Wednesday, December 7

What's On?

Many. It's December and I reckon the busiest month of the year on the home front and family department. It could be the same at work if you count Christmas parties and not taking day off and be part of th skeleton staff, which I will be.

It is a much busier month for us this year, what with the moving to a new place and coming back from a long holiday. Now is the perfect time to enjoy those funny tee shirts, if somebody can think of buying me some. But really, I don't want to receive anything. I reckon, I've had so much blessings already.

Now, to count and plan for those parties that we are invited to.


Henry said...

Yes! If you experience heavy traffic cause bazaar and other sale event in the malls. We can say that its the busiest month.

Arlene said...

Hello Sis! It's great to hear from you. It's been ages since my last visit here. yes we are okey. we were flooded but okey. some things damaged but i know in time it can be replaced. But also so sad to see so many homeless and even dead people with or no owners. so heartbreaking.

Anyway, we will get past this in time. God is always good.

Take care sis and hugs to your little man.