Saturday, December 31

This 2012

coming year that is. It's not New Year yet. I wish everyone will have a blessed and productive year and get to achieve their goals. Those who still adhere to resolution, hopefully they are written on stones and done.

I've long given up on resolution, so I just live day by day as the Lord blesses us.

Good health is always wished for. Peace on earth has become a cliche, but still, it's not bad to hope about it. And hopefully, people under the substance will make use of addiction treatment centers and not come back there ever.

Have a wonderful 2012 everyone!

Christmas 2011

I sure miss Christmas in the Philippines especially my family. The atmosphere and the festivities are just different from what I have seen in this place I have called home now so far. But as the years go past, I get accustomed to the way Mcj's family celebrate Christmas. I actually appreciate it. The quiteness.

So this year, we were invited to Christmas lunch by Mcj's uncle so the whole family was carted to their place. It was a sort of reunion. It was a small affair - the hosts don't have to go through discectomy after the event. Everyone had a little bit fun, not stressful.

Tuesday, December 20

Organising & Projects

I could just be speculating or procrastinating but I have been into home organising mode for quite sometime now. In my spare time, I mostly surf for tips and products that are of interest. I have so many ideas after looking at those - they are all stumbling over each other. But I know that just like any other projects, it has to be tackled one at a time so it doesn't get so overwhelming.

There are so many projects that I want to get started on to. On top of that, our car insurance is about to expire and I believe that our house contents is about to be the be the same. It's time to shop for Wholesale Insurance. It's also time to do some crafts in the coming break. Can't wait. I hope I will have as much time as I imagine I would have.

Wednesday, December 7

What's On?

Many. It's December and I reckon the busiest month of the year on the home front and family department. It could be the same at work if you count Christmas parties and not taking day off and be part of th skeleton staff, which I will be.

It is a much busier month for us this year, what with the moving to a new place and coming back from a long holiday. Now is the perfect time to enjoy those funny tee shirts, if somebody can think of buying me some. But really, I don't want to receive anything. I reckon, I've had so much blessings already.

Now, to count and plan for those parties that we are invited to.