinking that I knew a lot about mechanical tools because of my inclination but sad to say, I don't. I can't even recognize what a pointed-end pliers look like when it was mixed to array of tools and it's not even a high-powered mechanical tool, just a plain and common one you can find in most households. :) MCJ has lots of handyman tools here but I don't know their name albeit I know their use. When I asked questions or any information, I just point at them to know what are they called.

Plus, I no nothing about cars. I was talking on the phone yesterday for the type of car that the baby capsule will be fitted and the customer assistant asked if there are anchor points available and I don't know what to say. Good thing, MCJ was beside me that I just passed-on the phone to him.

Anyway, I don't plan to be dumb on this topic for the rest of my life so from time to time I gather and research valuable information on the net aside from seeking the help of MCJ. And I am thankful for my pro-bloggin activity that I was given the assignment to a topic that is so foreign to me. That is plasma cutting. I look it up on the net and thanks to wikipedia for a very comprehensive definition.

Plasma cutting is a process used to cut steel and other metals (or sometimes other materials) using a plasma torch. In this process, an inert gas (in some units, compressed air) is blown at high speed out of a nozzle; at the same time an electrical arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning some of that gas to plasma. This plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal and moving sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut.

There, now I know!

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Tuesday, June 26

Updates! Updates!

It's been a few days that I have not updated my home. It is not neglected though but there were just circumstances that preclude me from performing my duty. Sounds serious, huh! :P

Anyway, I was just busy with my new interest, sewing, for three days. I was seated in my throne right after breakfast until it went dark (it gets dark pretty early these days though). So far, I have finished making 6 underpants and 3 singlets. I am sort of proud of myself for accomplishing these granting I stuffed-up the light bulb of the machine and wound up cotton to some parts that shouldn't be because the materials of my produce were not the normal cloth. Some were stretchy, fluffy and what-have-you. And all these while MCJ was right beside me minding my own business. :) Him being a consumate professional found lots to correct on how I sewn stuff and I tell you, you wouldn't like listening to us. But I am getting there and he's getting used to my strategy.

Don't discount the fact that our computer played up a couple of times. First, it was the cooling fan but it was replaced the same day then just this morning, our internet connection was not available. It wasn't fixed until after lunch when MCJ was already free from looking after a customer and had created a new gateway. Obviously, it is now fixed but MCJ needs it for the bookwork so I can only use it for a few minutes. Hummmm. Actually, I just have it now because he is watching the news and I have to make him coffee later. See? I am really slaving myself just so I can blog. Heh.Heh!


Know this? It arrived yesterday morning and MCJ was so excited that he was planning to wake me up if I was not awake yet. :) He (we) assembled it right away and he wanted me to use/test the basket available for Bubba's stuff which I didn't do. Talking of being defiant. Now this thing littering around and is occupying a big space.


We're having a wet winter now. It had been gloomy for the past couple of days, it was drizzling yesterday and today is steady rainfall. However it's good for our drying dam but it's just a terrible day. Winter makes you a couch potato and a guts bag and add the rain, brrrrrr.. a lazy, gloomy and sad day. It's not that freezing cold nevertheless because the cloud is preventing the warm air to evaporate to the atmosphere yet still cold.


MIL reckons I'll drop my bulge anytime soon. She kept on asking if I have packed my bag already. Not yet but the stuff that will go with it are all ready. I just feel Bubba still likes to stay in Mummy's belly because the movements haven't reduced yet.

But my nesting instinct had already kicked-in a few days back. Been doing household chores even late at night which I don't normally do.

I don't actually want him to go out before the due date as the baby capsule will be fitted to the car two days prior to the BIG DAY! It would be a disaster if he comes out early. :)


Good friends I will visit your blog soon. Hope you're all having a good time!

Cool Factor

I always find people wearing sunglasses cool especially if they perfectly fit and coordinate ones features and aura. And also if I like the style of the sunglasses, it's almost an instinct for me to give that person a second look. They just look nifty.

It attacts me more if that person is wearing a motorcycle sunglasses mounted on a Ducati or Harley Davidson. The groovy factor was raised notches higher. Don't get me wrong but I am not imagining Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. Some of you may find him cool but I dont. I find him a little bit dodgy. :P Whom I fancy to see in this hip get-up is Eric Bana though. I've read somewhere that he owns a Ducati. I can envision him in various images. But maybe, I should start surfing the net for his photo mounting his classic bike.

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Friday, June 22

See? Sew!

When I was still in Manila last year, MCJ told me that MIL would give me her other sewing machine. I was happy and ecstatic because I really want to learn how to sew. It's not that owning or having one will make me learn how to but at least I am on a starting point. Alas, there was something wrong with the machine that she took it to the repair shop first and was then advised that it would be better to buy a new one as it would cost more than double of the price of the brand-new standard sewing machine to have the old one repaired. Okay, I forgot all about sewing when I learned that.

Then, when MIL knew that I was pregger.. she wanted to send me to a sewing lesson. It really then occurred to me that sewing skill is a must for mums. :D Well, not really but I reckon most Aussie mums know how to at least fix hems and seams. I deem it necessary also especially if your kid is already in school as it would save you heaps of moolah to do-it-yourself the activity customes that maybe required in school.

And I thought, she forgot about the sewing machine.. but actually did not. More than a month ago, she bought me one. But the box was opened and the machine was tested only last week by MCJ's sister. Her family came up here from Adelaide to attend a wedding and to have some r&r. Btw, she's the crafty kid of the family.

And so, I had my first lesson last week using some un-used cloth and decided to trim MCJ's pants hem. I was jittery at first because it was my first time, really, to step on the foot of a machine and actually let the needle thread through the cloth. Plus I have to familiarize myself with the parts of the machine and to some sewing jargons. Hummmm. But, I am getting there and I had fun.

Then, I had more lesson today when they turned-up again. This time, we muck-around some baby's stuff and I did the hems of my pjs and tracksuits. I have also learned how to sew stretchy fabrics. Such a productive day for me!

And I am proud to say that I now know how to sew. An exciting news to be delivered to Nanay back in the Philippines in my next phone call. :)

Save While You Shop

Do you love shopping like I do? Who doesn't? I mean, most women if not all just love shopping... maybe it be just a window-shopping or actually buying stuff. Actually, I am the kind who will browse all around the shop first before going to the section of the thing that I intend to buy. But not all of us have the luxury of time to do just that. Just like me. I miss those days when I was still in the Philippines where I can spend all day at the mall, from the time it opens until it closes. Now, my mall trips would be scheduled ahead of time unless of course what I really need was necessary for survival. I don't know how to drive (I know I've mentioned this several times) and the shops are fairly far that walking to them might cause premature labor to me. :D So, I have to entirely depend on MCJ for this simple yet enjoyable task.

