Thursday, August 24

Small world!

Do not burn bridges, the world is small. I often heard this from officemates who are leaving the company. Thus, the mandatory 30 days turnover of function should be well and thoroughly done aside from teaching your personal strategy and approach to your replacement. It doesn’t sound bad at all as it looks like you’re leaving a legacy. Now, I find myself submitting to the same process.

Speaking of leaving, almost all of my teammates have been in exodus. Actually, I am second to the last. Not bad, eh! All that came about in less than two years. Now, you’re maybe wondering what work environment and climate I am in. You can’t blame it all to the company. It just boils down to the fact that we have a very lucrative, attractive and hot career. As the cliché goes, strike while the iron is hot and so they did! I am casting myself out, as my ground for leaving is more of family circumstances.

The people that composed the original team have been scattered all over the world but we constantly keep in touch (except for some – hope they can read this and get kicked by their conscience, that is, if they have - hehehe). We had build so strong a bond while working with each other that oceans and spaces are not a humongous obstacle that cannot be hurdled. Thanks to who-introduce-the-www and who-invented-mobile-phones-and-smses. The fact that touches me more is, we didn’t forget each other despite the infamous busy schedule of the career-oriented people.

Just today, I switched to prepaid mobile number, as postpaid aren’t practical for roaming services. The charges are on top of the plan so what the heck did I subscribe for that plan? (I just found this out after I returned from my last trip.) Oh well, I overlooked the thought that I might be going out of the country when I entered into that contract.

Going back, I did this so my families, friends and co-workers here won’t spend too much in keeping in touch with me. Oh well, yeah, I want them to keep in touch as I sometimes missed talking in Tagalog or Ilonggo while in OZ. I had been through that.

And talking of keeping in touch, just today, former boss cum friend, B, rang me up to humor me to defer my flight. She’s offering me a sub-con consultancy job. I was almost tempted as I really fancy myself being a consultant especially if I know the modules like the back of my hand. I know, I have so much to share. Plus the fact, that working with friends sounds comforting.

Anyway, the job can wait till next year. Borrowing Mc Arthur’s words, I shall return.

For now and until then, I’ll be content of hearing their voices once in a while or seeing their thoughts and feelings in words. That is sooo much better than zilch.

Wednesday, August 23

Just that...and I will be well!

I just sent-off my parents yesterday afternoon for the province.

Now, I am back to my routine.

I was able to start reading a novel of one of my favorite authors last night. I had done some shopping in the afternoon.

Seems, everything is back to normal. (Packing of some nominal stuff can wait for the week-end.)

Having my parents around is a delight to the heart and spirit. It’s been ages when I had a memorable bonding session with them.

We talked a lot at night before hitting the hay or when we were all flat on the bed.

Shopping is also one of the nicest ways to knit a string.

Since, it was Nanay’s first, we tripped to some historical landmark. It lifted me up to see them enjoy big time.

And traveling to and fro our relations were exciting. But that was so taxing for me. It had taken its toll on my energy. For me who has only been on the road for only 15 minutes for the office, traveling for more than two hours in the morning and afternoon wore me out. The fumes, bumpy road and careless driving (of some drivers) sapped my energy that I felt lethargic reaching the end.

I am not prepared to live in suitcases for that matter, unless of course I am on vacation and not going to draw on my brain. Lol

Meantime, I have to make use of the time left that I am here in Manila. I have some catching up to do with my work and friends.

Maybe, eating my favorite food before taking off will be on the list and running some errands.

But what I want most is to have my breathing and thinking back to normal. I tend to be in haste and forgetful these days. (Forgetfulness might be my mind’s normal shape – lol).

Blame it to my giddiness to be with sweet CJ. You reckon!

But! I have long yearned for this moment, when I have to pack all the memories and mementos of my entire life in Manila and set to OZ to join my better half. That time has come, momentarily though.

The sleepless nights and arduous packing will be well paid off. Just a smile. A kiss. A hug, …. Just the sight of CJ.

Friday, August 18



So much thought is running in my mind.. some has run wild. I want to slow down and enjoy the moment while I am still here in Manila…. Write some sensible stuff… savour the glorious jiffy.

But! Alas!

So much has to be done also.

Work. Turn-over of functions. Backing-up files and photos.

Meet-ups. Friends. Families.

Packing. Packing. Packing.


Packing again!

Hah! (Gasping for breath)

My roster is full until the 26th.

Will I ever find time to treat myself for a facial before I leave? I badly need it. It’s been three months.


When all of these are over… I am going to write more and often. If only…

But definitely, my holidays will start ten days from now.


Friday, August 11

Scroll Down Memory Lane

Last Sunday, cousin J asked me if I could help her in her take-home mid-term examination in Accounting. I was hesitant to say “yes” as I am not sure that I still remember most of my academics. Yet, I invited her over to the house.

There were 20 problems, all related to Practical Accounting II (that’s the program name in our school) – Types of Businesses and mostly focused on Partnership. How well I remember topics such as recording goodwill, recording capital of the partnership based on capital interest and profit and loss ratio, and the like? I would say, not so much. I was still referring to her textbook. But I would say and I am glad that I still remember the logic and the principles governing the computation.

Whew, it has been eight long years the last time that I have heard and read those topics (now, don’t start counting my age – hehehe). And my work background is not in any way and sense related to it.

But, my effort had been paid-off.

The night before last, she sent me an sms saying that she passed her mid-term. I might not answer all the problems perfectly right but the score fell on the passing grade. Which can also mean, I can still pass Accounting subjects these days without any review. (Well, only if the problems are simply put – hehehe).

