Sunday, September 30

Complete Solution

The shopping cart software has been one of the fuel to the growth of online stores. But long before, I don't really know how online store was conceptualize.

A few months back, MCJ and his brother was thinking of creating an online store selling bonsai plants. We have a current website to this provider but it would be changed to a local one and the proprietor would design the online store site. I thought, the package would include all the facilities including the shopping cart in the site, until I've read the ashop commerce business. Should the plan be materialized, we would shell out some money for the software.

And I think, I could be of use in that department to my husband. I can refer to him the ashop commerce and he himself can see what are the special features the enterprise has. The ten day free trial and the free store design offer are very attractive. Plus Ashop Commerce shopping carts are integrated with all major banks, gateways and third party processors including PayPal.

Saturday, September 29

Bedroom Talk

I believe one should have a very comfy bed that's good for the body and posture. All our life, we spent more than halt of it in our bed.. or maybe just me.

We have a nice comfy bed but I just have one thing to complain about it.... it has rolling feet that move around when you're trying to prop yourself up onto the headboard and because it is not attached to the headboard, rather the headboard was attached to the sidetables, the bed move away from the headboard.. and before you'll notice it your pillow is already on the floor.. Grrrrr! Plus the fact that it is too close to the floor.. it is difficult to clean up.. hummm!

But we don't have plans nor our budget can accomodate a new platform bed. I know modern platform beds are nice. They're the type that I really want... well, just want.. not need!

Like it.. NOT!

Winter had passed and though how I love spring with all the beauty that nature brings, I can still feel and see the remnant of the cold and dry weather on myself, making me resent sometimes.

The four seasons should be pleasantly welcomed by moi who had been living in two season country all her life but sad to say, I don't.

Winter made my hair dry and now I have split-ends that can't be repaired or subdued by any high end conditioner. It made me feel dry.. my skin, my palm, my lips.. ohhhh.. not to mention my pockets.

I don't really have a beauty regimen, so how can I erase the neon effect and remnant? I buy skin care products but it will take ages for me to know or prove that it is really working or worth it considering my habit of applying them. Oh well! It just makes me frustrated.

And to sum it up... I dont like winter.. except maybe if it snow here. That will be another story.

Desktop Tag

I was tagged by Mich, Leah and Arlene to show what are on my desktop. Thanks gals!

So here's my boring piece. :(

See how boring it is? Truth be told, I dont like it but MCJ and I cant agree on one wall paper so that was what he came up. I wanted photos or dark background while he wants something funny and obscene.... in the end something bright and calming was what we agreed. When he knew the tag, he wanted to change it to what he likes... but I don't want to cheat. :) Oh well, I want to change it to Ian's photo but just after doing this tag. The icons are mainly what MCJ use because he wants everything to be easy access whilst, I can dig up my files and icons that I usually use. The two isolated icons are the MYOB shortcuts that he's been using everyday for two weeks now.

Now, who am I going to tag? It seems almost in my circle of friends had done this. :) Anyway, I'll try Gracita, Fionixe and Mitch.

Note: Copy Starts Here!

Desktop Free View Instruction:

A.Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:

[1] Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
[2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
[3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of Icons, things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

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One Stop Shop

Have you seen or heard a one stop shop for all electronic needs or facilities? I just did.

Epazz provides a total managed integrated web solutions. It offers enterprise email system, web hosting, document management, portal software, content management and to many more.. even down to intranet. How cool is that? The product and solutions offer by this company are more apt to the new business or those business who wants to shift from manual processing to electronic as they have a package that offers whole lot, the BoxesOS.

Plus the facilities were not just designed to cater specific needs of a particular industry but rather of various, so if you've a diversified business... this is more likely what you want.

And the good part is a 30 days free trial. I deemed this scheme is pro-buyer as you have an idea how the system or facility works before buying it. This way also, you can think of so many probabilities and uses of the solution to your company before you actually pay for it.

Thursday, September 27

Sorts of People in a Relationship

We watched a documentary of fat admiration last night - Fat Girls and Feeders. I'm not that naive (maybe not just well read) though but that was the first time that I've ever heard of men actually looking for fat women and the fatter a woman is, the more she becomes attractive to the fat admirer (fa).

I was amazed that some men really sought fat women to the extent of travelling to the other side of the world. There was this young man from UK who went to the US to go to bar with fat women.

But finding the right woman was not a walk in the park as the ratio is 4:1. Picking should really be done carefully.