But yes, it isn't a huge problem anyway. Thanks to the online shops. You don't need to go out of the comfort of your home to do your shopping. Especially now that the weather is extra cool down under, changing outfits is a chore that needs much thought particularly when what you've got on is comfy and warm. Plus it would be more exciting if you get to find money saving promo codes on the web for the online store where you intend to buy your stuff just like what KeepCash offers. The company offers discount coupon to several shops and are constantly updated.

These days I am more interested in baby stuff when shopping. It's tough luck though that I have not checked out the discount coupon online before doing the shopping yesterday. I could have grabbed the opportunity to avail the Babies Age coupons. They offer 10% discount on $50 purchase and free shipping. Now, I will bookmark KeepCash site to visit it first before doing my next online shopping.

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Thursday, June 21

Look Here!

My pro-blogging activities bought Bubba this:

Actually, I haven't seen the physical goods yet. I've just closed a shopping deal with an online store for the pram. I am just too excited to share you the news.

I've just been into this pro-blogging thingie for more than a month and my earnings have paid for the pram already. Yayyyy! Plus a few dollars extra.

The plan initially was my earnings should pay for a few shopping I've made in Manila but MCJ and I saw in the news a discount online store that really gives you good price for a particular product so, we decided to check the website and he found the pram. Yes, the pram is discounted at 47% in its RRP. I think, we got a good deal.

I am so excited that I feel like a kid again waiting for santa. :)

And you bet, I will always be peeking on who's stopped by our place in a few days to come. It might be the courier bearing our gift.

Kids' Literacy

As parents, we are considered as the first teachers of our kids. We are responsible for their early learning and instilling values in them. We can teach values by being a model or setting examples and reinforce them with advise. At most, we are more concerned on their literacy. It is really important that our kids can recognize A from E at an early age and be able to read. For me, I deemed that as their ticket to a good future. And how can we inculcate that to their minds?

We tend to buy heaps of books and reading materials to familiarize our kids with letters and words at a very young age. Educational DVDs are another medium.. and yes we allow them to watch telly early in the morning. There are letter and word flash cards that we can use, letter and word stickers that we can post to the fridge or any posters that we can paste to the wall of our kids' room.. just any educational material that can supplement our kids' learnings.

And for some of us who will get busy as the domestic and career responsibilities multiply, it is always a breather to know that we can get Reading Tutors like Score has to help our kids' reading proficiency get up to grade level or at a level beyond expectations.

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Tuesday, June 19

A Perfect Gift

It's winter time down under and inorder for the immune system to keep up with the chilly weather, one needs load of vitamin C. And the perfect source of this immune system booster is fruit.

And I do love fruit in whatever form they are, fresh, pureed, salad mix, what have you's.. I'll eat them. It would make my day happy if the fruit that I love is in season.

But I would be happier to receive a gift basket of fruit like this:

An assortment of lovely and yummy cherries.

I think, I can afford to bribe MCJ to give me this perfect gift or invent any occasion. Besides, I am good at doing the latter. :)

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A Windy Day

Today is different from the other days in this year's winter. A moderate and fresh gusty SW winds are blowing in. Brrrrrrrr! The sun is up and shiny but it could not abate the chill that the wind brings.

I woke up early to hang the washings that I did yesterday. It's my latest washing trick. For non-sensitive cloth, I actually left them overnight on the line so they would get dry by noon the next day. If I forgot to pick my washing from the line by 2PM, they'll be as cool as my damp feet after shower. I usually left them on the laundry basket and give them another hour in the sunlight the next day. I just love my washing crisp dry from the heat of the sun.

A slight cold still lingers onto me giving me stuffed nose at night. MCJ reckons I was snoring. :)

Tomorrow's forecast is strong gusty wind. I only hope I wont get blown away. :D

How Tough Are You?

I like watching the TV Series Lost. It sort of like put you into impromptu situation where you need your basic instinct, common sense and even the wildest persona in you to survive. For me, it is the battle of the survival of the fittest.

But I wouldnt dare dream to be stranded in an island with people that I don't really know in the first place and with so little resources available. Plus the means to get out of the jungle of chaos is so rare if none.

Let's get on how tough am I in a not so far-fetched scenario - stranded in a strange place alone. Well, I grew up in a rural area where almost all of the grass and weeds that grow in the backyard are edible. I wouldn't mind living like a cow or a cat in order to throw furball. Besides, I love eating salad. A place to sleep won't be a problem to me as I can sleep anywhere.. my mother even reckons I can work in a circus. When my eyes need to shut, I can have a catnap sitting. But, I want to pray that I would be stranded in a tropical place so I don't need to adjust more on the weather. I can take humidity up to a least tolerable percentage. You know, growing up in a farm made me tough. And you can always find a temporary job to help you survive. This scenario is not really made for the weak-kneed and heart.

But how about if you're like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity that you're fighting for your life and survival and yet you don't really know who are those people that are after you and why do they want to put your life at stake?

If you want to know how a person in the same dilemna survive, better keep an eye on the USA Network's Burn Notice TV series. Starting June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice, will show how he deals with a similar situation.

The Burn Notice will thrill you just by reading a tag line like this "When spies get fired, they don't get a letter from human resources. They get BURNED... "

Monday, June 18

Reminds Me of Mt Pinatubo Eruption

I can't fully remember how the catastrophic Mt Pinatubo eruption happened. Shame on me though because during that time, my concern was too superficial. It may have affected me but maybe just the least. I am just reminded of the vast ill-effect when I pass by the area. For me now, it was a bygone era.

But when I saw what happened to Java, Indonesia last night in this telly program, I was reminded once again.

Boiling lava flowing out of the crater of the volcano.

Houses buried in the mud. Actually, there are 12 villages that are down there now.

Thousands of homeless people seeking refuge in safe areas.

Roof of factories and mosque poking up the mud.

The whole picture of the disaster is so horrible.

And the sad fact according to geologist is, this devastation is not a natural disaster rather a man-made one.

PETER OVERTON: No-one knows how it will end, but we do know how it started — with the mining company's stuff-up. Here's what happened. This time, last year, there were exploring for natural gas just to the right of the plume of steam. Around here were rice paddies and villages — you can see the roof of the local mosque poking up through the mud just over there. Now, when the drilling got to nearly 3km under the earth, it struck a high-pressure zone and the result was catastrophic.

DR MARK TINGAY: When they were drilling this well, they have encountered this chamber, or this very large reservoir of a highly pressured water. They have lost control there — that water has started to come up the bore hole and then got into another shallower level, brought up — captured all this mud, eroded all this mud and clay as its come and then erupted to the surface. So about 200 metres away from where they were drilling.
People that were affected are trying their best to survive. They make a living out of rescuing some valuable materials from factories and sell them.

