Sunday, November 18

Christmas Wreath

I have always want to put up a wreath on the front door (despite it not the front of the house). I looked up the net for some inspiration on how to make one on my own. There are plenty, of course. I also tried the shop but I reckon it's not worth paying $30 for a front door wreath although it can be used over and over again - that despite being the bargain shop. So after putting up the tree, I have heaps of decos left and thought of making a wreath from scratch.
I am quite proud of it as I have to make do with some scrap wire to make the frame. It's not what I desired but the outcome I reckon is not bad. Oh, I am just so ecstatic as I always believe that I don't have any artistic bone in my body (much less, if that is possible, in the music department to be be searching for marvelous ace frehley budokan custom at Musicians friend).

This Weekend

... has been alloted to making and putting up Christmas decorations. It's fun. And I am nowhere near finish yet. So far, the tree is up which was my only goal but it turned out just to be the inspiration. I would like to think, I am on a roll on this.
Would love to do some garden stuff but it's been raining since last night and I am not keen on gettng my garden gloves all muddy and wet so I might hedge on that for next week. I am quite smug with what we have achieved so far this week and there are more stuff to do and have fun with (and mybe throw in looking for find the best flame resistant jacket?).