Monday, April 23

Country or Cottage Look

I relish really looking at the home magazines these days. I am so into decorating the house or just putting knick knacks around. When I say something from old mags, I actually tear it up and compile it on my collections. I have always shown Mcj what I like and I was told that whatever I want is not available or it is very expensive. So true. It they are wish list, why choose the cheapos? I like something like this but one thing I am not into is the colour. I want something rich like red or gold. Maybe the Ethan Allen collections have better colours.

Sunday, April 22

On Holidays

I'm writing this post while sitting on the lounge on our resort accommodation. The telly in front of me is on, Town movie running with Mcj lying down watching it. The Tatapilla is on the master bedroom watching his show on another telly. On my right, over looking the veranda is the tide rising, beyond the pines. People are fishing and walking along the coastal walk way. I can hear voices from the pool, 2 level down. We just had our morning tea, croissant and custard tart with coffee and apple juice. We has been walking around, the Tatapilla had a swim/play/scootering around. We've picked up shells for our collections. We're planning to have a swim at the pool and we'll play tennis at 3PM. Work is very far from my mind right now including cpu cart or any technical stuff - though this morning, I have to call the company where I bought this prepaid wireless internet. All is good, happy and relax.

Advanced Mother's Day Present

It was an ordinary day. I got home from work at the usual time and while we were getting ready for dinner, I was told to go to the room - I first saw Mcj carrying a shopping bag while I was on my way out of the room. Then, I was presented of a Canon EOS 550D - advanced mother's day present and a replacement of the camera that was stolen in the car. Although, I have lots of questions, I was ecstatic that I can have a camera that can do a lot of things.
Headline features 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor DIGIC 4 processor with ISO 100-6400 (Expansion to 12800) Continuous shooting at 3.7fps Full HD movie recording with manual control and selectable frame rates 7.7cm (3.0”) 3:2 Clear View LCD with 1,040k dots iFCL metering System with 63-zone Dual-layer Metering Sensor Quick Control screen to change shooting settings Exposure compensation +/-5 stops (although viewfinder scale is still +/-2 stops) Select maximum value for Auto ISO External Microphone socket Movie crop function Eye-Fi connected functions compatibility EOS 550D vs EOS 500D Key differences Higher resolution 18MP CMOS with gapless micro lenses ISO 6400 no longer in 'expanded' range (12,800 max remains the same) Redesigned buttons and new movie/live view button Customizable auto ISO ranges Improved 63 zone metering (iFCL) 3:2 format screen with more pixels Improved movie functionality Slightly higher burst shooting rate (though buffer holds fewer shots) HDMI control (CEC) SDHX Compatible from
So yeah, no Visual Sound Guitars to expect this coming mother's day. Though I don't need anything really.

Biking Around

Our family schedule has been a bit lax lately that we have time to spend a lot of time outdoors. One of the most exciting activities is biking around. Living in the burbs where there are bike and foot path makes this really feasible and easy. Plus, there is a park nearby with BMX tracks. We also get to bike around the bike passing through the shops. Infact, if we are just needing a couple of items we can just ride to the shops instead of driving. Let's not forget, we are riding safely - with bell and helmets (I'm not sure if ours are scorpion helmets), but they keep and make us feel safe.

Tuesday, April 3

Holy Week

We are in the time of the year when we commemorate the death and the rising of Christ from the dead. Many of us have different ways on how to remember it - fasting, abstinence, penitence, and so on. I am sure however we do, we all have the same aim and feeling.

Apparently in Oz, we work until Thursday but we get the Monday off. It will just be a quite weekend for us. Church, festival of the sail, the Tatapilla's friend meetup and household chores and anything that we can squeeze in - that will definitely include shopping (with or without promo codes for Personal Creations).

Happy Easter everyone!

Family Movie Night

We just saw this movie last Saturday - the whole family has really enjoyed it. We are all ears and eyes on the tube. We didn't plan to see it but the program on telly didn't provide us a good alternative. I wonder why I waited this long to see it.

As a result, I spent two night searching and reading about the early 20th century English royalty - using up battery of my phone (wonder if mine is odyssey pc680, know nothing about power). I so admire Queen Elizabeth who Hitler described during that era as the most dangerous woman in Europe. A little trivia, right after King George VI died, there were 3 reigning queens.