Tuesday, July 31

Online Shopping

Are you keen on shopping online? Do you love the comfort of your home while it is freezing outside? Are you too busy or too tied up at home that even going to the shop is daunting? If yes to any of these questions... here's another one. How would you like it when you can save while you shop? There are varieties of pricing schemes in the actual shops that can save you money while you shop as well as online shopping.

For online shopping, there are discount coupons available on the net for wide array of shops that you may want to shop. Ecouponcodes.com is a one stop source for a list of all the money saving coupon codes and other great deals. Plus the listings of deals and coupons are updated daily so you get different level of deals even if you shop very often. This site would be your friend and frequently visited if you're the sort that scour for bargain on the web.

Who says that you can only shop Avon Products from authorized retailers/direct sellers and with discount? Yes, ecouponcodes also offers Avon Coupon Code.

First GP Appointment

Because we stayed in the hospital for less than 3days and the fact that Bubba's fontanelle had still a wide gap, we were advised to a see a General Practicioner within 5-10 days from discharge. And we did last July 23.

The GP had a thorough check and gave him a clean bill of health. And a very good news that Bubba had gained his birth weight just in one week after discharge from the hospital. He lost 10% of his birth weight when we were there because my colostrum was really nowhere in sight. That due to my traumatic delivery of him. We even gave him a top-up formula of 10ml 3-hourly in our first night there as he was so unsettled.

Bubba marked his territory in the GP's office when he pissed on the bed and to the doc while being checked. :)

Sunday, July 29

just about me

tagged by hailey to tell some bits and pieces about me!

1. just recently became a mother. im sure most of you know this already.

2. found out that i can blog while breast-feeding. :)

3. i consider myself a mediocre person. too lazy to spend more effort.

4. im now struggling how to be a mother to a newborn and at the same time maintain the order in our place, have enough rest and not become a bitchy wife.

5. im still in awe and total wonder that i was able to bring life in this world.

6. and yet scared and anxious that i may fail in moulding the life that i brought here into a better shape.

i can go on and on..... but my right arm is already sleeping. :P

now, im tagging anyone.

Saturday, July 28

Hockey's Future

I love watching sports that rules are simple and easy to understand, maybe it be live or in telly. Yet there are sports that I want to know the rules but are not played here in OZ or in the Philippines like hockey, polo, etc so I don't get the chance to acquiant myself with the bits and pieces of these events. Thanks for the opportunity in pro-blogging that I will be able to review a site for the nhl draft and familiarize myself with hockey.

It is featured in the site the 2007 top 5 Draft Picks from Western and Eastern Conferences. They also showcase the NHL Organization Rankings and newsroom for all hockey orgs.

Basically, this site promotes the future of hockey.

Thursday, July 26

First Day Out

Of Bubba, that is.. at 6 days old.

Last Friday (July 20), Bubba had his first excursion. MCJ was going to mail Bubba's birth registration and go up to Medicare to have Bubba's name added to his card. Since the Medicare's office is in the mall, we decided to tag along. And while we were there, we changed MCJ's private health insurance cover to include our cherub.

Bubba was asleep when we left the house and was partially awake when we were at the Medicare.

He is on a 3-hourly feed and it was due when we were at the MBF's kiosk that we have to rush to the parent's room to gave his dose. He was busting his lungs out calling the attention of others at the mall. It's not uncommon to see babies crying but because ours is really obvious as newborn, strangers have to stop and look at him. Three oldies have even exchanged small talks with me.

After almost an hour of feeding, he was settled comfortably and despite tha overly loud noice and chaos in the mall, we were able to enjoy our lunch and shopped for almost three hours.

(We went out again today and he was sound asleep until the end of our lunch. Had to fed him in the car before rushing home just to pacify him. Hopefully, he'll behave nicely tomorrow.)

Wednesday, July 25

Talking of Cameras

The camera that was stolen from our car at the beginning of this year was a canon brand. Aside from wanting an SLR cam MCJ likes canon. But what I recently bought was not made of the same brand. Well, I don't know what got into me to chose what I bought but Canon Powershot cameras were also available in the store. Looking back, I might have been considering the price, the megapixels, the size and the look.

What's in a Name?

