Saturday, December 31

New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's our earnest wish and prayer that you'll have a Blessed New Year, lots of blessings coming, happiness, love, peace, and good health to you and your family.


We will be going to G and N's (in-laws) place this afternoon and head for a barbecue party on the beach and wait for the New Year there maybe.

This is a peculiar way of celebrating New Year for me. I am use to the conventional way we celebrate it in the Philippines. Cooking some usual food like kakanin, pasta (pansit), etc and share them with the whole family by 12MN. This is with matching fireworks.

Anyway, everything here is new for me =). Nevertheless, this New Year is the first with Hubby and first for us, as a couple. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Hope to see you in 2006!

Saturday, December 24

Best Friends

I just receive this email from Honey.

Hello Princess,

Guess what song was playing when your email arrived today?

Give up?

"You're My Best Friend" by QUEEN.

Have a great day and a safe trip.

Love, C.J.


Its just one/two of Hubby's traits that makes me love him more. He's sentimental and romantic.
Yup, I am off to go tonight and I am still at work. Well, I dont have much to do at the house. All is set already. I am just relaxing. I am more of a bit organized traveler. I usually pack my things or plan on what to take with me a week before the trip.
Actually, I am just relaxing my tense nerve. Hahaha!
I receive this email from an officemate today. Very touchy. I was crying on the last part. I was just really moved.

The "W" in Christmas
Each December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I had cut back on nonessential obligations -- extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and even overspending. Yet still, I found myself exhausted, unable to appreciate the precious family moments, and of course, the true meaning of Christmas.

My son, Nicholas, was in kindergarten that year. It was an exciting season for a six-year-old. For weeks, he'd been memorizing songs for his school's "Winter Pageant."

I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd be working the night of the production. Unwilling to miss his shining moment, I spoke with his teacher. She assured me there'd be a dress rehearsal the morning of the presentation. All parents unable to attend that evening were welcome to come then. Fortunately, Nicholas seemed happy with the compromise.

So, the morning of the dress rehearsal, I filed in ten minutes early, found a spot on the cafeteria floor and sat down. Around the room, I saw several other parents quietly scampering to their seats. As I waited, the students were led into the room. Each class, accompanied by their teacher, sat cross-legged on the floor. Then, each group, one by one, rose to perform their song.

Because the public school system had long stopped referring to the holiday as Christmas," I didn't expect anything other than fun, commercial entertainment - songs of reindeer, Santa Claus, snowflakes and good cheer. So, when my son's class rose to sing, "Christmas Love," I was slightly taken aback by its bold title.

Nicholas was aglow, as were all of his classmates, adorned in fuzzy mittens, red sweaters, and bright snowcaps upon their heads. Those in the front row-center stage -- held up large letters, one by one, to spell out the title of the song. As the class would sing "C is for Christmas," a child would hold up the letter C. Then, "H is for Happy," and on and on, until each child holding up his portion had presented the complete message, "Christmas Love."

The performance was going smoothly, until suddenly, we noticed her; a small, quiet, girl in the front row holding the letter "M" upside down -- totally unaware her letter "M" appeared as a "W."

The audience of 1st through 6th graders snickered at this little one's mistake. But she had no idea they were laughing at her, so she stood tall, proudly holding her "W." Although many teachers tried to shush the children, the laughter continued until the last letter was raised, and we all saw it together. A hush came over the audience and eyes began to widen. In that instant, we understood the reason we were there, why we celebrated the holiday in the first place, why even in the chaos, there was a purpose for our festivities.

For when the last letter was held high, the message read loud and clear:

"C H R I S T W A S L O V E"

And, I believe, He still is.
Amazed in His presence...
Humbled by His love.

May each of you have a Merry Christmas as you reflect on His Amazing Love for us.

Hope you all have a wonderful 'Christwaslove' holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23

Unfathomable Feelings

Almost everybody who knew that I am leaving tomorrow for OZ, asked me if I am excited. And my usual answer is, I dont know. Yeah, right! Am I for real? Well, I just really cant understand how I feel. If I know, I would say it.

