Saturday, February 11

On cola

Last night, we watched the review on cola while My CJ was flipping through the channels - at the same time watching the movie, Cool Runnings (very cool and funny movie). Coca-cola and Pepsi had introduced new products which are Coke Zero and Pepsi Max respectively. Both dont have sugar in them. And according to the show, just for one year, Coca-cola sold billions of the new product. A nutritionist mentioned that those colas contain substance that can cause ailments to human body and I am sure everybody know that. One that I know of is Espartame. It was shown also that coke zero can melt a chicken bone soaked in it for overnight.

But why do we still drink cola though we know that it has an advert effects in our body? It isn't a thirst-quencher even. It makes you more thirsty but then sometimes when we are too thirsty we grab the cola in the fridge instead of water. I think it is just psychologically a thirst quencher. =)

Oh well, we know that it contains caffeine.. and this caffeine is addictive.. the same substance found in coffee that makes coffee-lover crave for it.

Ahhh... cola goes well with fatty foods. It seems like taking-away the taste of the fats from your mouth. And.. it blends well with junkfoods.

Mind you, CJ and I can almost empty a 2.5 liter of cola in one night while watching a movie or any TV program (but I dont like diet cola --- much more the zero sugar... and just drink one if necessary). It goes really well with Doritos or any corn chips, scorched almonds or sultanas, chocolate bikies or just with salted cashew nuts.

But I don't like Coke or Pepsi. CJ introduce to me an Australian brand cola which I really like. Coke to me now is bitter and contains more acid. Maybe, what I just like in cola is the sweetness... but I dont have a sweet tooth. And cola is really not doing good to me. It makes me pee more often than usual and gives me lower back pains.... but this cola that I like.. doesn't. Hummm, sounds controversial. Hehehe!