We've been brainstorming for his name even while I was preggy, may he be a boy or a girl.

Now that he's out, it took us almost a week to decide the spelling of Bubba's third name hence the registration of his birth was a bit late.

We've finalised his name but we haven't decided what would be his nickname. MCJ suggested that we stick to what is familiar, that is Bubba. That's what we call him while he was still in my belly.

Maybe will just decide himself what he wants us to call him later on.

Btw, Bubba's name is Jens Christian Immanual. (I'm planning to call him Christian.)

Get Slim

I'm not really a telly person. I usually check the program guide and see if there's something interesting to watch before turning the TV on. But even that, I never fail to notice that the Aussies ae big on any diet/slimming ads - from fitness gyms, diet pills, food supplement, etc. It's not surprising though because Australia has a high obesity rate.

Saturday, July 21

Birthing Story

Friday, I was two days overdue, too anxious to see Bubba yet MCJ kept on thinking the spooky Friday the 13th. I woke-up late as usual but for a change took a long walk up to the main street which is approximately a km to and fro. We had lunch and I still continue blogging.

Come 2pm, I felt mild contractions which lasted for less than a minute and were more than 10 minutes apart. I don't really know how braxton hicks feel so I reckon they were them. I did some cooking later that day and then had a lie-down past 5pm. We were planning to go to the shops so I got up before 6pm and went to the loo. There I noticed a show on my liner and the contractions started to get stronger and lasted a bit longer. Everytime I had contractions at the shop, we have to stop because I really can't walk.

We went home and had dinner then watch Friday Night Footy. I rang-up the hospital and told them about the show and the intensity of my contractions and was advised to go up there if I really can't tolerate the pain or I want pain reliever. Since, I still can bear the pain we stayed home. By 9pm, the pain really intensified and I think I already lost some plug so we decided to went to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital 9.35pm and by that time, I reckon I was on the active phase of labor. I am having three contractions in 10 minutes. The midwives monitored Bubba's heartbeat every after contractions. I was already 6cm dilated.

I was asked and encouraged to have a warm bath or shower to relieve the pain but I just know my body... I know I can't take it as I already feel cold.

With the pain of contractions, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. :) Funny!

Past 10pm, I already had the urge to push and well, thankfully I was allowed to. (I was advised to push only when the baby is ready.) My water broke past 10.30pm.. and boy what a relief! From then, they checked Bubba's heartbeat every minute or I reckon every movement I made. Bubba was starting to drop down though.

Btw, I asked for nitrous oxide to relieve the pain but it really didn't help. The hospital has only tube that you have to inhale through your mouth and I am not effective in breathing through every contractions. I felt it intensified the pain because I was short of breath, so eventually I gave up using it and just went without any pain reliever.

During the antenatal class, I told MCJ that I won't have epidural but then I changed my mind while I am experiencing the laborous pain. And it was MCJ who's somewhat against it. I understand him though because I was already in active labor phase and I could jeopardize the process of putting on the anesthetics if I cringe or just slightly move my body during contractions. So I went withouth it either.

In short, I didn't have any pain reliever.. I am sure you can imagine the pain that I've been through. :) And MCJ can really attest that my pain tolerance is very low if close to nil. I'm surprise myself that I carried-on.

Anyway, the midwife was really very encouraging that every push I made I can hear "perfect", "lovely".. blah blah and all the endearments. I also reckon I did so because I can feel that Bubba's head was going down down and down.

Funny though because I really want to hang on to MCJ every time I push... and he also did some pushing himself.

There were contractions that I can only make two pushes as I was really exhausted and tired.

I've already entertained the idea in my mind to have a CS as I can not bear the pain any longer. I've told MCJ that it was getting too painful for me but he thought I could not have a CS anymore as Bubba's head was already too engaged so I would end-up having forceps or vacuum delivery. Ackkk.. I think forceps are far more painful than normal. So what he did was help me push by bringing my chin to my chest every time I push and it did helped.

I deliver Bubba in three long pushes around 0056 of the 14th of July.

There was no time for the midwives to do the episiotomy as everything just happened so quick and I ended up having 4th level tears. They have to sent me to the theater for the stitching around 4am.

