Sunday, January 3

The First Day

in Sydney, that is. I'm referring to the whole day as we have arrived Christmas Eve but I don't count it as we didn't get to see much. We were all tired from travelling so we just ordered pizza and eat in.

Anyway, we woke up very late to catch up on some lost sleep as we woke up 2AM the previous day. It was drizzling and we thought going somewhere really exciting is uour of the picture. We just wanted to check out our surrounds but got a good idea when we asked the reception about the yatch race. We thought, we'll check out the location so we know where we are going to the next day.

The best vantage point to watch the race is at the Gap so we head there. It was a nice place indeed. Up on a cliff. I saw it in several TV series and I thought, it's somewhere away from the big smoke. Some part of it was under construction but we did get a good view. There are many tourists there as well. No wonder.

We had lunch at the park and fed the seagulls with our left overs.

Look at this cliff, I thought it's so dangerous that anyone who comes close to edge should have term life insurance.

We capped the day with pizza, wine and pudding with ice cream.