Saturday, February 25


It was one late afternoon, I was watering the plants when the sky started to sprinkle. I hastily went inside and found my place in CJ’s side while he’s playing online-poker. A few minutes later the cloud in the south started to pour big raindrops, finishing the job that I left. I look outside.. the raindrops pelt on the window… I felt a tug in my heart watching the rain chasing one after the other in the space.

What’s with rain that it makes me feel sad? Sadness of undefinable level. It can’t be loneliness, it can’t be longing. It’s a feeling that grip my heart inside. A feeling that creates a hole or a hollow space in my chest. A feeling that makes you take a deep long breath and give a sigh. Rain… of the things that makes me hummmmm. (sigh)

It came to my memory the on-going commercial of Nescafe when I left the Philippines.. there were three girls frolicking under the rain. It seems so inviting to do the same thing. I miss being a child player under the rain, to feel the drops on my face.. to my skin. I guess I miss my childhood. (I can’t play under the rain now as I am afraid of getting sick… the last time I did, I caught a cold). I miss making paper boats and dropping then from the window to the flowing water in the canal beside our house. It was a boat racing contest between us siblings and with our father sometimes. Tatay taught us how to make paper boats.

Rain reminds me of so many things.. my childhood, my family, turmoils that I’ve encountered, some down moments, the war in the world, the poverty, the strife and pains that some people are experiencing.

Metaphorically, rain could be a reminder that our life is not only about sunshine, about happiness, about ups. There could be times that we’re down. However bright the sun shines, however long the sunny days, rainy days will always come.

Life is about ups and downs. There is always equilibrium. At some, life is being unfair but when you look back, the extreme low is just the counterparty of the extreme high or either way that happened in the past… sometimes beyond memories. On this note, perhaps rain is God’s way of telling us to be humble and to stay our feet to the ground.

Rain could have a lot more different meaning to everybody. But one thing is for sure… it has its purpose here on earth, just like every other things that God had created.

Sunday, February 19

Our week has been.....

I'm back! Where was I been? In my own world, I think. Hehehe! These past days, I was not in the mood to write anything until yesterday. I want to write yeah, and ideas were flowing to my mind sometimes but I can't find the writer [in my own sense =D] in me. Pretty odd, hey! I think, I was in my lunatic mood. Speaking of which, fullmoon was just this week and I attribute my mood to it. Hahaha! (looking for something to pass the ball). And partly to PMS. I am always having a hormonal imbalance when I am expecting my good friend. Gals outthere that have PMS know how it feels like. Somestimes, it's just too hard to handle. So what transpired to us this week? Nothing much! We're still the same couple who are both passionate on anything.

Valentine's Day passed, which was a big event for some. For us, it's one of the days of our lives and it's special just like everyday.

I have done a very long walk here in Australia. One afternoon, I asked CJ if I could walk down to the shops. He permitted me but I should take the mobile phone in case. He said, Australia maybe relatively safe but not perfectly. I think, the distance is almost 3km from the house. Can you imagine how far is it? It took me three quarters of an hour to walk down there and I was alone. It is 1km from the house to the mainroad and I just walked through the road. Then, there is bike path in the mainroad so I just followed it. You won't be scared though because there were lots of vehicles passing by and there are houses along the way. But ohhh boy, it was very tiring and hot. Hehehe! Can you imagine how tired I was after walking that far and then have to walk through all the shops? I decided, I won't walk my way back. I would be a limp veggies when I get home, if I did. So, I just called My CJ to pick me up. But then, I think... I will do it again. :D

Our good Kiwi friend J visited us yesterday. She came back from a holiday in her motherland, NZ. That was the first time that we've met though but we've talked many times through yahoo and phone. She brought us some presents. Pardon me for being a child and a show-off, but I would post the photo once I've downloaded it. =) I just appreciate presents and any mementos.