The mining company though has a compensation offer to the villagers. It is going to buy the land and house that were shuttered by the mud if the owner can provide the title. And they all well know that most if not all of them only saved themselves when the mud were gushing through their home.

What the geologist fear the most is when the area that is covered with mud right now will collapse very quickly.

DR MARK TINGAY: Now, what we really fear that might happen is that that could collapse very, very quickly. That all the water and all the soil that has been pulled out of the ground could cause the ground above, the surface, to collapse. Tens of metres — 20, 30 metres down — in a few, just a few seconds, and that would be catastrophic.
What a horrendous scene it could be!

More of the article here.

Sunday, June 17

I Am a PPP Postie

I reckon, this post is a bit long overdue or late. On the other hand, I think I am just on right timing to create this post of me being a PPP postie. I really want to know how PPP works and how it benefits us bloggers who want to make money blogging.

Well, now I think, I am on the right track to tell something about PPP. This is my 18th posts with them and 14 were already approved. The first payment would come in 3 days from now and so on. With me expecting a baby, the money that I can earn will be very handy for buying some stuff. Actually, we've already found an item and I think, it will be worth spending the money.

With PPP, the opportunities are udpated daily. There's no limit of opps that you can take everyday. You just have to qualify for them.

Bubba and Mummy at 36 Weeks

Based on the scan and pregnancy calendar made by my OB in Manila, Bubba's Big Day should be July 8 but when I had my last scan, the midwife and doctor here moved it July 11. It must be based on Bubba's development at the scan time. Whenever it maybe, I am sure he'll come out anytime he wants to.

Emotionally, I can say that I still feel the same.. stable. As always, I kept on reminding MCJ to encourage me to think positively when I am in the onset of labor.

So far, this is Bub and I have been up to:

This week of pregnancy, your baby is about 20- 20½ inches in length and weighs about 6 pounds. During these last weeks of pregnancy, your baby puts on most of his or her weight and additional fat is being deposited under the skin. Your baby's little knees and elbows are beginning to developing dimples now and also creases are developing around his or her neck area. Your baby is still practicing sucking by sucking on his or her fingers. Your baby is probably resting in a head-down position at this point, but may possibly be in a breech (or head-up) position. Your due date is rapidly approaching and you may feel as if you have run out of room now, since your uterus is up under your ribs. You may find that your weight is beginning to stabilize at this point or even that you have lost a pound or two. Some women still continue to gain about one pound per week, since every woman is different. You may begin seeing your doctor or midwife every week from now until delivery. Packing your hospital bag wouldn’t be a bad idea, if you haven’t done so already.

If this is your first baby he or she may move down into your pelvis, or the "engaged" position, around now. This is called "lightening" or "dropping". You may notice yourself when this happens because it will suddenly become much easier for you to breathe, but on the other hand, it may make your bathroom visits even more frequent.

The slight heartburn that I had a month ago was gone replaced by frequent visits to the loo especially at night and lower belly aches when I move around especially if I want to get up from sitting or lying down.

The cravings are still normal though I have to temper it sometimes if I reckon I am beyond my border. :D

Have started to do some packing for Bubba and I but still has a long way to go. Not done shopping yet.

So far, so good.. :)

Friday, June 15

Importance of Education

Being parents is I think one of the most BIGgest responsibilities one can ever have. The kind of person your children might be when they grow up and the quality of future they'll have depend on you. Most of us want to be the ideal if not the perfect parents and we're bracing and preparing ourselves for the BIG role as early as our child is inside his/her mother's belly. Being prepared is winning half of the battle.

And I, is one of those obsessive-compulsive parent who wants everything to be laid-out ahead of time, though, I know nothing is certain. I always make mental note of what I want for my child especially education wise. I grew-up in a culture and family where education is very vital to ones success in life and I am sure, I will be applying the same principle to my child.

And knowing that there are available educational centers online as early as now such as Score, is a big plus for me. With the accelerated growth of the use of www for almost anything, I wouldn't be surprise when it is the time of my child to learn and to be educated that online educational centers are the preferred medium of education.

In my educational experience and background, I am first to admit that I am not good in Math or particularly in numbers. I flanked in college algebra when I was in first year college. Gosh, that was an embarrassing experience. If I really want our child to be proficient on the subject that I wasn't, getting Math Tutor/s will be one of the options and I know a good idea.

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Thursday, June 14

Airport and Flight Experience

It was really our intention to went to the airport way ahead of time to avoid hassles. With my bulging belly, we're worried that I might be interrogated in the check-in area and be not allowed to board the plane, which, thank God.. didn't happen. I went through check-in, immigration and boarding smoothly.

After I checked-in, we decided to grab a bite so I would not be too hungry while waiting for the meal to be served in-flight. While munching on, I heard a loud crying noise and then noticed the lady sitting at the right shoulder of MCJ was crying while talking to the guy. She's also a Filipina. She really caught my attention as her crying was not really made discreet. Then few tables away from them was a caucasian couple cuddling and smooching each other.. after awhile, I saw the lady crying as well. They were in crying blues. :D

I know, I should have mind my own business.

And I did. We browse around the shops until it was only an hour before my departure. But try as I might not t stick my nose on anybody, close to the escalator on my way going down to the immigration, the filipina lady and her partner were there and the crying was even louder while she was mumbling something though I could not made out a word from it. On the opposite side, was the caucasian couple also! Hummm!

While, I was not even misty eyed. MCJ reckon, I'll not miss him a bit while enjoying the food in Manila. :)

On another note, I really liked flying with Qantas... not now. The company might have been feeling the effect of el niƱo here in OZ that they're now cutting their cost by employing less staff. In a 767 plane, there were only 4 stewards/stewardesses in the economy class. It took them three tips to the pantry to serve all the passengers. They run-out of immigration form onboard that we have to queue at the airport when we arrived to secure and fill-out the form. Plus, they cut one meal served for overnight flight as well as the amount of servings for domestic flight. I had a not so nice encounter with one of the stewardesses but I won't mention it here. I was actually planning on sending an email but I reckon, she might just be stressed which she confirmed talking to the guy seated next to me. It was a long flight for them all the way from Sydney - Brisbane - Manila. I heard from another stewardess in the Sydney - Brisbane flight that they were/are all affected by the cost-cutting measures of the company. Hopefully, the service would be back to normal in my next flight.

I Also Blog With Smorty

You would say, I don't do anything but blog! Well, that's partly true. Aside from blogging being my hobby now which I really enjoy doing, I also blog for money with several paid blogging company such as Smorty.

Blogging with them is the same with other paid blogging companies. They basically advertise on blogs. They help connecting advertisers with bloggers. Bloggers would write opinions about a particular product or just any neutral write-ups and linking the url of the website of the product or service with the anchor texts. In a way, this will increase the reach or clicks of the product's or service's website.

