Thursday, October 1
on December that is.

I was really adamant to ask for four days off from work as I just had 3-weeks off. I don't want to push my luck on that department. I was hesitant when I approach my boss – not bearing the leave form but I got a very positive response. I was ecstatic - feels like getting free web directory. Yay!

We’ve booked our accommodation around March this year. I am really hoping that it’s not crowded be it a holiday as people normally head to the coast instead of to the city during those days.

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Posted by Princess of CJ at 8:46 pm |


At 8:04 pm, Anonymous Arlene said........
Hi sis!

How are you? I missed visiting your blogs but just caught up with so much stuff.

I hope all is well with you. :) Good luck to that 4 days vacation. May you have a blast!

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