Wednesday, February 1
I had finished reading a good book last night, Distant Shore, which I started last Monday. The story was really too beautiful to put the book down. I had planned of reading it for the whole week at night while Pong is watching cricket or a movie that I dont like. The story is really very moving. Its about a talented woman, got married to an athlete... an almost perfect wife, raised two lovely daughters and at forty-five feels empty inside and unhappy.
I was too carried-away, that I was crying on the last part of the story, where the couple had decided to live separately and cant break the news to their daughters. It was the idea of the woman though. But their kids are too smart to notice it, and when they finally brought the subject... the emotions that flowed in the story is too strong not to affect the readers. The thought of separation was too painful that I really cried hard.. especially imagining the situation of the father, who's relationship with the kids are almost on the verge of breakdown - still loves his wife but dont know where to start all over again, the side of the mother, who for once have not thought the emotion of the kids about the separation - the emptiness she feels inside - the talent that she again had revived in her --- paintaing - and seeing her kids hurt by their decision, and the side of the children, who're really hurt of the situation - can you imagine how would it feel when your parents separated and all the while you thought you had a perfect family to depend on? Even me, can't imagine myself in the situation of the children. I can't bear it. But the story had a lovely ending. All the characters had their joyous part. Like the fairy tales, "they live happily ever after"... after the tides and waves that blow them away from the shore.
I read the summary of the book to Pong last Sunday and he said, its a melodramatic story. And last night, when I told him about the story over dinner, he said, they didn't fall out of love... but fall out of lust. He said, true love lasts forever. Yeah, I know that!
I just wonder why some madly in-love couples separated. In the story, I've learned the side of the father, he had take his wife for granted because she has always been there, in his triumph, defeat... in everything that he does. He thought, she wouldn't get tired of supporting him, ohh yeah, the wife didn't get tired. She just simply feels empty because she leave her real self. She forgot what she wants in life... she just follow what her husband wants. She always supported her husband's victory that she forgot how to be the winner by her own achievements.
I am not married for a long time... I have just realized some things at this early stage of our married life. Yeah, the couple should act as one flesh.. and one in everything. But either one of you should not forget who you are as a person. Each of you has your own identity. Each one of you should also look after the things that makes you happy as individual. Maybe, that's what they call giving space to your partner where they can also act and excel in their chosen field. Ohhh well, I am too young to be saying this or so I thought.. Hehehe!
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