On the funny side (Rol, I’m sharing your story here):

A friend teaches accounting (practical accounting II) subject to non-accounting students. In his examination, he asked “what are the common type of business that can you see in your area?”. Since, the topic is about type of businesses, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation, one would just choose from the three options. He was surprised when most of his students’ answer was “sari-sari store”.

Oh well, they’re practically right, isn’t it?

Tuesday, August 8

Counting My Blessings

Recently, I was so blessed that the good news and graces were overflowing.

I thank God for:
  1. 1. The generosity of Hubs to OUR Family here in the Philippines – as well as the blessings He had bestowed on US. We wont be able to share without those.
  2. 2. The good news that the OB Gyne told me yesterday – I went to Healthway to have the bump on my right tit checked. It has been here for more than two years now but I just brush it off my mind. I just had the courage to have it checked. Doc said, I should not be alarmed as it is just superficial (right under my skin). Warm compress would probably pop it out.

3. I have a normal hearing acuity – while I was at the Healthway Clinic yesterday, I also had my ears checked. I noticed my right ear hearing is becoming faint. I was advised to undergo Puretone and Tampanometry tests. The result according to the Laboratory Doc is normal, but it has yet to be analyzed by the Doc in Healthway ( (I am being positive that everything is alright – minor medications will help).

4. Reunion with the old friend – he was assigned in Davao for more than a year now and he was here in Manila for training in more than a month. It was nice catching up with him last night especially on his love life.

5. The cool weather – I was able to wear my long-ago-bought sleeveless blouse under a sweat-shirt. I just want to pair it with my blue pants. The cool weather allows me to wear sweat shirt even outside.

And for all the blessings that need not mentioned here.

What are you thankful today?

Friday, August 4

Meme for me

Seen this foursome meme in vina's.

Got me hooked that I did mine. Hehehe!

*4 jobs i would stink at
  1. politician - i was once and was so disappointed
  2. sales person - too shy to approach a stranger
  3. nurse / doctor - i might die ahead of the patient
  4. lawyer - (i might defend a made-up truth unknowingly)

*4 nicknames i made up for myself/other people made up for me
  1. Ers
  2. 'Day Era
  3. Ra - ra ra ra sis bomba. lol
  4. Putot - i guess the ilonggo of petite.. hahaha!
*4 movies i can watch over and over again
  1. the notebook
  2. patriot
  3. the chamber
  4. forever young - with hubs
*4 things i love to do on weekends
  1. sleep/doze off every opportunity
  2. cleaning the house
  3. watch tv/movies
  4. indulge on food
*4 alcoholic beverages i enjoy from time to time
  1. wine
  2. vodka
  3. piña colada (does this counts)
  4. bourbon & cola (sips from hubs)
*4 fantastic vacations destinations i would love to go to before i pass out
  1. russia / iceland - (would love to live a year to experience the weather)
  2. venice / paris - (love city)
  3. egypt - historical
  4. israel / nazareth - birthplace of jesus (when its peaceful)
*4 celebrities i would go on a BIG DATE with
  1. eric bana
  2. nicolas cage
  3. pierce brosnan
  4. george clooney
*4 things i could not live without (aside from needs)
  1. phone - when hubs and i are not together otherwise, not!
  2. floss / toothpick
  3. hand lotion
  4. pen and paper /book
* 4 gadgets i wish to have
im techno-challenged ---- none

Shopping in Pinas

Hubs had told me to buy something (girl thing), which is very unique, and the style is not normally worn by women everyday, for almost a year now.

Since then, I have been searching for it in almost all malls in Manila. I had visited Wacoal outlets, Triumph, Maiden Form in Rustans, St. Michaels and almost other brands of women’s undergarments. But to no avail. Some sales attendants don’t even know what it looks like, though how I managed to cheekily and sometimes awkwardly described and pointed out to them. Some would recommend something that’s entirely close not to what I want.

I gave-up on finding it here and tried to surf on the net. Well, the most famous brand (not locally available) to me is Victoria’s Secret, and yet, they don’t have the style that I want. Huh!

Then, yesterday, officemate J and I went to Robinson’s Manila in search for a gift to another officemate. Well, J knows that I’ve been looking for the said “thing” and she chanced upon it on the sale items. I was so thrilled that I immediately sms Hubs that we’ve found the elusive “thing”.

Hubs learning that the price is so minimal told me, “Buy ten”. =D He had been surfing the net for sometime now and found one in the site (UK origin) that costs GBP35 (ish). I could indeed buy ten with the price of the “thing” that I’ve found in Bench.

Now, we don’t have to scout all the malls in OZ (Brisbane Area) in search for it, which could be our next recourse when I get there.

And! We have saved thousands of Pesos! (I normally convert the price of clothing in OZ to Peso, makes it hard to decide to buy. – Hehehe).

Thursday, August 3

Off to OZ... Again

Yep, I’m off to OZ again before this month ends, just in time for our first wedding anniversary.

I was approved of one year multiple entry visitor’s visa with three months maximum stay from the date of entry. We still don’t have definite plans what will we do every three months. I might cross to New Zealand for a day or two and back again to Australia and stay for another three months or go back here in the Philippines. It has yet to be seen.

But what I know is, shortly after, I will be hearing the koalas cheers from the jungle on the next door neighbor property after their mating.
I will be seeing the possum/s playing hide and seek (mostly caught) with Our Lucky on the roof at night.

This will be a common sight whatever direction we’re going to from the house.

And most of all, I will be with my The One!

I know, all these trips are not practical but it is the better and interim way for Hubs and I to be together for sometime while we can’t apply for the migration visa yet.

Can’t wait!