For one woman, it was just sort of a show to the world especially to her family that she can have a boyfriend or eventually a husband even if she's fat, so she made a personal advertisement which one of the men in the nearby town responded. They hit it off from there. Good on her! But not for long as her husband has an obsession of getting her bigger and bigger, making her totally dependent on him. Her husband would feed her whatever she wants, but he didn't call himself feeder but rather enabler. However he may call himself, I think he still the sort of selfish gut who doesn't think of his wife's health.

What is more questionable for me is that, he made videos of his wife's progress if you may call it, in gaining weight. He take photos of him in the same angle every some time to show how big she gets. And what's horrible for me was, she was the narrator in the video. The videos were sold to the husband's fellow FA. They earned big bucks.

Eventually, the wife put her feet down and put an end to her husband's obsession. She had an operation to make her stomach smaller, and she lost weight in the process much to her husband's chagrin in the beginning but he had realized that he might jeopardize his wife's health.

I admire the wife's love or loyalty to let her husband rule her life for her and at the same time, I resent it. It doesn't matter if you're happy with what you're doing but she didn't look happy. Oh well, to each her own.

Tuesday, September 25

Tidy Up

Anybody who has a big laundry room would be lucky. And we are not. But for the meager space that we have there, it accomodates more than enough stuff of what it can hold. Aside from the washer and sink, there's the water heating system, the laundry baskets, my sewing machine, a trolly for anything, cleaning materials.. plus those stuff that are necessary but we dont use everyday. It would be really nice to have laundry room cabinets like a stainless steel wall mount cabinet where we can store the laundry detergents and soaps, cleaning supplies and many thingy-me-bobs. Aside from many more room to move around, it would make the space neat and tidy. As the laundry room can so0metimes be the busiest part of the house, it is good that you have plenty of room to move around.

Sunday, September 23

My Champ!

I missed lots of Roger Federer's game in the US Open, even the finals. Nonetheless, he won.. that's the most important thing.

I haven't seen any game of the Davis Cup also.

I missed a lot about tennis and about Roger.

Yet, I won't miss him that much.. thanks to this ad.

They sure all look great!

The champions, indeed!

I Heart!

Though I detest junk mails, truth be told, I like reading some of them. Yeah of course, only those that catch my fancy and computer shop catalogue is one of them - from Dell.

Dell Computers is big on catalogue advertising. I get one from them couple of times in a month sometimes. And they're also big on discounts and reduced price for desktops and notebooks. Plus they gave money back if you order online and the delivery cost nothing. How cool! There's always a product that I "heart" whenever I scan their catalogue because of the "value for your money" price - may it be a personal computer or laptop.

Dell has been a leading brand of computer, so I think.. owning one would be a great idea.

Night Shift

MCJ was on night shift last night, actually a 24 hour roster. He went to bed just when Ian and I are about to get up and get ready for the day.

He's been working his butt off for almost two weeks now - going to bed at 2 in the morning. He's turning into a nocturnal. Good on him as he still can work during the night even when he had been working all day.

He really have to finish the 3 year backlog of the books in 10 weeks time, a compelling reason why he is working very hard.

Before shutting his eyes this morning, he told me that he's not around if somebody look for him. So far, nobody came to see him nor rang.

Lucky for him, he can sleep like a log in day time so no worries that he can't have enough sleep to get back his energy.

Saturday, September 22

The coffee lover

MCJ loves to drink coffee.. errr, that sounds nice but really his habit of drinking coffee is no longer pleasant. He can drink as much as ten mugs of black coffee in a day. It has been his source of fluid which really didn't give him any as it makes you dehydrated. He's just simply addicted to caffiene.

I, on the other hand, can drink coffee but not really crave for it. I want my coffee white and sometimes give in to those with flavours. Recently, we bought an instant capuccino and a relly gave us an instant berry flavoured coffee, much to MCJ's disgust. I happen to use his tea spoon for my berry coffee and didn't rinse it then he used it to stir his. He was wondering where did he get the berry smell of his coffee. Instant coffee is really handy if you're always on the go but I it would also be nice to have a coffee maker, something like jura capresso because the coffee you can make tastes better than instant.


If ever I'm asked to choose an accomodation when in holiday between Bed & Breakfast and hotels, I would opt for the earlier. I think it is a pleasant change from the impersonal approach or service of hotels, cottages, villas or the like. Plus the fact that guest in b&b can have the chance to chat and more likely know each other because of the commonal setup. However, I have to consider the imperative factor in choosing a place for the holiday, our bundle of joy. Is there a bed & breakfast that is child-friendly? I'm not really worried about it now as it would be a long time before we can have a dream vacation and for sure we will use our club time share and b&b is not on the list of accomodation.

