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Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ENFP)

Your personality type is enthusiastic, giving, cautious, and loyal. Only about 8% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 6% of all men. You are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Yeah, I really think I'm rare - who doesn't anyway. For once, I like to talk but I am not into insurance marketing. I want to do great things but I don't want to be noticed. I just want to be out of the limelight where I can be with myself, no pretentions. Though, I love to daydream and you know, when you're a dreamer who knows what's going on in your mind and what are the oddest things you construct in there.

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Most Expensive Train Ride

I see train almost everyday of my working life here. But I couldn't get more excited riding the Mono-rail in Sydney. I was sort of like going to the circus. Can't get in quick enough.

Well, nothing novelty in riding the monorail really. It's just the experience. It's slow, the carriages are too small and there are only 4 carriage. The good thing in it is, it stops at tourist destinations - so instead of walking (unless you are in some sort of quick weight loss diets), it's quickest way around. But it is very dear. Well, everything good comes with a price anyway. I'm not to complain about it. But, at least I can say.. I've been in a monorail.


Yacht Race

One down, many to go. I gather, it has been Mcj's long time wish to see the yatch race. Although, it's difficult to really "see" the race, it's worth going to the best spot and see all those boats and their mask coming out of the Sydney Harbour.

This is one of the major reasons why we went to Sydney last Christmas. The first thing we did when we got settled down was to check the best vantage point. The second is to went there and see the race.

I've become a sports-lover by heart now and would want to see more sports - car racing, Australian Open, the famous Boxing Day cricket match, etc live. And to achieve all those dreams and wishes, I have to do this anti aging product opps. Opppsss. Plugging.

Will definitely save up for the Bathurst 1000.

Let's Talk Tennis

Yeah, the count down to the Australian Open has began. I can see long nights ahead. This is one of the sports I come to love when I came to Australia and when I "know" Roger Federer. Not all sports are not splashed with controversy every now and then, I'm thankful that this one hasn't been subjected to human growth hormone as far as I know. It's just clean and I like the fact that women players can dress-up and accessorise.

As usual, I will be rooting (whole-heartedly) for RF and Justin. I used their off-court photos here for a change.

One After Another

I saw some disturbing images tonight on the news on what happened in Haiti. At some point, I asked my self again, why another poor country? Well, understandably people can't afford a well-structured building that's why they collapsed. But why quake there?

I think, we can be thankful at least that amidst all these calamities, people unite and help one another. I can only offer prayer for them but really my heart goes out to them. I'm sure some of those who survive but whose family and relatives didn't make it, sleeping pills would certainly help to get them to rest and forget momentarily what happened.

I couldn't make out what the world has come to except that, everything happens for a reason or reasons.

Couldn't Be More Obvious

You Should Stay Warm by Building a Fire

You are an independent, self starting type of person. You are quick to act and make decisions. You wouldn't just sit around and be cold... you'd make sure and do something about it.You are a natural leader. You like to be around other people, and you usually end up directing things.You are usually fearless. And when you are afraid, you try to confront your fears. You aren't about to be intimidated by a bit of fire.

While the other side of the world is battling cold and snow (not to mention a natural disaster) and maybe the best way to get rid of blackheads (you get all sorts of skin condition when it is cold), Down Under is boiling up. The southern part have been experiencing heat wave - 47 degrees celcius. I'm just thankful that tropical Queensland has the best of both sides. Just tropical - not too hot, not too cold.

Dare and Be There

Yes, I dared to drive to work today. Not that I chose to but because I have to go to the customer site and it’s not accessible by public transport. I finished in the middle of the day. Instead of going home to work from there, I decided to drive to work for the first time. For experience purposes.

I got there with not much drama apart from missing my turn in going to the customer and have to drove all over the place. If the GPS could talk back, I could have gotten a tantrum.

Yeah, I have a GPS and I still got lost. Imagine! I know what you’re thinking but it did fail to remind me to turn left. I’m at the mercy of that little thing.

But no worries – nothing that needs anti wrinkle creams. These are just some of the little mishaps that I have to went through in becoming a road worthy driver if you may call me that.


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For a while there. Who wouldn’t be? My four other blogs are down today.

I thought it was because my domain subscription is due next month – the company that I’m subscribing it might have something to do with it.

My blogs are hosted by google but the DNS is hosted by editdns for free. It’s too complicated to explain it here as I myself can’t remember how I did land to editdns when my blog didn’t work before. Anyway, it occurred to me that it might have something to do with my DNS so after so much drama of remembering my password in the email account that I used to register there, I know that their servers were mugged and that they could no longer support freebies and payies in one server. A new server for the freebies is created – so generous of them really. Freebies were given up to the end of 2009 to migrate to the new server. And because I didn’t check my email, I missed it.

But I have rectified it today and it will take at least 24 hours for propagate. Hopefully, it’ll be up soon.

Update: After changing the DNS in the registrar this morning, they're back up.

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Start of the Trip

I went to work the day before we drove off to Sydney so I didn't get much time to prepare during the day time. Plan was to sleep early as we're going to have an early head start. We did but it cost us sleep as we got to sleep around 9PM.

Anyway, we left at 2:30AM. We just had coffee and muffin and we were on the road. There were very few traffic so driving was not a big challenge.

I thought, we were really prepared but along the way I realised that I forgot the bring my confirmation letter from RACQ for our roadside assistance. We just became a member last month and my ID hadn't arrived before the trip. Good thing I brought my laptop with me and I got in the bag the letter for verification. We thought, it would be enough incase something happened to us (you wouldn't really think how important things such as roadside assistance such as from until you are in deep). Thankfully, we arrived back safe. Praise the Lord.

We stopped thrice to fill our tummy and have some caffeine injection.

It was rainy in somepart and visibility was almost none, not to mention a two-way single lane street - it all makes it very dangerous.

Travelling is also made more fun when you have a smiling toddler at the back seat.

After more than 13 hours on the road, we arrived safely at our hotel - wanting to go to sleep.


The First Day

in Sydney, that is. I'm referring to the whole day as we have arrived Christmas Eve but I don't count it as we didn't get to see much. We were all tired from travelling so we just ordered pizza and eat in.

Anyway, we woke up very late to catch up on some lost sleep as we woke up 2AM the previous day. It was drizzling and we thought going somewhere really exciting is uour of the picture. We just wanted to check out our surrounds but got a good idea when we asked the reception about the yatch race. We thought, we'll check out the location so we know where we are going to the next day.

The best vantage point to watch the race is at the Gap so we head there. It was a nice place indeed. Up on a cliff. I saw it in several TV series and I thought, it's somewhere away from the big smoke. Some part of it was under construction but we did get a good view. There are many tourists there as well. No wonder.

We had lunch at the park and fed the seagulls with our left overs.

Look at this cliff, I thought it's so dangerous that anyone who comes close to edge should have term life insurance.

We capped the day with pizza, wine and pudding with ice cream.


Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Hope you all have a lovely holidays (and wouldn't need any Fastin to rid the unwanted pounds gained from all the feast you had).

I didn't get the time to be online before we left for Sydney so I wasn't able to greet you all. Anyway, we're back but not fully un-packed. I find it the hardest job to do after a big trip. Although, my mind is back on reality, there are just so much things to catch up on. So far we have finished washing, shopping and mowing the overgrown lawns.

We spent our Christmas checking up the site where we can get a good view of the Sydney to Hobard Yatch Race. It was an overcast day but it didn't dampen our day.