While waiting for me to be shifted to the theater.. I really understand and come to know what they said that giving birth is like being hit by a truck. I was shivering uncontrollably even with two warm blankets over me.

And I can't find my voice while I was being stitched. I was conscious all the time but just numb from waist down.

And.. and.. and.. I was even more scared with the stitching process than the delivery itself. :) Maybe because of all the gadgets that were attached to my body during the operation.

I went out of the theather around 5am.. and stayed at the recovery area for 30 minutes then was shifted to the maternity ward. MCJ had left home already and Bubba was at the nursery. He was then shifted when I was in the room but I was too tired to entertain him. I asked if I can eat or drink something but was advised to wait until breakfast.. Waaaa.. I was too hungry, sleepy, tired and thirsty that I cant get rest.

Breakfast time came... MCJ came to visit me and I had shower. I feel normal again except for some pain "down there".

We went home Monday afternoon.. and life has been.. ummmmm.. unexplainable with Bubba around (another post).

I can't remember now how painful it was... but I am terrified with pain these days. Yet, I am physically getting better and better!

(I still use Bubba because we haven't decided our son's nickname ;D)

Fitness Dating

Online dating sites had been massively creating a space in the wild wild web. You can't open a webpage withouth seeing a urls, links or hollograms of these sites. Ahhh, you can even receive unsolicited mails from some of them. And what's funny about them is each site is unique from the others. Sure, they are all sites where you can virtually meet people from all over the world but the personality of people who enlisted themselves in each site varies. Before I met MCJ what I only know was I can register in any dating sites and hit it off from there. The latest that I know of is fitness dating where fitness personals meet and convene. I don't know what will I discover next.

Wednesday, July 18

Hello World!

I'm Jens! I joined you in this world last July 14 around 0056. Daddy was too anxious that I will be born on Friday the 13th so, Mummy and I collaborated for me to come out a little bit late. :)

I weighed 6.8lbs and 49.5cm long.. with Mummy's build I was way too big for her so expect to see her walking like a duck until now. :)

Thanks for all your messages.

Friends and R&R

I haven't been to the land of milk and honey yet. It's not in the top priority of my wish list of places to visit but I have friends who live there that I want to see so it might just sprout as the number one in the future. Hopefully, hopefully!

I reckon, I couldn't tour the whole 50 states (I might not be able to afford that) but first I want to visit her in El Paso, another one in Sanfo, one in Colorado and another in Florida. There are lots of catching up to do. And maybe while in Florida, we might be tempted to check the vacation home Orlando. The details here are too tempting.

News Flash!

Bubba had joined us in this world last July 14 (MCJ was too anxious that he would come out Friday the 13th - so I delayed pushing... lol).

Will post stories with photos soon (haven't worked-out how to upload pix yet).

Getting Organized

Sometimes I call myself an obsessive-compulsive when it comes to sorting out or organizing things... Just sometimes. I want everything to have it's proper place so I know where to look for them incase I need them but often times.. that doesn't happen because I am not just the one using the stuff around the place. It's frustrating sometimes but you learn to persevere especially if you're living with your other half. Well, that's another story to tell.

But with these picture perfect setup, I couldnt stop longing that one day I could create an organize workplace for me and MCJ. The samples of Bush furniture are just too neat and orderly that creating an environment such as these makes you stop, take a deep breath and don't work at all as you may create a mess. :)

Friday, July 13

Pro-blogging is a Snap

Remember this thingie that we bought for Bubba from my pro-blogging earnings? Well, we had another buy yesterday from the blog advertising moolah! Isn't that great?

It's been almost half a year that we suffer the lack of digital camera - thanks to the very resourceful bloke who stole my loved cam. And all this while, we haven't replaced it yet. MCJ just refuse to buy a non-slr one and with the dear-price of his pick, we really didn't fit it in our budget as it is only a non-essential. It is only to cater his interest in photography which he hardly had time to do. With the impending and looming arm and a leg cost of me giving birth here and me not qualified for a free hospitalization, he really can't have his SLR cam nor I can only have the "nasty" one that I want if the moolah is from our pocket. :)

Thanks to the blogging money. I want the moolah that I earned to be used in something that I will cherish, use and see everyday rather than splurging it on clothes shopping, not that I don't cherish my clothes but you don't wear the same clothes over and over again.