So far, I've made two posts with Smorty and have been paid for ads on blogs.

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PPP Direct

I've been accepting paid blogging opportunities from several "get paid to blog" companies. They all have different schemes in paying their bloggers for every opportunities. Sometimes, some of them have the same advertisers but the amount they paid varies. One may cut-off 35% of the amount you bid for the advertisements, one may have a 50 - 100 % mark-up, which means keeping half of the money you supposedly earn from blogging and what-have-yous.

And for a change, PPP launched PPP Direct, a part one of the Birdo release of the company. PPP Direct charges a minimal 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transactions fees for Paypal and credit card processing. In short, only 5% of what you earn really goes to the pocket of PPP. The charge is a whole lot lower than what PPP charges in their self service model which is 35%. But the 35% charges of PPP and what-have-you % of other "get paid to blog" companies are justified though because they indeed have to pay real money for facilitating the review, match-making, customer service processes, tax report and financial processing.

With PPP Direct, you're cutting off middleman in transactions that are driven by your blog. From what I gather, it is the result of the paid bloggers' questions if it is possible for advertisers to directly approach posties to write special post for their products. You just have to stick a widget in your blog and specifies how much do you charge for an advertisement. When an advertiser finds your blog and decides to make you an offer, they can just click on the badge attached to the widget.

D*mn that Dung!

Tagged by Cess about my childhood memories.

Warning: Please don't read this if you have a weak tummy. You might find this slightly gross.

Nanay (My Mother) has a male cousin of my age and we're neighbors. We used to go to school together, play together.. simply put, we're buddies. Sometimes, I think we're the best of buddies back then.

I was really small when I was young and I am still up til now :) while he was strong and agile being a boy.

One noontime, he wanted to play with me to their house so he picked me up at home. I love piggy back ride so I did to him on the way to their place. It was fairly a good distance of 100 meters but we were loving every minute of it because we were playing on the way. If I remember it right, he was running.

In a remote area like ours, roads were not made concrete. It was just pure soil hardened by the people's everyday steps. There was a stone half burried and half visible at the middle of the road.. and a meter or two away from it was a fresh carabao dung.

We were gay and really having fun that my uncle was so oblivious with the stone projecting and accidentally tripped on it. He was flat on his tummy on the ground.

I was on his back, remember? And I might not really holding onto him tight that I slipped off his back and through his head then directed my head to the fresh carabao dung. Waaaaaa! The good thing was, it was just my front hair that was covered with dung.

Reality sinked in and I started to cry. My uncle just got some splash of the dung himself but he was alright... and I wasn't. Who would be?

We were not that far from our house and I think Nanay might have heard me crying that she hastily came to our rescue and brought the two of us to the river to wash off the dung. It is another blessing, living close to the river.

I can't remember now if we ended up playing in my uncle's house.

But after that incident, we were the subject of mockery in our group of crowd. They even composed a song for us and the incident which really mortified me.

Yet, looking back.. I find it funny and now that I've grown up (not that I've grown tall) the incident still came up at some point of our conversation when we met up and it made us laugh, particularly me.

Mitchteryosa and Arlene you might want to share your funniest childhood experience. :D

Wednesday, June 13

Turbo Blogging

I really didn't think that I could earn (real) money for blogging. I started blogging without that motivation. But blog-hopping and surfing the net have encouraged me to accept advertisements in my blog and I commenced to do so more than a month ago and exactly the same date today last month, my first payment was credited to my paypal account. Thanks to the online paid advertising and consumer product feedback brokers that advertise on blogs.

These online companies that offer to advertise on blogs have actually revolutionised financial opportunities for bloggers who want to earn money while fiddling the mouse and keyboard all day long and doing the things that interest them. Apart from this, it has broaden the knowledge of online consumers about the products and services available in the internet from the reviews and opinions provided by the bloggers.

Previously, I just had a hobby. Now my hobby has taken on a whole new dimension. I put my thoughts on anything into words and because I accept offers to advertise on blogs from paid advertising and consumer product feedback brokers, I got more topics to write about. Plus, I get paid.

For anyone considering adding this dimension to their blog, please read this following press release from one of the paid advertising and consumer product feedback broker:

The PayPerPost Revolution Accelerates, Sponsored
Blogging Marketplace Secures $7 Million Series B

Draper Fisher Jurvetson leads round and joins Board of Directors

ORLANDO, FL – (June 12, 2007) – PayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to reach bloggers and other consumer content creators, today announced it has completed a $7 million second round investment led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, an investor in the company's Series A and one of the world’s leading high-technology venture capital firms. The financing brings the total amount of capital raised by PayPerPost to over $10 million, giving the company considerable resources for further development as the industry’s leading Consumer Generated Advertising marketplace. Additional participants in the round include existing investors Inflexion Partners and Village Ventures as well as new investor DFJ Gotham. With this investment, DFJ Managing Director Josh Stein also joins PayPerPost’s Board of Directors.

“PayPerPost created this exciting new advertising space and has established itself as the industry leader,” said Ted Murphy, chief executive officer of PayPerPost. “Although we’ve only used a portion of our first round capital, this added support from investors unlocks significant growth potential. Our content creator and advertiser ROI metrics clearly demonstrate the upside for PayPerPost’s model. We intend to use this capital to build the infrastructure, visibility and professional expertise necessary to reach and retain a greater network of advertisers and content creators than ever before.”

Since its founding in June of 2006, PayPerPost has signed more than 6,500 advertisers to its groundbreaking service, which has enabled Consumer Content Creators to be compensated for their efforts discussing specific companies, products or services via blogs, videos or other media. The content creators are required to disclose relationships with advertisers on their blog, providing transparency for the end reader. Over 125,000 Internet postings, most in the form of blogs, have already earned money for their creators through PayPerPost’s innovative marketplace. PayPerPost recently released PayPerPost Direct, a disruptive new service that allows advertisers to contract and negotiate directly with individual bloggers they identify through a safe, managed system.

“PayPerPost has laid a strong foundation for the future,” noted Tim Draper, founder and managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. “It continues to attract a critical mass of participants from both the advertising and blogging communities. Analogous to Overture’s sponsored search model, we believe PayPerPost’s business model holds disruptive potential and will enable the company to thrive in the evolving paid-content arena.”

To mark the $7 million dollar funding, PayPerPost has launched a new website detailing the company’s service offering at Bloggers and advertisers can easily sign up at the site and begin leveraging the self service marketplace.


My two days vacation didn't do me good physically - not that I am really complaining. It's just that the night after I arrived home, I got scratchy throat. I didn't mind it at first as I reckon it could have been caused by drinking extra-chilled water or having fruit shake in a hot and humid weather in Manila. But after three days of being here, the condition of my throat didn't get better rather, I got stuffed nose and headache.