How do I really feel? Just normal. I am not cramming for to dos in the office, knowing that I will be away for a long time, neither for packing my things and leaving everything in order at the house. I dont feel the usual fast heartbeat when one is excited. I feel relaxed, maybe, with the knowing that I will be together with My Honey soon. That thought alone makes me wild inside and relaxed at the same time. Pretty conflicting hey. =) Well, those are the words that I can put to my emotions.

But, I got to wake-up at the wee hour in the morning for the past couple of days and cant get back to sleep easily. Maybe, because I can hear the mass in the church. Or maybe, that's the sign that I am excited because various un-relevant thoughts came into mind.

Ohhh well, whatever you may call to what I feel, all I know is I am happy and ecstatic that I will be with Hubby soon. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Now I am excited. =)

Final Template

----- This post superceeds the previous one. -----

For a typical fickle-minded woman, sometimes its hard to choose from one thing to another. Another laborous story to stay with the chosen one for a long time. There's always an aspiration of wanting something different and new.

Now! I have settled to another template. No more solid and loud colors and very simple. It is tireless to stare at. That's actually my earnest desire for our blog.

Just few stuff will be added.. no loud colors.

Just minor changes.

Yeeheyyyyyy! Finally, I have made up my mind. And the pick always depics my personality and what I really want in my life. Complications are superficial and at the end of the day, as my husband had said, all I need are just the simple necessities of life.

Thursday, December 22

Total Make-over...

Like my friend Dangkin, I got tired of earlier color of my blog. Yeah, I like pink but it was too bright that it hurt my eyes. Plus, I customized it adding lots of stuff that looks chaotic. And so I decided to have a total make-over while chatting to My CJ.

I chose my current style as it dont have variety of colors. Very simple. Plus I dont like the borders at both sides. Made my blog look small. Hehehe. I am already petite.. I want to create something big just to ammend my height. Hahaha!

I still dont like the bright orange on-top but for now, it will do. Will change it if I've found the right color that I like.

I have also changed the font as I dont like large and wide. Just something slim.

I will also think over if I want to add back the other stuff that I had in my previous template.

For now, I am a bit satisfied with the outcome of my make-over.

Christmas Greetings!


This year, Chris and I have been very blessed. I cant remember vividly how we started the year but I am sure, we did set on our right feet.

There are lots of things that happened to our lives, to our families and to our friends.

The most important event in OUR lives happened. We tied the knot. It was more of a formality to our long-standing relationship. We wanted to partake the happiness that we share to our close friends and family. It also gave me the legal right to use PETERSEN as my last name. lol

An earth-shattering news from my family shocked us during Chris' birthday but it just made us more closer to each other and tougher to face the future that lie ahead of us. Ohhhh, that news was coupled by a gift that a new member of the family is coming.

Both Chris and my family have been through a lot this year but we've survived with the grace of God. We're still together and hand-in-hand weather the test of times.

A lot of beautiful things happened to our friends as well. There are those who tied the knots this year... and some gave birth to lovely kids. Some find their right one, some still search for their soul-mate.
And all these things happened with God beside us.

With all the bountiful blessings that we have received and to receive from God, we thank and praise Him. Everything would have not been possible without Him always at bay to give us a hand and makes things easy for us. God has been very good to all of us.

And during this season of the year, we are reminded of how good God as always. He gave us His only begotten Son to save us. Though everyday should be Christmas, this is the perfect time for us to reflect on what had happened the past months, what have we done... and be thankful for all the gifts that we receive. This is also a prime time to share love to everybody.

In behalf of our families, Chris and I wish you a blessed, happy and Christ-filled holidays.

God bless us always!

Wednesday, December 21

Did you know that.....

I received this email from a friend. Very interesting and worth reading and sharing.

Coca-Cola was originally green.

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.

The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

There are two credit cards for every person in the United States.

TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.

Women blink nearly twice as much as men!

You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.

It is impossible to lick your elbow.

People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze,your heart stops for a millisecond. ---- now I know... I used to say Bless you without knowing why.