MCJ called the newly-bought gadget an al-cheapo and nasty one but I am happy with it. The sales assistant in the store asked me if I like that model, I told him.. I really don't care what model it is as long as it takes pictures. :)
What's the rush of buying it? The most awaited arrival of Bubba - who is now 2 days overdue and still got no plan to come out today.
Btw, MCJ bought me a complementary SD card and camera bag from our pocket money as the pro-blogging earnings are only enough for the cost of the cam.
I am a happy camper and blogger! :)

Thursday, July 12

Do I Look Like....

a Vietnamese?

Went today to the hospital for an early morning appointment. I was 2nd in line. Few seconds later, it was my turn. Before I can hand out my appointment card, the midwife at the counter asked me, "you speak vietnamese, do you?". My instant answer was, "I'm not a vietnamese so I dont." and smile. At the back of my mind, I was contemplating what a vietnamese looks like. :)

I deduce, she may have not based on my looks.. she just need an Asian to help her speak vietnamese. :)

Home Furniture

Next to food and personal shopping, I also love doing home furniture shopping.. maybe it be in the shops around the area or online. I really can't fill my eyes with the intricate, sophisticated and classic design of the furnitures. I couldn't stop telling myself "this will look good and fit our blah blah".

And my pick these days is a mirror. It's not really a necessity in our household as we'll do with what comes in the bedroom suite... but I want it for my parents' place. I would want them to have a mirror close to the door so you can have your last glance on yourself before leaving the house. Hummm.. talking of not being vain. :)

Tuesday, July 10

Ang Dilis, Bow

I've visited and passed through the Asian Dry Food section of this recently opened supermarket in our area but I haven't seen any food that I can relate except for some that I can somewhat identify myself as Filipino food but the brand is not really Pinoy like, prawn crackers, stir-fry noodles, rice wraps for dimsim, etc. And I haven't seen their frozen asian food section yet, so we decided to scour the freezing area with the hood of my jumper on my head. I was actually looking for chorizo, frozen pinoy fish or any preserved food that I can relate... but their selection is very few and nada, the food that I was looking for is nowhere in sight. I was surpised actually because they have wide array of brands for almost all of the household products that if you're fickle minded like me, it would take you half an hour to decide which shampoo to pick. :)

Anyway, after going through the frozen food section, I went to the dry food section, inspecting all the products that are available and to my surpise.. they have dilis and is boneless! Imagine how they did it? Actually, the bones are visible.. they just cut the small fish in half. :) It was not a Pinoy brand but will do. I also saw coconut milk and rambutan in syrup but I did't buy them. I was too happy to have the dilis.

See, we don't have to make a special trip to the Asian shop to buy dried fish. But I would be happier if they have "bagoong".

Got to go... have to cook rice and dilis for lunch. :)

Gothic Dating

Are you an extra-ordinaire who loves grotesque way of meeting somebody online? Well, let's say just online because, I can't imagine how would it be when gothics meet in person for the first time without any prelude introduction or getting-to-know-each-other phase. If you are, gothscene.com is for you. Obviously, as the name says.. it is where goth personals meet up while at the comfort of their room or any spooky room, convene, exchange eerie stories :) and the rest would be a history.

Gothscene takes pride in having real gothic personals where real gothic members are looking to meet other like minded goth friends. Online dating for people into the goth scene has never been easier.

Join now for free and let me know how goth dating works.

And the winner is....

Roger Federrer for the 5th time bagged the Wimbledon's men's single championship title matching Bjorn Borg's record. The match was actually graced by the latter to which Roger was thankful and saying that it made the match memorable.

Rafael Nadal is a tough opponent and it wasnt easy for Roger to beat him. They played in 5 sets and took them more than three hours. (Commentators said, Roger must have been very tired because he didn't lift the trophy higher than his head). Actually, I was getting frustrated because Nadal was becoming confident that he can win the match. I wouldn't call it a blessing in disguise for Federer that halfway the 3rd set, Nadal sort of suffer a knee pain and his trainor called a 3-minute medical time-out, but it was a good time for Federer to gather his focus and relax. Nadal's trainor wrapped his lower leg with band and it could have caused him to be un-easy or uncomfy through-out the remaining of the match and the reason for his defeat.

