Thursday, October 29

Going Natural

How weird is it sometimes that we spend more time shopping for skin care products than any other things. Since Neutrogena phased-out the face moisturiser (something with about salicylic acid in it) that I was using about two years ago, I’ve changed brand at least 5 times. So far, I like the last three. My last one is the Garnier Pure Lasting Oil Control. I just discovered it accidentally when I went to the cosmetics shop. I was so surprised of its price, a little over 10 bucks only. I didn’t hesitate to buy one as it is 200% cheaper than what I was currently using. So I ditched the other one.

It is leaving my skin a matte effect but with a thickness feeling when you touched it. At least something different from the other brand which is good on phasing out blemishes but is very oily. Garnier is known for using natural products and I am leaning onto that type these days. I want to go for soap free and radical free substances. This moisturiser is my first try on going all naturals and I have just bought an all natural lotion.

I will just use up the products that I currently have and replace them with all naturals. I know, it will cost me but I want to try and see if it really makes a difference. I just could not rely on ads and reviews, as I have a completely different skin type from the others.