Saturday, December 3

charges for missed calls

i dont know who's service provider is not reliable... mine or chris's.

since, chris and i are still living apart, we make phone call codes to let each other know of the things that we have done or things that we want each other to do. with the cost of IDD today, its impractical to always place a call if the matter is not really that important. besides, we want to save... hehehe. ohh well, i have paid a thousand bucks for phone bills every month. (chris have been saying that my salary is just enough to feed me and pay for my phone bills... hehehe). also, we dont stay connected to the net and watch for emails all throughout the day.

anyway, one classic example is, we make 4 series of short calls, if we have sent an email.... so we can read it and act on it if necessary. but ohhhh my! i am sometimes charged even if chris didn't answer my call. after a few rings i will end up the call and there displayed in my phone is... 00:13... 00:10.. etc!

there was one afternoon when i forgot to press the end button of my phone, i just put the phone down to my table and continue working.. and whoooaaaaa... when i noticed that i am still connected to chris.. the call was almost 13 minutes.. huhuhuhu! malaki din yun ha! i wont complain if i have talked to chris.. but i have NOT!

if you can see my phone bills... there are lots of series of 10 seconds phone calls... i'm pissed-off sometimes. better place a real call... HELLO! HONEY? =)