The poker-face Federer had showed some emotions when the umpire's call was OUT infavor of him and when challenged by Nadal, was actually IN. He questioned the umpire's call and made a snide remark during the break that the "system is killing me". It was during that time that his game wasn't desirable at all.

I think, Federer's performance showed that he can win at tough times because in every tie breaker set/break, he won.

Winning this year's tournament was even made unforgettable because the Centre Court is uncovered. The retractable roof was gone and will be back - new fitting - in two years time.

Federer was asked in an interview if he can see himself as a "sports legend" and the reply was somewhat like, "i'm just 25-26 and have few more good years ahead of me". Indeed! He can grab few more championship titles and do some legendary act before he decides to retire.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating has been a trend for years now. Meeting a friend or a future partner doesn't always have to be through the conventional way of dating - going out, watching movies, dining, etc, though if you meet the person face to face, you've got to jump on those convention anyway. Online dating doesn't always work but it sometimes does. Well, I am a living proof that it works and have few more friends that can relate.

And because it has been a trend, online dating sites flock the web massively. One is bbwromance.com. The site layout is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. If you're a starter, everything you want to know, learn and explore are seen on the home page though you will be directed to another site for the details. New profiles of bbw singles are displayed on the home page as well. You can search photos and who's online and if you find the person interesting to know, you can send a message. What's cool is you can join for free in bbw dating.

Monday, July 9

Capsule Fitted

We woke-up real early this morning for our 8:30 appointment on capsule fitting though I was still up around 4 this morning watching the men's single tennis finals in Wimbledon (deserved a separate post). More so this time of the year, waking up early is a tough exercise. It's freezing cold. But I don't wanna be late.

So off we went. I think, we were on time as we were the first customer to arrived. The fitting went well and didnt take long. Our car has an anchor point for the safety belt so our worry was futile. We were supposed to have the vehicle checked one week prior to the fitting if there was an anchor point but we didn't make it.

Now that we have the capsule, Bubba might decide to come out anytime soon. :)


Nakatulog ako ng sobra sa 3 oras ngayong hapon. Ayaw ko pa sanang bumangon kaya lang ang aking malaking alaga sa tyan ay nangangalikot na ng kung anong parte ng kalamnan ko. Gutom na daw sya. O di sige, tayo. Uhaw na uhaw din pala ako. Nanunuyot na ang lalamunan ko.

Habang palabas ng kwarto, nag-iisip ako kung ano ang pwede kung makain na hindi na kailangan pang lutuin o hindi matagal ihanda. Naisip ko yong mga jelly babies na nasa fridge na nang matagal na panahon. Noong naglilihi pa yata ako binili yon. Pero baka expire na kaya kinalimutan ko. Inisip ko kung ano ang meron pa sa fridge. Raisin na tinapay, kaya lang almusal din namin yon kanina eh. Meron pa ngang tostado dun sa plato na ayaw kainin ni MCJ kasi tuyot daw.

Alam ko meron pang chocolate sponge roll si MCJ kaya lang parang matrabahong ihanda. Mahirap buksan ang kahon, tapos hihiwain mo pa. Mga 5 minuto siguro ang kailangan mong igugol bago mo makain. Ang tagal! Gutom na nga ako eh.

Binuksan ko ang cupboard/pantry. Aha! May natira pa palang rice biscuit at hazelnut spread na binili pa namin noong naglilihi pa din ako na hindi ko nagustuhan noon. Ito mabilis ihanda. Kaya lang, makunat na yata ang biskwit. Eh di, ipasok sa mic at ipaikot ng 30 sigundos. Tyarannnn! Kainan na.

Kumuha ako ng mainom sa fridge at nagsimulang lagyan ng spread ang biskwit. Nakaubos ako ng 4 na piraso. Pero kulang yata. Gutom pa din ako. Pinasok ko ang tuyot na tostadong tinapay sa mic at pinaikot ng 1 minuto. Hindi na tostado ng mainit pero ng malamig na, mas matigas pero pinag-tyagaan ko na. Gutom nga kasi ako eh. Naubos ko lahat yon!