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be thetoughest tongue twister in the English language. ---- Yup, I let two of my officemates said this twister.. and its way too hard. =)

If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die. ---- Now I know why Joal sneeze too hard.

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents great king from history.

Spades - King David

Clubs - Alexander the Great,

Hearts - Charlemagne

Diamonds - Julius Caesar.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 ---- I am not sure. I have tried in excel and it wont give me the same amount.

If a statue of a person in the park on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died inbattle. If the horse as one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has a all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common?

Ans. - All invented by women.

Question - This is the only food that doesn't spoil. What is this?

Ans. -Honey!

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

A snail can sleep for three years.

All polar bears are left handed.

American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.

In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.

On average, people fear spiders more than they do death.

Shakespeare invented the word 'assassination' and 'bump'.

Stewardesses is the longest word typed with only the left hand.

The ant always falls over on its right sidewhen intoxicated.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet.

Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.

Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

Most lipstick contains fish scales.

Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different.

And finally 99% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow. ---- I am one of the 1% :D

Monday, December 19


when i was single and unattached, home is where my family resides.. or sometimes the boarding house where i stay. by this time of the year.. i would be ready to go "home" to my family in the province.

now that i am married, the context of home changed... HOME is where the HEART is. and after 6/7 sleeps... i will be home to my Honey.

now, my/our family back in the province is my second home.

Saturday, December 17

party-busy week.. among others

yeah, its really a party-busy week. and i am indeed very busy... but can still blog ;) just unwinding though.

anyway, we had two parties this week. we had our departmental party last thursday, posted in the other entry, and our division party last night.

last night was fun also. though the place was so crowded, you can feel that everybody was having a grand time. there were presentations per deparment, games, raffle, the food were sumptuos, lots of laugh... a classic party.

i was late in going to the party because have to do some more setup in one of the companies' roll-out. this week, i was really bust and running with the office works plus with the personal stuff.

i am learning to stick to my schedule. i dont procastinate which is not usual coz i am a procastinator. ;o) i do what i can do today not leaving it for tomorrows'.

i hope i can go out of the office early today so i can wash my laundry. tomorrow will be shopping day for the presents. i have not started packing yet or even plan on what to pack. waaaaaa! i will be busy the whole week for the to do's in the office. need to finish my projects and leave everything in order while i am away. i'll just do my packing at night. no more partying and shopping anymore. hehehe!

but hey! i am ecstatic! Honey... we'll be together soon! mwahhhhh! just thinking of our comming union makes me relieved of all my stress.

Friday, December 16

pissed-off chris

this morning, i received this email from chris:

Hello Princess,

Just spent 1 hour typing a 2 page email to you, then the computer crashed.

Of course it wasn't saved. @#$%*(!

Love, C.J.


i can imagine the face of chris when the computer crashed. this is just one of the things that annoy the h#ll out of my husband.

successful party

last night was our departmental christmas party. it was very simple and yet everybody had fun. all were present and nobody was kill-joy. everybody sang their master piece. you can see the youthful people who shared lots of laughs.

our party was a stress-free one. there were who rants, who sang coyly, who shared their strar-in-a-million voice, showed their creativity in the games.
christmas is not just about giving gifts, shopping, party.. it is more of showing and reinforcing our christian values which we practiced in our everyday lives. everyday should be christmas, we just celebrate the month of december more specially because we are commemorating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. and so, in our party... we praise God in all forms. we sang, we ate, we played, we shared generous gifts, we laugh, we were merry... to show how thankful we are for the fruitful year that God has given us.

photos is a realistic proof that we indeed had fun. we can't stop grinning and laughing.

the "top of the world" singing contestants....

the happy faces.... ohhh, that's larry, our guest of honor

the food are yummy!

we are showing off the gifts that we receive. look at what i am holding? froilan gave that to me, with a thought that, i can use it when chris is not around and as cellphone holder at the same time. hahaha! pretty versatile hey!

