Monday, October 19

Our Weekend

Saturday went fine – did a load of washing and just chilled out. I was too lazy to do some shopping.

I planned on cooking something special for dinner as it is Mcj’s birthday today, sort of an advanced celebration. But the night before, Mcj saw in the telly add that one of the home appliance stores has sale. He decided, we’ll get a plasma or lcd tv plus a home theatre system, so when Jens and I went food shopping in the morning, I just dropped the plan of buying the ingredients for my recipe as we will be going to the other shops when we get home and heaven knows when we could come back to cook dinner.

We ended up buying what Mcj wanted (Sony Bravia and heaps of speaker boxes and an amplifier) – good thing it will have to be paid after two years, we have time to save up and use the interest free period. (If only homes for rent are like that). We finished shopping around three and I was hungry as we didn’t have proper lunch. We dashed to KFC and decided to buy something for dinner as well.

Mcj installed the telly right away so we can watch the Australian MotoGP in the plasma. We enjoyed the next to perfect picture quality and pigged out on chicken at dinner.