Wednesday, September 19

Fax or Email?

I've known of the internet fax service before but I haven't tried how it works. This type of service was available in the company where I was connected before but never really bother to hook up my email. I was not really receiving much fax messages that internet based fax was not necessary.

I really didn't know who's the provider of the service to the company then. Now, I know a company that offered the same service, Metrofax.

For big companies that receive several fax messages in a day, the internet fax service would really be handy and helpful. It is paperless, so you're cutting costs of your supplies. The matter of confidentially could be a great factor in considering to acquire this service. If the fax number is just hooked on to one person/email, fax messages that contain confidential information wouldn't go astray. Add the simple way to send a message especially if the origin of that message was a soft copy. Printing wasn't necessary as well as going to the area where the fax machine was. It is really like sending an email. Presto!

Gaining and Losing Friends

Five years ago, I needed an outlet where to spend my time after work. I am islands away from my family, malling was gradually loosing its spark and my (love)life was not exciting. Out of the blue, my friend and I decided to take up an MBA program.

So there, the motivation to go back to school was quite impractical and not convincing, that the doubt that I won't be able to finish it let alone pass one subject was always looming over. I never expected anything from myself nor looked forward to what I will be able to experience or learn from that endeavor. But the best thing happens when you least expect it.

I gained friends.

Our Human Behavior Organization class was instrumental to the friendship that we formed or should I say, our professor. She was very open and giving, sharing her personal experiences which encouraged us to do the same. We always formed groups for reporting purposes. We bonded and laughed and did the same out of the classroom. Our class would usually end at a rush hour at night and finding a ride was a challenge and we would opt to go somewhere and talk until the street is less busy.

Then, my doubt had actually come to reality. Somewhere between 2003 and 2004, I quit not because I wantto , I actually had a great time at school and with my classmates, but because my job had become demanding - I was transferred to another department.

I may be out of school but the friendship didn't end. Loop of emails were exchanged among the group quite often especially if there are special events. We dined out and had fun with each other's company. One of our classmates moved back to Tarlac and we went there one weekend just to bond and had fun. We attended wedding of our friends, witnessed the christening of their child, went to a birthday party of friends or their child, etc. There were lots of get-togethers organized through emails that didn't happen but we had fun, just organizing and sorting it through email. We shared to many memories and stories of our lives.

Then the bombshell.

The night before last, I received an sms from a friend/classmate telling me that one of classmates/friends died of breast cancer. She was our friend from Tarlac. The news brought me to tears. It's just been more than a year ago when we attended another friend's wedding and she was full of life and vigor. That was the last time I saw her. She's one of my friends in friendster and for quite a while I haven't seen any updates from her. Little did I know what's happening to her.

That's not the first time though.

More than two years ago, we lost another friend from aneurism - I was really close to her.

Both deaths were so sudden for me. It is just so shocking as the last news you've heard about a friend was bright and happy then all of a sudden she's not with us in this world anymore.

They're too young to be gone but I know God has a special plan for them.

I miss them and I still feel sad for losing them. May their soul rest in peace.

First Ever Award

Wowowow! Mich had just given me, my first ever award in blogging. I am really happy and deeply honored. I may sound over-reacting but I never imagined I would receive any award for my writings. It warm my heart to know that there's somebody who appreciates my thoughts. Thanks Mich!

The award is "I love your blog" created by Tish and Mike at Blogs We Love.

And to spread the "love", I'm giving this award to those friends I've made through blogging, whose blogs I frequently visits and read.

Sweet, Sexy, Smart Housewife

Random Thoughts

Eat and Be Married

Life's What We Make It

When Silence Speaks

Mich, I'm giving you back the award because you deserve it too! :))

Sunday, September 16

Football Craze

It's football craze here in Down Under now. It's the finals of NRL premiership and the AFL. I've been following the NRL especially when the Broncos were playing, but now that they were out in the semis, I'm not sure anymore. But there's another Queensland team to root, the Cowboys and they're going to play later. I've just seen (on telly) several games of AFL - less physical footy.

I haven't tried watching the games in stadium but I reckon tickets are not difficult secure. The sellers are mostly situated in people-frequented area like train stations.

Footy is just all over the world. It's also superbowl season in America. I wonder where people buy their Superbowl tickets there. Maybe, through the net.

And there's the rugby world cup. It's always televised late at night so I only had glimpse of the games yet, I don't wonder where to get the tickets. :P

Saturday, September 15

The Way!

... to Mummy's heart, that is!

Ian woke up around 2 this morning for his feed. He hasn't learnt to sleep through the night yet.