Tuesday, December 13

another linda lael miller collections

i bought 3 books of linda from booksale yesterday. i was not really planning to went there but i got out of the office early and its drizzling so i decided to drop by. good thing, i found three books. just got lucky maybe that they've got new stocks.

the three books are all time-travel romance and fast-paced. i just have a peek on some pages of the books. i dont know when can i read them all. maybe, i'll take one to read while aboard the plane to OZ to while the time away.

but i am happy with my collection... they're increasing and occupying lots of space in my display cabinet. some of them are gathering dust already.. hehehe!

Monday, December 12

movies to watch with my asawa

* forever young (again.. again.. and again =)
* the notebook (again???? )
* mosquito coast
* shall we dance (one more time)
* something to talk about
* the story of us
* the conspiracy

hopefully we'll be able to convert these in dvd format and watch them in the comfort of our room. the discs that we have are in vcd... and in OZ, you can't play the vcd in dvd player.. it will work the other way around... weird hey? its the reverse in the philippines. well, most products and equipment in Australia are locally produced, thus, were just catered for their requirements.

Saturday, December 10

my day of sorts

i just had my hair trimmed. i noticed that the split-ends are starting to attack.. need a rescue =)


i was a bit late to work today. i am not feeling well. maybe because of sleeping late these past days. i went home early yesterday but was so engrossed in watching the soaps. its been a while that i haven't watched tv.


went to robinsons mall for lunch. well, we're already at the mall so we make use of it by window shopping, fitting the cropped pants, blouses, shoes, etc. eventually, we have found shoes for sale.. there were 50% and 25% off. i decided to buy the pair with 25% off, the color is black and they're plump to be used for the semi-formal dresses. well, when we're about to pay i asked the sales lady, if how will the cashier know that the item is for sale, she said, there is a tag price at the bottom of the shoes. so i checked and i was surprised to found that the shoes that i have chosen is 50% off. now, that's really a great blessing. i am also blessed!


the orphanage, joyful children foundation (i am not sure if i got the name right) visits the office and the kids entertain us as their way of caroling. they're very talented. they can play the small guitar (what you call it), they can sing, they can dance, they can do acrobats and they dont have inhibitions. i really admire them. they're blessed!

Friday, December 9


last night we went to quiapo. that was the second time that i've been there this week alone. well? what i did there? shopping.. of what? just anything. hehehe. mura kasi kaya masarap mamili. hahaha!

mind you, it was raining, just a typical non-stop rain making the streets so muddy. good thing i was wearing a closed-flat shoes so my feet dont look really messy. i was the laughing stock of my college friend because i am like a pregnant woman wearing flat shoes or sandals. ohhh well, it feels comfy. i might have varicose veins in my thirties if i keep on wearing high heeled shoes. =)

anyway, we were there until almost 10PM and so hungry but all the restos nearby were already closed. waaaaaaaa! so we just hop on a jeepney and drop-by to the 24-hours mc donalds close to the house. had our dinner there and walk our way back to our abode.

we were so tired. our feet were aching but if the stores are still open, we would still be there. hehehe. women dont get tired of shopping. some consider it as their sports. its a good exercise also. =)


why do i find bloghopping interesting? i like reading the posts of other people. why? well, its the curiousity in me plus the fact that i want to know the person that i am talking to online. the blog has been a journal of the every day lives for some people and you got to know them by reading their entries. i have frequented some sites of the pboz members. its fun knowing what are their daily course though not seeing them in person. and, because i just love reading. hehehe!


its only 16 sleep more to go and my asawa and i will be together again. yeheyyyy! chris and i are so excited and anxious for our union again.


the other day, chris told me that i am pushy, bossy, (i forgot the other word)... and said that why should i not stop and smell the roses. honey, its not summer here unlike there, where flowers bloom during these days.

but, well, i should really stop and smell the december breeze. its really christmas in every corner. though there is no single christmas decoration in the office where i am almost everyday of my life, with the cold atmosphere, its really christmassy. the wind is so cold outside and the weather is gloomy. but the people dont feel blue. it is always a typical filipino christmas. joyful, merry, full of laughters, nostalgic and eventful.

i also need to slow down a bit as i have lots of things to do at the house. the laundry for two weeks are not yet folded. they're glooming in my cabinet. hehehe. and another tall pile of laundry to do as well. when will it ever end? hehehe!

