Saturday, September 29

Bedroom Talk

I believe one should have a very comfy bed that's good for the body and posture. All our life, we spent more than halt of it in our bed.. or maybe just me.

We have a nice comfy bed but I just have one thing to complain about it.... it has rolling feet that move around when you're trying to prop yourself up onto the headboard and because it is not attached to the headboard, rather the headboard was attached to the sidetables, the bed move away from the headboard.. and before you'll notice it your pillow is already on the floor.. Grrrrr! Plus the fact that it is too close to the floor.. it is difficult to clean up.. hummm!

But we don't have plans nor our budget can accomodate a new platform bed. I know modern platform beds are nice. They're the type that I really want... well, just want.. not need!