Christchurch picture frame, marine opal key chain and bracelet

One rainy and very early (just after mid-night) morning, it was full-moon, CJ and I hurried out of the house because he saw torch light flicker through the bay window in our room twice. It could be some bulglars. I was a bit scared while we walk through the dark as I am imagining things. What if the bulglar have a gun and will shoot us. What if it is boogeyman and he will just pull me to the dark corner and CJ wont notice it? Weird imagination, hey! Hehehe! [Walking in the dark in half of the 5 acres (ish) place is not a joke --- where there are trees around and smaller buildings]. So, I told CJ to let me walk first so he'll see what will happen to me. =D (I still did everynight from then on). We checked every possible corner that the bulglar will hide. When we were infront of the office, there was a noise as if somebody jumped on a piece of wood or metal. I was really scared. And then there was Lucky (our pet cat) meowing. =D We were like detectives that silently walk and keep our eye on everything in the dark and CJ was pointing the torch to every corner in a way as if to surprise somebody. Well, we found out that the gate wasn't locked nor closed, and we didn't saw any bulglar. It was a scary experience though.

Hey guys, have you seen the morning star in the east? CJ reckoned it was too big to be Venus. Yeah, it was big and bright. I've seen it this morning past 4AM.

Anything more? Maybe, later... the keyboard in this computer is giving me backpains. =)

Saturday, February 18

Leyte Tragedy

Photo ripped from Inquirer

We are really deeply saddened by the tragedy in Southern Leyte.

In a time like this... our prayers mean a lot to those that are affected. Let's pray for them. We may not be able to be there to personally or financially help them or comfort the survivors, our prayers will do wonders.

Saturday, February 11

On cola

Last night, we watched the review on cola while My CJ was flipping through the channels - at the same time watching the movie, Cool Runnings (very cool and funny movie). Coca-cola and Pepsi had introduced new products which are Coke Zero and Pepsi Max respectively. Both dont have sugar in them. And according to the show, just for one year, Coca-cola sold billions of the new product. A nutritionist mentioned that those colas contain substance that can cause ailments to human body and I am sure everybody know that. One that I know of is Espartame. It was shown also that coke zero can melt a chicken bone soaked in it for overnight.

But why do we still drink cola though we know that it has an advert effects in our body? It isn't a thirst-quencher even. It makes you more thirsty but then sometimes when we are too thirsty we grab the cola in the fridge instead of water. I think it is just psychologically a thirst quencher. =)

Oh well, we know that it contains caffeine.. and this caffeine is addictive.. the same substance found in coffee that makes coffee-lover crave for it.

Ahhh... cola goes well with fatty foods. It seems like taking-away the taste of the fats from your mouth. And.. it blends well with junkfoods.

Mind you, CJ and I can almost empty a 2.5 liter of cola in one night while watching a movie or any TV program (but I dont like diet cola --- much more the zero sugar... and just drink one if necessary). It goes really well with Doritos or any corn chips, scorched almonds or sultanas, chocolate bikies or just with salted cashew nuts.

But I don't like Coke or Pepsi. CJ introduce to me an Australian brand cola which I really like. Coke to me now is bitter and contains more acid. Maybe, what I just like in cola is the sweetness... but I dont have a sweet tooth. And cola is really not doing good to me. It makes me pee more often than usual and gives me lower back pains.... but this cola that I like.. doesn't. Hummm, sounds controversial. Hehehe!

Friday, February 10

My Friends

Going for a ride

I just love to go for a ride to anywhere here. The air is not polluted, thus you can leave the car window open. Lovely sceneries along the road satisfy your eyes. You can see lots of trees, flowering plants, nice spots and houses made of different materials. You'll never get bored or annoyed with traffic as you'll encounter seldom of them. Some places are hilly so it's a nice ride going up and down. Beautiful views await you on your way down over looking to the villages and acreage. There are lots of round-abouts that sometimes make you feel dizzy. (I reckon, it would take ages for me to drive and master the road here, if ever.) They have a clever way of designing roads to minimize traffic if there is. Very helpful road signs are everywhere, I may say there are complete road signs.

I am always looking forward for My CJ to ask me if I want a ride going somewhere.

The day before yesterday, next door neighbor's son P called us up around 6:30PM. Their car (he's with friends) needed a tow. And so my helpful hubby obligingly prepared the 4WD with towing rope, printed caution sign and off we went to the location (though we were about to go to the shop that same time - we just kill two birds in one stone). Of course, I was tagging along. They were in a place new to me so, I really enjoyed the ride though it was already dark.

Yesterday, I also went with CJ on his delivery. It was a bit long ride and the sun was so up and shiny, but still I left the car window open. I've seen lovely scenes again that warm my eyes. CJ was almost driving the car on speed limit, so, I can hear the wind humming in my ears. And ohhh... it's a bouncy ride going down the hilly road. Everything that we passed-by were always new to me because I can't remember which way we took to and fro. Hehehe.