Wednesday, December 7

meager christmas present

did somebody asked you a cheap thongs/flipflops for a christmas present? my husband just did! i asked him the other day what he wants me buy for him and he said, just the same thongs that we bought the last time that i was there. hummm, chris is really very simple. but of course, that's apart from the one pack of cigarettes that i volunteered to bring to him.

and so i bought a pair for him last night.. almost the same with what he has that are already worn-out... kawawa naman asawa ko, still using worn-out thongs =)

Monday, December 5

just so excited

i have been downloading airport maps of sydney and brisbane. ain't i excited? its too early.. but i dont have an idea if i will be busy tomorrow or the next day or the day after... hehehe. i just want to be prepared.

the return flights that chris booked me are both via-sydney. a direct flight would have been better but a couple of hours difference is not bad if i will be able to see another part of OZ.

yeah, my flight would be on the 24th of this month. very timely for the christmas party on my arrival.


hey, i have reached more than 50 entries already.. yeehhheeeeyyyyyy! been sharing a lot i think. hehehe!

Australia, here I come!!!!

yes! you read it right! i am coming to Australia these holidays... to spend them with my husband, meet his family and friends. yeeehhhheeeeyyyyyy!

i am really so happy as of now. i was just half expecting that i will be approved... and now! i cant contain my emotions... this will be the first Christmas and new year for us as a couple and i will be celebrating them with Chris! =)

the process was so quick! these were what we've done:

nov 21 - chris conceived the idea of me spending the holidays with him. he was actually mowing the grass when he have thought of it.. he'd joked that he could make a sensible decisions when walking back and forth.. since then, he'd been doing it. hehehe

- the same day he informed me... so i quickly searched for the process and application form, request for certificate of employment from hr, talked to my boss for my proposed leave

nov 22 - received my employment certificate, photocopied my passport

nov 23 - purchase the manager's check from epcib, have my photos taken, 1 month leave was approved

nov 24 - received the documents from chris (qantas e-ticket, invitation letter, proof of funds, incentive for me to go back here), chris walked me through how to fill-out the form, filled-out the form around 10PM.

nov 25 - called-up the call center to pick-up the documents. i thought they will pick-up the same day, apparently, it will be the following day. sched the pick-up on nov 29 as i will be out of the office no nov 26. nov 28 was a holiday.

nov 29 - documents were picked-up.

dec 5 - receive my passport with approved 3 months tourist visa.. whoooooo!

the decision time is really 5 working days.

i called-up chris right away to tell him the news... he was also so happy!

now, what we'll have to do is for me.. decide/discuss to chris what to take with me (presents to the family).. packing... and chris! preparation for my arrival.. hahaha! winks =) .. and maybe some itenerary.

thank you God for granting our wish!

Saturday, December 3

strawberry ice monster

looks delicious! what d'ya think?

i just ate strawberry ice monster teaser. its been more than six months the last time that i ate one. and before its just P65 and P95 for the big size (whatever you may call it).. now its P75 and P100 respectively. but the taste? well, a lot better i think. before, its too sweet... now, just milder... and good for me as i dont really love sweets.

hummm, my day seems complete already because of the strawberry... didn't i tell you that its my favorite fruit? maybe not just once.. hehehe! ohhhh well, im having second thoughts as I also like eating grapes... they can be my favorites.. =)

lucky me and lucky you!

i went out of the office early yesterday. the plan was to go to robinsons mall to shop for the kris-kringle gifts. when i reached the ground level of our office building, i just knew that it was raining.. hummm, i hurried up stairs to get an umbrella. rob is just a few blocks away, so we just walk our way there. i was wearing a flat white sandals, and i tell you, i should not walk with open shoes when it is raining. all the mad will come up to my toes... waaaaaaaaa!