He ate for at least 30 minutes and dozed off while in my arms. Thinking that he was already in deep sleep, I decided to put him to his bed.

But the moment his back touched the mattress, he stirred and opened his eyes. He didn't cry though. I rocked his cradle and told him to go back to sleep, to which he replied with his sweetest smile.. a smile that melts Mummy's heart.

What can I do?

I picked him up, played and talked to him for a couple of minutes and topped his feed up so he'll go to sleep. And he did eventually.

He's been doing his charm to me especially when he's tired playing by himself.

I'm afraid, he has me in his fingers err.. smiles.


Long before I become busy with motherhood, I was maintaining several blogs about my interests and things that attract my fancy. It was fun posting on those blogs especially the shoe blog as I feel I am connecting to my fettish and made me feel rejuvenated though I didn't own all those shoes that I've posted there. And it's been a long time that I updated them. Oh well!

I have an inspiration when I created those blogs. I was looking for skins for this blog when I tumbled upon a blog about ladies wear especially sexy lingerie. It seems it was the owner's passion and it occured to me to create one and them some to channel my passion also. :)

Friday, September 14

Happy 2 Months

Ian turn 2 months today. Time really flies so fast. He's growing fast also!

But when I think the stuff that he's capable of doing and the happiness that he brought in the family, it feels like more than a couple of months.

At barely 2 months, he weighed 5.25 kg and 58cm long (as of Sep 10).


I visited Annie's site and the music struck the emotional cord in me, I feel homesick.. bigla gusto kong umiyak. Guess what the music is? It must have been love. Hearing it made me go down memory lane, hayyy!

I just miss my family especially my mother. She's my bestfriend before I got married. I told her everything that happened to me, no secret. That was even when we were islands apart, when I worked in Manila. I always find time to ring her and tell her the stories of my life there.

And now communications have become rare. I haven't talked to her about my giving birth, you know those stories that first time mums want to tell their mother. I have several questions to ask but I can't reach her. Why? They don't have mobile phone at home. They used to, but my younger sister is now working and is away from them, my younger brother is in school and he's staying in a boarding house. Well, I could ring them during weekends though. Maybe, I just didn't try hard to contact them. I'll try this weekend.

And what I'm feeling will soon fade when Ian is in my arms. Can't wait for our vacation!

Sunday, September 9


One fine day, Ian had a good afternoon nap. I put him in his pram to take him for a walk.

Then, MCJ cooed him and he smiled, a lot. I tried to catch it in snap but nah!

We had a rest in the shady area and I cooed him while I'm holding the camera infront of him and it just amazed me that he's actually looking at it and smiled. Hummm... I did the trick.

Just for Baby

I love shopping, may it be just window shopping or doing the real thing. But MCJ is the complete opposite, just like a normal typical male.

A classic case is buying groceries. He knows what he wants at the shop and he'll just go directly to where those stuff were displayed while I would have to check almost all the aisles that interests me.

But now that we have Ian, things have changed. MCJ likes shopping, only for baby stuff. We would sometimes check the nappy brands and prices, baby clothes and shoes, toys, etc. even without a plan of buying any. He loves those animal costume displayed at the shops for babies. And we both laugh when we imagine what would Ian look like if he's wearing one.

I want the real thing!

I've read a lot about using dummies (pacifier) for babies and even if there are advantages, I still don't approve Ian to use one. Which was seconded by MCJ.

But there were times in the first month that we got too desperate and overtired at day time, thanks heavens it's not at sleeping time, and wished that we could have bought a dummy for him.

Then, one day Granddad bought Ian dummies and told us to just use it during desperation. lol.

At first, I tried it when he's not whiney - that's when he's full, and he just spat it out. It didn't occured to me that he doesn't like it because he might just had enough food. My purpose was just to see if he'll like it.

Then "desperation" came, I put a dummy to his mouth and again he just spit it out. And it made him more aggitated and whingy, sort of like screaming "I want the real thing!".

I didn't gave up. I still tried several times but to no avail.

We've concluded that he's not a dummy baby. lol. After all, he's not whingin' as long as he's full, has a clean bum, had burped and warm and comfy.


We've been topping up his feed in the afternoon when my milk supply was getting low for 2 days now. He was doing the same thing as what he did to his dummy, spitting it out of his mouth but after a few minutes, I reckon, he found out that there was something dripping out of the teat so he just let it stayed in his mouth but still he was not sucking it - just letting the milk drip. Just a lazy sucker. lol. That was the first day.

The second day was pleasant. He knew how to suck the teat properly and he had finished the 60ml formula and still wanting more - but we are taking the topping-up slowly so it's just one 60ml a day.