Hindi naman talaga ako ganito eh.... ang ibig kong sabihin, hindi ako masyadong tamad pero lagi talaga akong nagugutom. Kaya lang masipag ako laging magluto, maghanda o maghain. Ewan ko ba ngayon. Siguro kasi matamlay ang katawan ko kasi kagigising ko lang. Sabi ko na nga bang hindi ako matutulog ng matagal sa hapon eh.

Ang mahal kong alaga sa tyan nagsasasayaw ata kasi may laman ang tyan ko... pero kulang ang kinain ko para sa aming dalawa. Kailangan kong kumain pa pero mamaya na.

Oo nga pala, kailangan kong bumili ng mga pagkain na instant ngayon na ang mood ko ay pabago-bago.

Sunday, July 8

2007 Wimbledon Championships

Remember my female pick for the 2007 Wimbledon Championships? Well, she lost in the semi-finals to Marion Bartoli. Hummmm. I haven't seen the game though so I wasn't that affected, should I had... I would truly be devastated.

But my male pick is on to the finals tonight, playing against Rafael Nadal. I should really see the game.
Another reason why I love watching tennis is the players' fashion sense especially the female. Some you'll love and some you'll detest. Take a look at some.

Amelie Mauresmo

Rafael Nadal

Venue Williams

Maria Sharapova

Roger Federer

Serena Williams

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In A Holiday Mood but...

The monthly newsletter of the vacation club where we're a member just came in this week in the mail. Everyone was raving how great their vacation was and I am green with envy. :) If only we can....

The newsletter made me a bit frustrated though. It features pristine and wonderful vacation spots... and I would love to see them. They're another batch of entry to my wish list.

I know there are lots of beautiful vacation destination all over the world. There's Orlando Vacation in Florida. Take a peek.

Working with Softwares

I was involved in an Enterprise Resource Planning in my last job and I was incharged of some financial modules. I love that job. If not for our plan to start a family, I reckon that would be the kind of job that I would stick to until I get tired or maybe retire. How I miss it.

I am a little fortunate though not working, the family business is using a different software and I can tinker a bit on it sometimes. That's what I was doing in my last job, tinkering anything on the system to discover something that maybe useful to the company.

I never get tired of playing around the software/system because there are lots of facets you'll know. One is the payroll software. It is very interesting but at the same time highly confidential so access to the test environment is only limited to authorized person. How I wish I was given the chance to mess with it.

At 39 Weeks

This week of pregnancy, your baby may be close to 21½ inches and weighs over 7 pounds. All of your baby’s organs are developed, in place and ready to function on their own. The last organ to mature (the lungs) should have reached maturity at this point. Your baby's reflexes are coordinated so he or she can blink, grip firmly, and respond to sounds, light and touch. Your baby’s umbilical cord is about a half inch thick and contains 2 arteries and a single vein. At birth, your baby’s umbilical cord will measure about 20 inches in length (on average). The umbilical cord is still supplying your baby with a lot of nutrients as he or she continues to gain weight. Have you decided who’s going to be the one that gets to cut the cord after delivery?

You’re about as big as you can get at this point in your pregnancy and the top of your uterus may very well be up to 8 inches above your belly button. You are probably feeling very large, unbalanced and very uncomfortable. You’re almost there, just a week or so left! Now is a good time to relax and take it easy. Taking a warm bath can be very comforting and will take the weight off for a little while. Your body may already be preparing itself for labor, with your cervix softening and possibly dilating. Be sure to alert your doctor or midwife if you have any leaking of fluid or bleeding.

Actually, we're very close to the BIG Day as of today. I can feel some uncomforts now like lower back pain (mild period pain), lower belly pain - where possibly my cervix is, some mild contractions - was scared last night as I felt it was TIME, and having difficulty to stand-up after sitting for a while. But Bubba is still very active as ever. I had a glass of coke last night and I think it affected him more than it did to me because he was moving actively head to toe until midnight. Poor Bubba!