I really know, I am down with a flu but MCJ said I don't sound like having one. What should a person with flu should sound then? I don't really know. Hehehe. He reckon, with the symptoms that I have I might just have sinusitis. Okay, I concede. But last night, the scratchy throat was back again and up til now.

I am not taking any medication now nor something to relieve my scratchy throat. I really need to see a doctor and good thing, I have my next appointment tomorrow so no need for extra bill to pay. :D I am a bit worried because Bubba will be out short of one month if everything go according to my gestation. And I have read and heard that it's not good being down with a bug or something when you give birth. Bubba's immune system might not be that strong and he'll catch any illness that I might have.

I might have been hit by the change of weather.. from hot and humid Manila to winter in Queensland. It's really not cold up here of OZ but a very drastic change from where I've been five days ago.

Hope you don't catch my chill while reading this. :)

Tuesday, June 12

Use Discount Coupon To Shop

Internet shopping has made life easier for us especially those who need to look after kids at home or just like me who doesn't know how to drive. I am not always fortunate every time I want to shop to have a chauffer so shopping online will be a better option. And what makes it the best is the discount coupon that the shop offers. Recently, Target coupons offered are $5 off on $50 purchases and a free shipping for over $50 orders on women's. I think, that's cool! Makes you shop more.

There are always the best deals in online shopping. If you're resourceful enough, you'll find that offers lots of promo codes for several online shops. You'll save heaps.

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Monday, June 11

Tagging Myself

Read this from Mich and love to do it so I'm tagging myself.

Yourself: dreamer

Your Partner: self-confessed choc-aholic

Your Hair: long and dark

Your Mother: ever patient

Your Father: man of few words

Your Favorite Item: food and shoes :D

Your Dream Last Night: can't remember any

Your Favorite Drink: chilled water

Your Dream Car: any small vintage car (pref powder blue color)

Dream Home: cottage-style close to the beach or lake

The Room You Are In: mini-office

Your Fear: (superficial - seeing anything that crawl)

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: where ever as long as with MCJ and our child

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: MCJ and bubba

You’re Not: snoring :D

One of Your Wish List Items: MCJ and I to have a one-month un-interrupted time for ourselves

The Last Thing You Did: made lunch

You Are Wearing: jumper and flanel pants (getting colder here)

Your Favorite Weather: sunny but not too hot or humid

Your Favorite Book: Mitch Albom's books

Last Thing You Ate: egg sandwich and apple

Your Life: full of challenges

Your Mood: complacent

Your Best Friend: the best

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: the answers to this tag

Your Car: Land Rover Discovery

What Are You Doing At The Moment: blogging

Want to tag yourself also? Go ahead! Have fun!

48 Hours in Manila

I don't think anybody had missed me. :D I was gone but was back very quick that I myself could not even feel that I had been away except that I am tired, sleepy, lethargic, have sore feet and lower belly and puffy ankles. I don't get all these when I stayed home and sit infront of the computer almost 8 hours everyday.

I was in Manila for the BIG whole 48 hours. I was looking forward to it because of the food actually. I had 5 ripe and 5 green mangoes, among others. But with the very brief time that I spent there, I was not able to eat all the food that I want to nor shop and take them here. I bought choc-nut though. :D

I only saw my aunt but didn't see lots of friends. Oh well, some of them didn't even have a slightest idea that I was there.

But, I had gone shopping twice... not bad.

And the weather! Oh my, I can not remember that it could be that hot and humid in June. I spent the early part of summer this year there but the weather was nothing compared when I was there two days ago. I was dripping of sweat while sitting in a non-aircon lounge room doing nothing.

But it is always nice to be back home.. to drink fresh buko juice in the morning.. to have my short exercise in going to McDo and have my breakfast there.. to have a leisurely walk to the mall... to eat pandesal and hopia... to at last ate dinuguan of goldilocks after 9 months... and many more. But I was a bit sad when I got back here and realized that there were so many foods that I craved but didn't get the chance to taste them one more time.

It was quick and yet fun!

One of the stewardesses of Qantas even recognized me when I boarded the plane. She said, "she's coming back again" and chatted to me when she distributed the menu.

While I know, I could have liked it more if I get to stay longer in Manila... but as cliche as it may, it's nice to be back here in my "home".

Wednesday, June 6

International Calling Made Easy

In my first trip to the land down undah, I had applied for a roaming service from my mobile phone company provider. I had benefited from it in the sense that, MCJ was able to contact me while I was at the airport waiting for another leg of my flight and my friends and family were able to send low rate sms's to me. But, as I came back and forth here, I just stopped the use of the service. I just can't see that I am getting enough value for my money. Imagine, I will be charged of a hefty price if I happen to answer a call, apart from the fact that the person calling me will be charged as well and then the sms cost was not practical. Add the fact that I can't make an international phone call while I was in Hongkong airport.

And I reckon, having an international phone card kept in your wallet is better than having a mobile phone with roaming service on. You can make international phone call anytime you want as long as there's a phone booth. True that your family and friends can't reach you while you're on the go, but you can always get in-touch to them when you reach your destination. Besides, their main concern is to know that you have arrived safely to your destination. But, it is imperative for you to have an international phone card that you can rely on during emergency if you're enroute to your destination. Nothing beats with contacting your loved ones and be able to talk to them when you're in dire streets.

And, with international phone cards, you can get a good catch. Just like in Pingo. The company just introduced an international phones program that provides the best quality call at the best cost. You get a $5 free phone calls just by signing-up with no hidden fees and charges plus with the best competitive rates in the world.

So sign-up now and keep your international phone card handy in your next tour of the world.

Disclosure Policy

Im Grilled!

I take on the challenge that lady cess prompted in her home that she'll ask tough questions.. and they were indeed tough! Made me think through all of them thoroughly! I have to actually print them and chew them over while packing this afternoon. :D

Thanks, Cess!

1. Let's say you bumped into the person whom you treated as a friend yet walked out on you after getting your money. How would you talk to her? What would you tell her?

Situation that makes you hummm. :) I am actually looking forward to this scene. Maybe, I could not talk to her after all. I might be able to give her a weak, dry smile and if the situation entails us to be together for a long while, I might just be looking intently at her.. know what her reaction would be and just shrug my shoulder. I know, I could not muster a courage to open up a small talk about the money nor make a friendly conversation. Unless, she would do first. I'm sure she just doesn't forget that she owes me the money why she has not paid until now, so there's no point of me reminding her to return or pay it. If she has the intention, she should have done so, or if it was way beyond her means, she could have at least politely informed me that she's just buying time to save for it.

I have realized a long time ago that I can't make a good business-woman especially if the goods that I'm selling are for credit. I just can't come-up to the person that owes me money and ask her to pay me.

