Sunday, August 25

In training?

Can you determine if this one is a miniature or real one? Well, this is a lighter that when Mcj saw it he said, it has Tatapilla's name all over it that he has to buy it. Without even testing if it was working or not - and it is not working.
Anyway, the Tatapilla owns toy guitars and a couple of other music instruments. Mcj owns a guitar which hasn't been used for a long time now. He likes music and has composed and record his own music. It seems that the Tatapilla is in training. It hasn't been discussed if when are we going to buy him a real guitar, currently though, you can save on denon 1200 cd player at guitar center. We still have a long way to decide about it.

We are back!

Indeed.. so back for almost over a fortnight now. That trip was exactly what we need to re-energise and see the family that we surely missed. I am so lucky at work that I was allowed to go on holidays for 20 days. I heard my colleague saying that in some companies, one is lucky to have two weeks. Anyway, it was so good to see my family back home (my 2nd home, that is) and catch up with some friends and rellies. My family has been keeping me up to date as to happenings up there but being there and see the situation and the action, it was a nice feeling. We talked a lot - my parents and my sisters and brother along with nephews and nieces. Among other things, we discuss about the future and the business and the question of business capital and such. There are plans and one of these days they will be put into action. So we are back into swing of things again and so far, haven't felt the grind yet. We have a lot of reserves with us.