I am almost ready with my and Bubba's stuff. What? Just almost? Well, the nesting instinct really doesn't stop, from what I've discovered. You just continue to run around and you never ran out of things to do. Maybe, it's just my way of waiting. I don't want to be just sitting idly and wait for the bomb to tick. I would be nervous then. :)

Saturday, July 7

Safe Drinking Water

My favorite drink is chilled water. I always see to it that I don't ran out of bottled water in the fridge or sometimes in the freezer when I am saving it for night time. Bottled water never leave my side of bed at night as I always feel thirsty, especially now that I am preggy.

Here, we don't buy purified drinking water. We just use water from the tap for drinking and cooking- well, it is safe anyway. But with the on-going drought problem in our state, it was proposed to use recycled water and most people object to that. Our family really don't as long as it is safe to be taken in. I'm sure the government will see to it that it is safe for people to drink and use.

But with the availability of water bottle filter, the dubious mind of those who're not into recycled water will be at least pacified knowing that they can have safe drinking water even on the go.

The plan of the government will take time to implement but eventually it will be if this on-going el niƱo problem continues. Let's see how are family cope with this. :)

Wednesday, July 4

Tagged by Arlene

I was tagged by Arlene and Mich. Can I just change the word "hate" to "not like"? I just don't like the word and as much as possible I don't want to use it.

These are the list of things/stuff that I don't like:

1. Food. None that I know of aside from stale food.

2. Fruit. None that I can remember.

3. Veggies. Capsicum - I don't like the smell.

4. Celebrities / People. Shamelessly corrupt politicians and those that would give unsolicited ill comment to a situation/people/event just to add sparkle to their dimming light.

5. Event / Situation / Incident. People stepping on other's foot just to get ahead.

6. TV Shows / Movies. Exaggerated news/controversies about celebrities or politicians to make noise for their name.

7. Music. Rap.

8. Household chores. None. I just love the feeling of accomplishing something but that doesn't mean I would do them always. I love doing them all in my time. :)

9. Things around the world. Human exploitation.

10. Things about myself. Being impatient but I'm working on it.

Anyone who wants to do this tag? Feel free and have fun! :)


I've been running around for almost two weeks now. I just can't stay put. I always want to feel active but sadly my body can only do so much. My mental list of things-to-do is mounting up. But there are not enough hours in a day.

I deduce, I must be nesting now. I don't have this urge to organize, clean and be OC almost all the time before.

I've packed Bubba and my hospital bag last week.. but prior to that, I've done the washing and ironing almost everyday. And I am still doing some washing these days. I instantly load the few goodies that we picked at the shop in the washer.

I've told MCJ what to do when I will be at the hospital... where to get this and that.. how to do this and that.

I've cleaned the car in two days. I got tired the first day that I just removed the stuff in it and did some dusting. The next day, I did the vaccuming.

I've sorted out some clothes to sew/repair when I get out of the hospital. They're some of mine that I use now that Im pregger.

And I'm not halfway through my list but my body just say no. I get tired a little easily and I'm always hungry.

I reckon, my bulge had just started dropping today and we only have one week to go until the BIG day.

Tuesday, July 3

Another One for the Wish List

It's winter time Down Under and we're a little fortunate that it doesn't get too freezing in our side of the world almost all the time. There are days like today that the sun is really up and shiny, no cold wind blowing and howling, and we still get sunshine at 4:30PM. But there were also days when the SE wind blew, the sun was hiding almost all day that it felt like rain is going to pour any minute and it's just too chilly that I was wearing beannie, socks and gloves. It is during these days that I wish I am back to the Philippines with a humid and warm wind blowing to my skin or better yet, somewhere else having an r&r - in a pristine resort soaking and baking in the sun.

If and if, we could ever get away, Hotel Reservations can readily help us in this department. Their website is pretty user-friendly and contains comprehensive information that it is like talking to a sales assistant in person. You can book with them your get-away accomodation - hotels, motels, resorts; flights; car rentals; vacation rentals; packages; tours; etc. It's a one stop-shop for your dream holiday.

And to check the price of my dream vacation, I tried to search for the available accomodation and know what? The result is so massive that it would be so hard to choose if the booking is for real. Plus the prices they gave were either discounted or on special. And I thought, only grocery items were priced special. :)

Hotelreservations.com also cater to wise traveller - somebody who would book their holiday in advance and get a discounted or lowest price. They have special discounts on occasions or season - just like now, $30 summer gas rebate. Book with them online and you will be guaranteed of the lowest internet price. If you happen to find a comparable lower price deal somewhere else, they have a choice of matching the deal or cancel your booking with them without a fee. A fair deal, isn't it?