But, I am sure.. I would regret it that I didn't remind her about the money after the encounter. :D

2. You said it would take a long time before you job hunt. What would convince you that it's time to look for a job?

My Husband and I agreed that I won't take a full-time job where I have to leave the house while our kid is still in school and needs supervision. But, I would be compel to hurdle this even if the time isn't ripe yet, when the going get's tough; it is crunching time; the cash flow is really running low; my husband's income is not enough to support the family; we have exhausted all the resources and possibilities available and the only option is for me to go out and land a job.

But if things go smoothly and as planned and when I see that a job won't jeopardise my role as a mother and a wife; I would be happy to take-on a part time job like working from home. I would still be available anytime for our child while earning wages.

3. How many children do you plan to have?

Initially, I just want one. But my kins suggested that we make it two because, it would be lonely to be an only child so we're considering that but not really planning about it.

4. What does your husband usually do when you're sad?

I really mull over this question for a long while. I even asked MCJ (my husband) and he answered me "when?". :D I have to think when was the last time that I was sad and what are those things that really make me feel that way.

I am an easy-going and happy-go-lucky person. I can say that I mostly worry about things but seldom they make me feel sad.

I know the concept of "thinking positive" but was not practising it to heart until I met MCJ. He had encouraged me to practise it almost all the time and re-inforced it when he saw I had run out of it. He had taught me to count my blessings always and be thankful because there are more people all over the world that need just the basics and more than we do and yet they don't have any. And more importantly, he made me strengthen my faith in God.

And when ever I feel down.. I am the first person to remind myself that I should not be as everything will get better and brighter in His time. I just have to wait.

That's MCJ's legacy to me.

On the mushy side, matampuhin po talaga akong masyado! And when I am sulking, MCJ would just tickle me (i am also very ticklish) and when the reason of me sulking is just superficial, I would feel alright by then but if it's a "storm" and the sulking goes for an hour or so and I have a valid reason, he would give in and let me have my way. As we go along, I have come to know when my sulking had passed his limits and that I should drop it or when to carry on like a pregnant duck. :D

And oh, I really think.. MCJ has a very good sense of humor so he can make me laugh even if sometimes, I am on the verge of shedding a tear.

Ah basta, if the person loves you and you love him back, he can always makes you feel better no matter what!

5. Describe the Princess we can expect to see 5 years from now.

I am actually hesitant to answer this question, as I'm afraid to speculate about our/my future. :)

But, if and if.. the internet and computer would still be in-use by then, I could still be blogging. :P

On the home-front, I may be able to know how to cook our meals for the entire week, knows how to bake a cake, make my own recipe for pinoy-style spaghetti sauce and master cooking rice in the microwave oven.

On being a mother, I might already be able to learn how to drive and take our child to school and pick him up after class. And getting there for being a mum, friend and playmate that our child needs.

On being a wife, I might still be the childish, demanding, bossy-boots me. :D And still trying and doing my best to be a good wife.

I plan to stay as what I am as a friend, daughter, sister, citizen, child of God.. if I can not improve myself in these roles.

And, I would be enjoying life to the fullest!

If you want to be grilled, read the rules:

Interview rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Cess, I could not thank you more. I really had fun thinking my answers.

Tuesday, June 5

Benefits the Business and Consumers Alike

Ever heard of online local business directory that benefits both the businesses and consumers alike? I just did! It's the

Business owners can register their business directory for free while consumers can find, do some research and write reviews about a particular business. The reviews then may serve as guides for the businesses on how to maintain their good standing to their customers, enhance their service or product to meet consumer needs and demand or their guiding principles on how to serve the consumer well. Apart from these, the reviews of other consumers are valuable to prospect buyers who look into buying or employing the same products or services.

Since, business directory submission is for free.. more and more businesses register their company which provides consumers wide range of firms to choose from in areas imperative in almost all household such as education directory and insurance directory.

Disclosure Policy

Goss Time

I was stired by the tag made by Dangkin, where she usually visits the inq website to read news back home.. because.. because, I don't do it anymore. I did in my first few months here, but now? Very seldom if not at all. Well, I have excuses, you know. First, I only read the showbiz and lifestyle section of the page so no use of toiling too much to sneak on to the site - even when I was in the Philippines, I just read goss :D. Second, major events like the Ultra stampede, Mayo Volcano eruption and the 2007 elections were broadcasted here in most telly channels and there's this channel that aired Filipino news almost every day for 30 minutes (which I always miss because it is in early morning), if you miss Tagalog.

But, I did visit inq site that same day I did the tag... and guess what I read first? Well, apart from the headline which was about the man doing furniture work like chairs for schools - getting ready for the opening of the class, I clicked on the breaking news about Ogie Alcasid. It said something like "Ogie was so touched of his gf's proclaimation of her love for him". I am not up-to-date of the showbiz whereabouts back home so I thought, it was some sort of a movie promotion bombshell. But, oh my! I was sort of like shocked when I read that it was Regine Velasquez and the relationship that they've been shielding for 4 years. The whole gossip about their relationship looks like fading already as I didn't see any follow-up article anymore.

Oh well, what can I say? Good on them for having the guts to spell-out their love for each other despite the fact that Michelle is still in the background, or is she still? Their marriage might already be annulled - I completely have no idea. But Ogie kept on saying in the article that he and Michelle are friends and have a very good relationship. They might have an amicable settlement. :D

Pero nanghihinayang talaga ako! I feel the same for all marriages that didn't work out except for those with compelling reasons like domestic violence or severe unfaithfulness of either party.

News such as this gave you mixed emotions. You might be happy for the two that find their way and love for each other and on the other hand sad, there's this broken marriage, the welfare and future of the kids to consider and how about the wife? I feel lost myself.

Hay! *malalim na buntong-hininga*

Monday, June 4

Job Hunting

I have been out of job for almost a year now but this is the case not because I was sacked in my previous job rather, it was a voluntary act to leave my job to be with MCJ and start a family. A move that I have nothing to regret. But, let's not talk about that!

I had worked in the same company for more or less, 7 years. Sounds boring, huh! But I am happy to say that I was not stucked in the same job function for that duration. I had been assigned to 3 departments and performed 6 different functions. And I landed to this company pretty easy. I didn't went through the screening process. And I miss the excitement of being a part of the mob eagerly searching for jobs.

To have a dip, in my last two years with the company, I tried to find a job, errr, another job... for the reasons: searching for a greener pasture and looking for something new; experience, work environment and people to know. I had been to one interview and I tell you.. I was excited at the same time nervous but I may say, I made it. We had met halfway in my asking price but too bad, I was about to get married the same month that they wanted me to join their company. I went for one month leave so I had to pass up the employment opportunity.

It might be a long time again until I join the field of the job hunters. But I am looking forward to the experience especially in this place where I am in.

