Saturday, February 4

Tagging myself also

Something is wrong with my blogspot that I can't open it since this morning. And so I checked on others blogs to see if I can open them and spot this tag on Leah's blog. And here I am tagging myself also.

4 jobs i've had in my life

  1. summer job in isabela municipal hall way back in college
  2. accounting clerk for 3 months in one of the domestic shipping company in manila
  3. systems specialist in another domestic shipping company in manila
  4. wife at 28

4 movies i could watch over and over again

  1. forever young (CJ's favorite)
  2. the notebook
  3. the climb
  4. the chamber

4 places i've lived

  1. isabela - until highschool
  2. binalbagan - college life
  3. bacolod city - during review and job hunting
  4. manila - until i got married

4 tv shows i love to watch

  1. prison break
  2. commander in chief
  3. any news program
  4. at home ka dito

4 places i've been for vacation

  1. baguio
  2. bohol - side trip when we had a business trip in cebu
  3. boracay - honeymoon
  4. australia - visiting my husband now

4 websites i visit daily

  1. yahoo for cheking emails
  2. blogspot - having fun bloghopping
  3. friendster!
  4. inquirer

4 of my favorite foods

  1. dinuguan of goldilocks
  2. kadyos of ilonggo grill
  3. spaghetti of jollibee
  4. chicken feet

4 places i'd rather be right now --- anywhere in the world with My CJ.

I tag anybody who's reading this right now. =)