Saturday, April 13


You Color Your Life With Intense Warmth
You are a down to earth, stable person. You can be relied on.
You enjoy the outdoors. There's something about being in nature that makes you feel really blissful.

While you are responsible, you aren't boring. You have a lot of flair and style.
You enjoy creative projects of all sorts. You're a very visual person.
That's what we need right now when we're outside. It has been chilly lately, what with all the rain. I'd say, I have enough of the rain. I feel like I never left the Philippines - I only have to choose dry or wet. Looking at the gardens through the windows are the closest I can commune with nature without getting wet these days. But really, I've had enough of waters on the ground. We would need handless spring plungers to unblock our drain in the garden. Our front yard has a funny design, it has a smallest drain in the area where water gathers the most. Oh well, life goes on whatever the weather is.

I'm back

I can't seem to find the time to do some blogging in the past few weeks. Nothing has changed in our routine, no particular reason at all. It could be my laziness really. I digress. On the work-front, it has been busy. Several projects, implementations, changes. Haven't been doing much at home - the gardens have been left on their own. Time it seems have been flying by. The Tatapilla started "big school" this year. It's all exciting for all of us. He's been to disco night on Saint Patty's day. The Easter bonnet parade was a success. He had participated in the long run at school. Plenty of ribbons, stamps, certificates have been brought home. Have celebrated my parents-in-law's 60th. It was a big event for the family. On the retail therapy side, it has been months for us. No trips to esp guitars at guitar center yet, but we might look at getting Mcj's guitar fixed. Life is exciting and interesting.