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PC Ghost

I was blog-hopping less than a minute ago, then I heard two "click-click" from the speaker, sort of something like a program was running on the background, then I blinked... and all the windows of the open internet explorer were gone! Waaaaa!

My first thought, the PC was being attacked by a virus BUT our anti-virus is up and running. But, it is still possible.

Things that make you hummmmmm.

Baka may mumu. :) I'm afraid of boogeyman, you know!

On Addresses and Mail

We get junk mail in our Mailboxes - maybe it in our residential or PO box addresses. I don't find them pesky all the time though because I get to know what are on sale and special prices in the shops near-by.

But what irritates MCJ the most is the postal exchange company that manages the PO boxes here. Because we do have PO box, they have the desire not to deliver our mail addressed to our residential add instead just drop them to our box. Letters/mails that were dropped to our residential add have stamped "please notify sender of your PO box number". Hello! Why should we? They're not all solicited mail, actually most were just junk. And if ever they're solicited mail, we really want them to be delivered to our home add.

Goodness, this issue was settled recently when MCJ was the one who picked up the mail from the box. He went into great miles of stressing the point that we want the mail delivery set-up as it is. Now, we don't get mail with stamp anymore.

Monday, July 2

Rest and Relaxation

Ever heard or read the story about a fisherman and a director of a company? I read it in an email but I am not sure if I have archived it. Anyway, the story sort of goes like this - the director ask the fisherman why is he so content of his life as a fisherman. Then, the fisherman ask the director of a company why is he working so hard and the answer of the former boils down to his retirement plan of living a life like what the fisherman is currently doing - fishing some and relaxing more.

Anyway, I love the concept of the story that I am trying to live like a fisherman as I possible can.

But for some who's living like the director of a company, they are investing on vacation houses set on a pristine location with spectacular view, close to recreation like golf course or beach, or in a quite and serene place close to nature. Of course, with accordance modern conveniences and luxurious lifestyles. You can see them buying their second home from Branson real estate - the home for the world famous Ledgestone Championship Golf Course. Look how neat and homey one of their houses:


I was inspired by Jean's post here to make fruit ice box cake when I read it yesterday. I have never tried a refrigerated cake before as I am not big on graham crackers. So when I knew that I can make one by using "broas", I decided to try it for the first time.

We had a quick dash to the shop this afternoon and I bought the ingredients - broas (I use sponge finger bread), condensed milk, fruit salad, cream. And I immediately did it when we arrived home - never bother to unpack the shopping bag.

I don't know if it will turn out well though as it seems I've used too much cream and just a little condensed milk that I can taste more of the cream than the supposedly sweetness of milk. Put it in the freezer and will have some for dessert later. Anyway, whatever the taste is.. it wouldn't be that alien as it was just a mixture of simple ingredients that I'm familiar with the taste. :)

Sunday, July 1

No pesky forms

The most annoying thing with getting car insurance is all the forms you usually have to fill out. Thankfully, Insurance Doctor has made getting auto insurance easier than ever by doing all the hard work for you. Whether you need Virginia car insurance or North Carolina auto insurance, they have the qualified professionals that can make the process of getting you affordable, quality car insurance. Why not get a quote from Insurance Doctor. I think you'll agree with me that cheap car insurance doesn’t have to mean low quality auto insurance.

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Century Furnitures

I love authentic designed furnitures especially made of hardwood, leather, etc... maybe it be with intricate, elegant or simple design, classic or contemporary. Well, who doesn't?

Back then, I sometimes bought magazines featuring celebrities' homes. I feel inspired just looking at the various architectures and interior designs. I thought, I'll just dig-out from my memory when I decorate our own home.

I also used to look-up in the internet for photos of furnitures and houses and dream of owning them someday. :) And just today, these Century furniture photos never fail to give me the "wow" and "ahhh" feelings. They're just so lovely! I asked myself, can we afford one of these? :)

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