so there, i was already in robinsons... i drop by first at bench because my "baby" requested for a towel or a unique t-shirt for the final gift. and i am still looking for "something gold". then hop to rrj... there i have bought a red t-shirt.. it is unique for me.. hehehe! then, i proceeded to the department store in search for something gold ever. well, i have seen a yellow mug in the store catalogue inserted in the cosmo mag that i bought, so i searched for it in the housewares section.. luckily, i have found it immediately. (my "baby" like it)... i still have to look for another thing.. the token that i will give to my "mummy".. i already know who she is. i bought a three piece kitchen set with christmas theme... she's a mum... and fond of cooking. maybe she'll appreciate it.. i just dont know! hehehe. before i reached the counter, i have seen a nice blouse that will match well with the skirt that i bought recently.. so i tried it first.. and off i went to the cashier.

i was on the second level of the mall when i went out of the department store.. ohhhh, and i was searching for a white sling bag. i drop by to manels.. just to scout if they have the style that i have in mind... and whooaaaa! there is this sling bag that really caught my attention... its almost perfect to what i have in mind.. the color is just beige... its close to white.. hehehe! and it was on sale.. 50% off... well, if you're really lucky! so i also bought it...

i dont know what to eat for dinner.. (i dont cook and i live alone - what can you expect) I just bought a sandwich for to go... then i proceeded home. i reached the house around 8PM.. and ohhhh my! i forgot the key in the office.. huhuhuhu! now i am really not lucky!

well, i am surprised by my reaction. i didn't get pissed-off... maybe mainly because it was my fault.. hehehe. so i just decided to went back to the office to pick the key. i left my kikay kit in the office intentionally because i am just using a small bag and it was crowded. i dont want to carry an extra stuff aside from my bag when i am shopping. and my key was in the kikay kit... hummmm, talking of forgetfulness... hehehe!

i returned at the house in one piece after almost an hour.. hehehe! still i am in a good mood...i was able to wrap the giftst that i bought before going to bed.

charges for missed calls

i dont know who's service provider is not reliable... mine or chris's.

since, chris and i are still living apart, we make phone call codes to let each other know of the things that we have done or things that we want each other to do. with the cost of IDD today, its impractical to always place a call if the matter is not really that important. besides, we want to save... hehehe. ohh well, i have paid a thousand bucks for phone bills every month. (chris have been saying that my salary is just enough to feed me and pay for my phone bills... hehehe). also, we dont stay connected to the net and watch for emails all throughout the day.

anyway, one classic example is, we make 4 series of short calls, if we have sent an email.... so we can read it and act on it if necessary. but ohhhh my! i am sometimes charged even if chris didn't answer my call. after a few rings i will end up the call and there displayed in my phone is... 00:13... 00:10.. etc!

there was one afternoon when i forgot to press the end button of my phone, i just put the phone down to my table and continue working.. and whoooaaaaa... when i noticed that i am still connected to chris.. the call was almost 13 minutes.. huhuhuhu! malaki din yun ha! i wont complain if i have talked to chris.. but i have NOT!

if you can see my phone bills... there are lots of series of 10 seconds phone calls... i'm pissed-off sometimes. better place a real call... HELLO! HONEY? =)

Friday, December 2

somethings in me

these are my top 10 favorite to do list (in any order)

  1. talking to my Honey!
  2. shopping (wink - honeyyyyy!)
  3. reading.. the bible, mags, romance books... just any thing interesting
  4. listening to music after i wake-up in the morning
  5. eating
  6. dozing off or just lying in bed doing nothing
  7. thinking.. of him, us, our future.. all of sorts =o)
  8. cleaning and sorting things ( when i am in the mood)
  9. surfing the net
  10. talking to friends, family or anybody

how about yours?

Thursday, December 1

on paperbacks

have bought another book of linda lael miller in booksale today (aside from the cosmo mag dec 2005 issue). it's my source of used books... affordable and hard to find books. so what's my scout today? THERE AND NOW. this is one of the books in a sequel. i've only got a vague idea of the entire story. it's sort of a romance thriller. i am very happy to have found this book. i am collecting books of linda and so far, i've just got less than 10 issues. not that much!

anybody who can suggest where i can find more of linda's writings? i would appreciate it.