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Tears (Message) In A Bottle

1999 - Drama / Romance

Fridays are always our movie nights, might it be from the telly or video. Since, it is footy season here, not all channels air good movies. They are just sooo into sports. So MCJ and I decided to skip the footy and rather watch Message in a Bottle.

I know, it is an old movie but I haven’t seen it nor know a gist about the story. I read the synopsis at the back of the DVD but I am really black as to the end of the story. But the low-EQ me kept on guessing the next scene after another.. and MCJ doesn’t like it. I am just like that. I don’t like surprises.. sometimes!

Having watched half-way of the story, I found myself liking it.. actually relating to it in some way, but mind you.. I cant remember any personal experience that will link to some scenes.

I was really so emotional that I cried particularly in the part where Theresa touched some of Catherine’s paintings stuff and didn’t put them back, which pissed Garett off. I can feel Theresa’s pain… I don’t know why.

MCJ was laughing at me because my tears were just falling down and fogging up my glasses. I put some facial tissue under my eyes and he reckoned I look funny! He said, “where’s the camera when I needed it” and laugh, then added, “this moment is worth blogging”. Hahaha!

For an in-experience like me, I kept on asking and wondering why Garett can be affectionate and loving to Theresa but at the same time hung on to his wife’s memory. It was just puzzling the black-and-white me. My child-like mind can’t seem to fathom it. MCJ had to explain to me that letting go of the things and people that are so dear to you is the hardest thing to do. Especially in the case of Garett where he had nothing to hold on to other than the memories of his wife for a long time until Theresa came along. He was just doing it for so long that letting go takes an effort. I know, it’s not rocket-science but I don’t have enough experience in my life to grasp the essence of the story in just the blink of an eye. For me, if you’re not ready to delve and dive into something, don’t do it. Wait for your time. Take things one step at a time.. but in the real world, it doesn’t always happen that way. But the lesson it taught me was, you can still love again even if you’ve been through lots of heartaches. It is like living again after being buried with the memories of the past.

Anyway, when Garett went missing after rescuing a family of three.. I was fighting it. I knew that we were nearing the end of the story but I kept on hoping that the movie will play longer, and that Garett will show up one day. My hope died down when I saw the credits creeping up the screen of the tube. And I cried heavily.

I mumbled, “i don’t like the story” over and over and over again while my tears were falling down. Emote, emote, emote. Hehehe!

On the other hand, MCJ likes the plot of the movie. He said, that fairy tales don’t always end in “they live happily ever after” but it was a fairy tale.

The movie left me hanging and guessing and supposing… lots of what-could-have-beens have been playing in my mind.

I was consoled with the thought that Garett had finally let go the memories of his wife and actually love Theresa. They were just unfortunate that they were not given the chance to share the love that they have for each other for a long time. Still a TRUE LOVE!

Lesson learned? Lots! Letting go, waiting, patience, loving truthfully.. etc.

The acclaim on the cover of the DVD was indeed true, “a movie like this doesn’t always come every week” or something like that.

Explore the Universe

When I was a kid, I was always fascinated with the sky at night and even up to now. I even wondered if I can count the stars. I am every curious with every light and object that I can see in the outer space and sometimes mistakenly took flying plane as one of them. :D When we have clear sky and we're out, MCJ always makes his best efforts to point out to me where are the Orion Stars, the Southern Cross, etc. Well, I would say that you couldn't see much of the universe with your naked eye. There are lots of wonders that you can see using the state-of-the-art and cutting edge technology in exploring the universe though.

That's when Opticsplanet Meade Mysky exploration guide comes in. If you're like me, in this high-tech age... viewing the universe has been made fun, interactive and easy. Meade Mysky is a point-shoot-and-identify multimedia guide to our universe that will guide you through the night sky better than if you had your own private astronomer standing next to you. It is simple to operate with easy to follow video menu. This gadget is useful for aspiring astroners or for family who loves the view of the outer space. Good for gifts as well!

Curious minds are lucky these days as technology such as this, is available to them. Can you imagine viewing and identifying over 30k celestial objects at a click of a button? Cool! That's how Meade Mysky works.

Now, do you know that Pluto (the 9th planet that we know) was no longer considered a planet since August 24, 2006 when the IAU defined the term planet for the first time? It was because they have discovered objects (Eris and Ceres) in the outerspace similar to Pluto but are not planets. Pluto was reclassified under dwarf planets and was added to the list of minor planets.

So when you got hold of your latest technology like Meade Mysky and be able to view the universe and see objects like Pluto, please get back to me and tell me what it looks like and what's its difference from the eight planets. I would love to hear it from the "common" minds. :D

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Sunday, June 3

Brown-out or Black-out?

We just had a momentary power black-out.. I think for less than a minute. And I was thinking, did we miss to pay the electric bill or this is a real power outage? Yup, we happen to miss to pay a bill because we have not collected our mails from the PO box for quite a while... but we haven't been disconnected yet. Good thing!

And yes, yes, yes... the power is now back! Obviously, I am again blogging!

Thank goodness, blogger has now auto-save or I'll be pissed by now!

Safety First

When dressing up, I sometimes go for the look the dress would do to me. I seldom consider the practicality and safety of my outfit. Maybe, my maternal instinct has not kicked-in yet because my sloppiness doesn't just relate to dolling up. It is lame but I am just simply a dag as MCJ calls me. But MCJ is my complete opposite. He's too cautious and too concern even with the smallest thing like inserting his shirt when he's doing some handyman job, wearing shoes when he went for a walk around our bushy place here, always sees to it that the first aid kit in the car and in the office are packed with essentials, and what-have-yous. And I appreciate all of his efforts.

I know, that safety in any work environment is a must and should not be taken for granted.

But, I must also admit that safety gears particularly for mechanical jobs or those accident prone endeavors, like sports, do not always come cheap. But after browsing in the online store, I would say.. they're one of the exceptions. And they offer wide range of hard hats for head protection, first aid kit, safety goggles for the eyes and many more.

It is a user-friendly online store as you don't have to open or click lots of buttons and pages to see the price of the product, the manufacturer's specifications, shipping time, and discount if available. These information are all available in the same page where you see the product that you target to order. Payment can be made through credit card, paypal or coupon if you have any. You can also order by phone and just send a money order for payment.

They ship order via UPS and you have to provide your location address not just PO boxes as UPS doesn't deliver to box.

And if you're planning to order for a single household, please make sure that you have a long list of safety gears to order as the minimum is $50. But this isn't a problem for corporations, government agencies and schools as they always order in bulk.

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I Frequented Them!

