Wednesday, July 4


I've been running around for almost two weeks now. I just can't stay put. I always want to feel active but sadly my body can only do so much. My mental list of things-to-do is mounting up. But there are not enough hours in a day.

I deduce, I must be nesting now. I don't have this urge to organize, clean and be OC almost all the time before.

I've packed Bubba and my hospital bag last week.. but prior to that, I've done the washing and ironing almost everyday. And I am still doing some washing these days. I instantly load the few goodies that we picked at the shop in the washer.

I've told MCJ what to do when I will be at the hospital... where to get this and that.. how to do this and that.

I've cleaned the car in two days. I got tired the first day that I just removed the stuff in it and did some dusting. The next day, I did the vaccuming.

I've sorted out some clothes to sew/repair when I get out of the hospital. They're some of mine that I use now that Im pregger.

And I'm not halfway through my list but my body just say no. I get tired a little easily and I'm always hungry.

I reckon, my bulge had just started dropping today and we only have one week to go until the BIG day.


Arlene said...

ey, take ur time slowly or else you will end up at the delivery room earlier than you expected. =) (knock on wood)

you're tagged with "things you hate" =)