Thursday, October 29

Going Natural

How weird is it sometimes that we spend more time shopping for skin care products than any other things. Since Neutrogena phased-out the face moisturiser (something with about salicylic acid in it) that I was using about two years ago, I’ve changed brand at least 5 times. So far, I like the last three. My last one is the Garnier Pure Lasting Oil Control. I just discovered it accidentally when I went to the cosmetics shop. I was so surprised of its price, a little over 10 bucks only. I didn’t hesitate to buy one as it is 200% cheaper than what I was currently using. So I ditched the other one.

It is leaving my skin a matte effect but with a thickness feeling when you touched it. At least something different from the other brand which is good on phasing out blemishes but is very oily. Garnier is known for using natural products and I am leaning onto that type these days. I want to go for soap free and radical free substances. This moisturiser is my first try on going all naturals and I have just bought an all natural lotion.

I will just use up the products that I currently have and replace them with all naturals. I know, it will cost me but I want to try and see if it really makes a difference. I just could not rely on ads and reviews, as I have a completely different skin type from the others.


Sunday, October 25

Big Bang Theory

Does anyone like this comedy? I do luurve it. It's dry humour and really, what can I say. It does makes me laught hard.

Here have a sample:

My Monday night is occupied because of this. And now I'm resorting to You tube for some clips. I've had my fix, so far. Lol.

Tuesday, October 20


Plasma and LCD TV has been around for how long? I can’t remember but what I do know is that, it’s been here for more than a decade. We were not lured to get the latest – well, maybe just me, just I am not so keen of getting cable at home. But Mcj loves new toys and I know that he’s been coveting one for long now. It’s just that we can’t part with our old and trusted television – 25 years old and still has good pictures.

But last Sunday, we let it go. We gave in to the cravings of a widescreen telly. It was advertised that one of the appliance store has sale. We have a credit facility in that shop that will give us 2 years interest free period.

Mcj did a bit of a research online about the products at the shop. The shop attendant was very helpful and I know that we bought good quality but I realise now that we could have done more research on home theatre system buying guide. Well, at least on my part, it would be very handy as my knowledge on that department along with home movie equipment and television buying guide basics is next to nothing. I just want something that won’t eat so much space, has good picture, reasonable sound and with a hip-pocket-friendly price. I really ought to know the technical stuff so I am not overly dependent to Mcj when buying home appliances.

We won’t be buying any “investment” in the near future so I still have time to appraise my knowledge.


Monday, October 19

Our Weekend

Saturday went fine – did a load of washing and just chilled out. I was too lazy to do some shopping.

I planned on cooking something special for dinner as it is Mcj’s birthday today, sort of an advanced celebration. But the night before, Mcj saw in the telly add that one of the home appliance stores has sale. He decided, we’ll get a plasma or lcd tv plus a home theatre system, so when Jens and I went food shopping in the morning, I just dropped the plan of buying the ingredients for my recipe as we will be going to the other shops when we get home and heaven knows when we could come back to cook dinner.

We ended up buying what Mcj wanted (Sony Bravia and heaps of speaker boxes and an amplifier) – good thing it will have to be paid after two years, we have time to save up and use the interest free period. (If only homes for rent are like that). We finished shopping around three and I was hungry as we didn’t have proper lunch. We dashed to KFC and decided to buy something for dinner as well.

Mcj installed the telly right away so we can watch the Australian MotoGP in the plasma. We enjoyed the next to perfect picture quality and pigged out on chicken at dinner.


Happy Today, Dad!

Birthday Glitter Graphics

Here’s to good life and good health. And more chocolates to eat (and hopefully we won’t need the best weight loss pills – to trim you down).

We’ll just be cutting cake tonight. No more elaborate celebration – too busy to do it. We’ll just make up for that on our coming holiday. He’s in good health despite the middle age spread and he got his gifts.


How I wish, I can buy appetite suppressant
for Mcj and make him take them too. He’s just so good with sweets. He’s experiencing pain (he calls it cramps) on his right chest. It could be anything for all I know. I can’t get him to see a doctor.

I blame the chocolates that he’s consuming everyday. It’s his comfort food so I can’t take it away from him.

Oh well, I can only nag.


Sunday, October 11

Holden, Yay!

... that dominated the podium this year's Bathurst 1000. From 1st to 4th place.

I'm a holden fan and so is Hubs. It's a nice feeling that Holden bags it all.

The winners and their car.
Garth Tander from the Toll Holden Racing Team has made it back to back pole positions to gain the fastest time in Saturday's Top Ten shootout with a 2:07.9463, he and team mate Will Davison will start from pole in tomorrow's Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Race.
2nd: TeamVodafone - Craig Lowndes
3rd: Mark Winterbottom - Ford Performance Racing
The atmosphere at Mt Panorama has reached fever pitch today with only one sleep to go before the Great Race.Strong crowds poured through the gates from early this morning and the campgrounds around the event are full house.
Event goers are eagerly anticipating this afternoon’s all-important V8 Supercar Top 10 shootout, after the final practice session was held this morning.
A highlight off-track today has been a meet and greet with Roary the Racing Car and Big Chris the mechanic, along with V8 Supercar champion Craig Lowndes who has a new role as Conrod in series two of the children’s TV cartoon. Hundreds of V8 Supercars youngest fans flocked to the paddock to meet their heroes.


Saturday, October 10

Thursday, October 1

4 Days Off

on December that is.

I was really adamant to ask for four days off from work as I just had 3-weeks off. I don't want to push my luck on that department. I was hesitant when I approach my boss – not bearing the leave form but I got a very positive response. I was ecstatic - feels like getting free web directory. Yay!

We’ve booked our accommodation around March this year. I am really hoping that it’s not crowded be it a holiday as people normally head to the coast instead of to the city during those days.