Even the drive going to the shops thrilled me though its just 5 minutes from our place. I am just easy to please.

But the downside of it all is.... I am not a good passenger. I always forgot to wear my seat belt. Yesterday, we were already half-way back when I remembered that I haven't buckled-up. Maybe, I wont forget it if, a cop will call our attention one day. Hehehe!

Saturday, February 4

Tagging myself also

Something is wrong with my blogspot that I can't open it since this morning. And so I checked on others blogs to see if I can open them and spot this tag on Leah's blog. And here I am tagging myself also.

4 jobs i've had in my life

  1. summer job in isabela municipal hall way back in college
  2. accounting clerk for 3 months in one of the domestic shipping company in manila
  3. systems specialist in another domestic shipping company in manila
  4. wife at 28

4 movies i could watch over and over again

  1. forever young (CJ's favorite)
  2. the notebook
  3. the climb
  4. the chamber

4 places i've lived

  1. isabela - until highschool
  2. binalbagan - college life
  3. bacolod city - during review and job hunting
  4. manila - until i got married

4 tv shows i love to watch

  1. prison break
  2. commander in chief
  3. any news program
  4. at home ka dito

4 places i've been for vacation

  1. baguio
  2. bohol - side trip when we had a business trip in cebu
  3. boracay - honeymoon
  4. australia - visiting my husband now

4 websites i visit daily

  1. yahoo for cheking emails
  2. blogspot - having fun bloghopping
  3. friendster!
  4. inquirer

4 of my favorite foods

  1. dinuguan of goldilocks
  2. kadyos of ilonggo grill
  3. spaghetti of jollibee
  4. chicken feet

4 places i'd rather be right now --- anywhere in the world with My CJ.

I tag anybody who's reading this right now. =)

Wednesday, February 1

True Love

I had finished reading a good book last night, Distant Shore, which I started last Monday. The story was really too beautiful to put the book down. I had planned of reading it for the whole week at night while Pong is watching cricket or a movie that I dont like. The story is really very moving. Its about a talented woman, got married to an athlete... an almost perfect wife, raised two lovely daughters and at forty-five feels empty inside and unhappy.
I was too carried-away, that I was crying on the last part of the story, where the couple had decided to live separately and cant break the news to their daughters. It was the idea of the woman though. But their kids are too smart to notice it, and when they finally brought the subject... the emotions that flowed in the story is too strong not to affect the readers. The thought of separation was too painful that I really cried hard.. especially imagining the situation of the father, who's relationship with the kids are almost on the verge of breakdown - still loves his wife but dont know where to start all over again, the side of the mother, who for once have not thought the emotion of the kids about the separation - the emptiness she feels inside - the talent that she again had revived in her --- paintaing - and seeing her kids hurt by their decision, and the side of the children, who're really hurt of the situation - can you imagine how would it feel when your parents separated and all the while you thought you had a perfect family to depend on? Even me, can't imagine myself in the situation of the children. I can't bear it. But the story had a lovely ending. All the characters had their joyous part. Like the fairy tales, "they live happily ever after"... after the tides and waves that blow them away from the shore.
I read the summary of the book to Pong last Sunday and he said, its a melodramatic story. And last night, when I told him about the story over dinner, he said, they didn't fall out of love... but fall out of lust. He said, true love lasts forever. Yeah, I know that!
I just wonder why some madly in-love couples separated. In the story, I've learned the side of the father, he had take his wife for granted because she has always been there, in his triumph, defeat... in everything that he does. He thought, she wouldn't get tired of supporting him, ohh yeah, the wife didn't get tired. She just simply feels empty because she leave her real self. She forgot what she wants in life... she just follow what her husband wants. She always supported her husband's victory that she forgot how to be the winner by her own achievements.
I am not married for a long time... I have just realized some things at this early stage of our married life. Yeah, the couple should act as one flesh.. and one in everything. But either one of you should not forget who you are as a person. Each of you has your own identity. Each one of you should also look after the things that makes you happy as individual. Maybe, that's what they call giving space to your partner where they can also act and excel in their chosen field. Ohhh well, I am too young to be saying this or so I thought.. Hehehe!