Surfing the net has always kept me busy even right after breakfast but what where do I really go? Dangkin just asked me. :D

~Start copying here~

The rules are, list out 6 Web sites that you often surf upon opening your Web browser. Change the Web title and the purpose. Tag 4 people.Okay, let’s start:

yahoo - its our homepage, my fave search engine, where i checked the tv programs for the day, sometimes source of weather forecasts.. and i have my oldest email account with them where most friends and fams keep in touch.

gmail - check my other email account (the latest - not much spam) - used for yahoo group subscription, my pro-blogging, emailing friends, etc.

permanence in change - of course, checking who dropped a line to me and visits home of friends from there.

after these three, i just hop and hop and hop from one site to another..

my reference - i checked the meaning of a word here and here.

bom - our reliable weather guide especially since it's been raining every now and then. need to know when can i do my laundry. :D

friendster - friends sometimes send email from there and to check what my friends have been up to lately.

I'm passing the ball to... yatot, denden, mitchteryosa and fionixe.

~End copying here~

There you go! Happy sunday surfing everyone! :D

Saturday, June 2

Just Dial For Help

Do you know someone who's been addicted to drugs? It could be your loved ones, a friend, an officemate, an acquiantance, or any body in your community. Would you help them seek drug treatment? How far would you go in providing assistance?

I know, drug addiction is a very sensitive issue among those family members of the victims and getting involved in their situation might create friction or can be viewed as brutal or rude intervention. But it is also our duty to help our fellowmen when they're in need or we see that they need assistance. The aid that you can render doesnt have to be applaudable, commendable or so big for the public or media to notice it. A mere giving the family member a helpline or contact number where they can seek drug treatment centers is beneficial.

If you're searching for a contact number of drug treatment centers, just head on to the 1800nodrugs website. Basically, this website suggest that you call toll-free 1800-nodrugs (1800-6637847) and they will refer you to a drug rehab center that meets your needs. Of course, that is after you telling them what specific requirements do you look for in a drug treatment center. As it is toll-free, you wont incur any costs plus with the vast array of drug rehab centers in these days, 1800nodrugs pre-screened those centers and single out one for you.

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Shrek The Third Invasion

I was browsing through the junked shop catalogues that we got this morning and I was so overwhelmed by the invasion of the Shrek The Third characters in kids products. The kids product section of the catalogue which is 8 pages, all bear photos of the movie characters, from Princess Fiona, Shrek himself, the donkey and many others. (Pardon me but they're the only three that I know - hehehe). And this is just for one shop.

I know this phenomenon is just normal when the promotion and publicity of the movie is on the go. What I consider normal though is seeing the photos of the characters of the movie printed on chocolates and nappies, character stuffed toys display in every check-out counter and the movie being a sequel, is selling the previous two movies DVDs. But what I noticed this morning was very massive ads. Shrek characters were printed on kids plactic wares, pencils, assorted stationeries, coloring book of sorts, kids boxers and knickers, kids singlets, socks, toys like balls, shopping bags, toothpaste, pet leads, party packs, dog collars, biscuits, cheese, yogurt, bacon balls, milk and other dairy products, canned soups, corn flakes, different variant of lollies and chocolates, cereals, fruit snacks, custards and even the hazelnut spread Nutella! Can you imagine how much money the manufacturing companies of these products spent for promotion? I know, Shrek The Third Movie producers paid those companies and the payoff is not just for the movie but for those products as well. But what I'm talking is the hefty cost associated with the promotion when infact after the movie release, the buzz will just die down. Oh well, what do I know in advertising? :D

The invasion doesn't end there. The CSI and CSI New York will not be shown on telly tonight and Sunday next because the channel that aired these shows will have Shrek I and II for two consecutive Sundays! And our household preparation for this is, a VCR blank tape ready to record the movie. It's not my plan though, it's MCJ's. Pssst, don't tell anyone about this. Those records will be for our viewing only and not for sale. :D

Hay! Kids movie nga naman! Just doesn't attract kids but all the kids in us.

You might have already seen this movie but being in the Southern Hemisphere, movies are shown late.

Friday, June 1

Antenatal Class

Our ante natal class' last session was last night. We were told in the previous week's session that we will be touring the birth suite, the nursery and the ward so I really nailed MCJ that we should not be late, as we always did in the last three sessions (the downside of living in a place where heavy traffic rarely happens), coz we might miss the tour and won't really know where to go when the Big Day arrives - it might be the time that we're both panic-stricken especially if I am already in the onset of third phase of labor. But I didn't really know if we were late or not because we had missed an exciting news of the week or night yet we were the 2nd last couple to arrive.

And the great news was, one of our classmates already give birth to a gorgeous baby girl last
Sunday by CS. The new family were our guest for the evening. It was really interesting as the mother experienced almost all of what had been discussed in the previous sessions. She's diabetic and had high blood pressure so she was induced last Friday. She only dilated up to 2cm and ended up having an emergency CS. The couple shared their experiences and we were all ears to them. I think, most of us were wondering if what would be our experience when it's our time? Oh and the Dad! He was the most proud Dad in the world I would say.

This class was very helpful for first time mums. I have mentioned sometime that what was discussed in the first session were all available in the magazines and internet but as we go along and progress, with the active interaction of all the participants, we touched indepth cases and practical scenarios. It is really like preparing you emotionally, physically and mentally to the real thing unlike when you're just reading that you almost forgot almost everything after a couple of hours. Videos were shown how new parents cope in the major change of having a baby, bathing and settling the baby, and actual labor plus the exercises on how to lessen the labor pain. We were also taught how to put on cloth and disposable nappies. And yes, we (especially the support person) practice how to give massage which I didn't get much chance to do because I am so ticklish. :D

Lots of reading materials and references were also given. I read almost all of them when we got home but left those practical one out for the real scenario. I am sure, I will be referring back to them in the near future!

My attitude towards the arrival of our little bub and being a mum is more of being lax or just go with the flow type. I am an idealistic person but in this case, I don't want to be too hang up and get stressed. I just hope, I'll have this same attitude when the time comes. They said, giving birth feels like you're being hit a by a truck physically and then you have your baby to look after. And then, there's the breastfeeding process which for some doesn't come natural. I need loads of "the secret" dose.

Pet Memorial Plan

MCJ really loves Lucky, our pet cat. It is funny but Lucky had been cause of some arguments between us. I don't like pet inside the house while MCJ would take Lucky with him where ever he may go... errr... it's also because this little thing is so sweet and loyal that he's like a dog lapping on to MCJ's feet. He would follow MCJ where ever it may be and when we're out, Lucky is always close to the gate waiting for us. He doesn't wag his tail though like dogs.

Sometimes, I am wondering what will we do if Lucky left us for good. Not that I am looking forward to it because I know, MCJ would be grief-stricken by it. But, Lucky is also getting old.. not that he is lame and sick but we all have our time including cats. Are we going to have a prepared pet memorial? Or if ever, MCJ wants Lucky to be cremated, would he wants a pet urn?

That's a tough question to pop to MCJ and for now, I can't bring it up. We're still enjoying the joy and loyalty that Lucky gives us.

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