We are using the close to nature teat and it helps, as it feels like breast when he's sucking it except of course, he has to do it harder in silicon.

Sue Me!

We're living in a sueing society. The awareness of your rights is a must as well as being aware of any harm that you may cause intentionally or unintentionally for an act as simple as leaving your gate open or parking your car with the an inch of the rear out of your property.

We live in a free country but you are not free to express your creativity even at your own backyard. You must keep your guard and radar running almost all of the time.

We have a dam infront of the property which is a bit deep, can drown children if full. And it is sorrounded by fence even if it is in our yard. Why? Because of fear that children left by adult unattended might cross the street and wander in the property and get drowned, and it would be the property owner's fault not the negligent parent or guardian.

And in this environment, the legal industry is booming not to mention the sky-rocket fees. Good on the solicitors, lawyers, etc.

If you're on the other side of the world who've been injured by another party, you might want to try the service of New York personal injury lawyer.

Saturday, September 8

Part-time jobs offer great flexibility

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Funny Signs

The man-made beach at the Southbank Park is closed for renovation and these signs are on the fence. I was amused that I took photos of them.

Gotta Love It!

We all know that eating fruit is extremely beneficial to our health and well-being. However, finding the time to eat enough fruit per day can be difficult due to busy lifestyles. I have found a site that has hundreds of smoothie recipes to help with this. Give it a try.

My favorite recipes are the strawberry smoothies.

Get the Best in Offshore Software Development Services

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The Biggest Showoff

Ian was the biggest show-off for a 7-week old baby.

We had visitors last Saturday, MCJ's sister, C, and her daughter, M, who wanted a baby bump soon. They came handful - presents for Mummy and baby.

Ian had just gone to asleep after a long walk when they arrived. We want him awake but didn't intentionally do. Oh well, he eventually did after being passed around.

At first, he looked around at everybody's faces and listens to the voices. When M put him lying on her legs, he showed his exercises - punching in the air, kicking and cycling. C cooed him and he showed his big dimply smiles - smiling like he was a push-button laughing machine. Much to the joy of everybody when he was facing the camera, smiling.

MCJ showed his buddha look - sitting on his legs while C took several shots and Ian was just at his best.

C was amazed at how strong he is that he can stand straight on his two legs or one at times. He also pushed himself up when he was on his buddha position.

He was so alert and entertaining. He had everybody's attention and affection.

I reckon, Ian had known at an early age the art of entertaining and how to be grateful for attention bestowed on him as well as for the goodies he gets. lol

So far, that was the longest time (2 hours) that he was awake and not whingin'.

Lovin' It!

It's a girls' bestfriend, even to those who said they don't like jewelry I suppose. Who wouldn't like a sparkling gem? I definitely love them. But diamond jewelry come in hefty price unless of course it is a zircon so I wouldn't say I have lots of diamond jewelry. The first that I owned were diamond rings that MCJ gave me, a set for engagement ring and eternity rings. And because I love jewelry, every time there's a jewelry catalogue in the junk mail, I would drop hints to MCJ that I would love to have something. So far, he hadn't take notice yet. lol.

Sunday, September 2

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My proud Daddy!

He shows me off with my new stunts to Nanna and Granddad and to all our visitors.

He carries me almost all the time when we're out.

He pushes my pram whenever he can, that is almost all of the time when we're out.

He has more photos with me than Mummy.

He's my Dad and we love him!

The Boss

Some of Ian's latest photo op.
Daddy says this is my cutest photo of all. Do you agree?

I'm serious, really! Can't you see it with my big eyes?

The eyebags! Got them from Dad according to Mummy!

The fourth soprano. I'm not Spanish nor Italian... I'm filoz.. and my voice is ear-piercing. Just ask Mum. See my little dimple?

Gone with the...

I like the looks of Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz - latin beauties. Brown skin,dark hair,beautiful eyes and proportioned shape nose - just some of their qualities.

Those kind of beauties you'll see in the latina dating site, This site of course is where latin singles convene.

Are you one of them and want to meet friends? Signing up is free and the profiles are updated daily.

Out of control

Women with child/children would likely have incontinence in their later years. That scares me now, but maybe.. I couldnt be bothered by then. Who cares anyway? I'm old. lol.

These days, most hospitals give advice to mums before they're discharged of excercises or measures to avoid incontinence in the future. And it will be effective if done religiously.

I don't do the kegel exercise religiously so for now, I may say that I will be a member of the mob with incontinence in their old age. I'm only half worried though, knowing that there are incontinence supplies available in the market. I might resort to them.