Wednesday, June 5

Getting Ready

The day is getting near. It's a little over a month. On spare time, I've been checking nooks and corners where I have stored the loots that I bought sometime ago for pasalubong. Weekends is retail therapy time but this time, it's not for myself. Just getting ready. No Acid cigars this time. We're not close to ready yet. There are stuff that need doing first but we are getting there. We have arranged for a house minder and somebody to help my father-in-law. More shopping for food and what have you's for the entire time that we are away. Oh, we have a long weekend and it's a perfect time to do more shopping and organising. Hurrah for us!

Footy Night

.. on a Wednesday. It's Origin 1, that is. So while everyone is at the lounge room watching footy, I'm here pounding away on my keyboard and at the time same monitoring the re-indexing of tables, which is now finished, and performing data integrity check on one of our customers. No complain. It gives me time to finish the radko ornaments opportunity. The Tatapilla went to school today not wearing his uniform. His teacher told them to wear clothes in reference to the origin game. And guess what? He was wearing blue, the opponent state's colour. He was barracking for them too earlier but when I told him "you were born in QLD" he changed his shirt and started rooting for the maroons. Oh, it's going to be a long night for him.