Tuesday, July 19

Princess of the Rings =)

The rings were custom-made by Ring Leaders, Australia.

Some thought these rings are puzzle ring but they aren't. They are three fitted rings, which now fit my third finger right hand. Actually, they didn't fit my third finger the moment Chris, My Husband, then fiancee inserted the rings to my finger. Why? Because when he asked me what was the size of my third finger right hand, what I measured was my middle finger (2nd finger). Hehehe. I didn't knew then that, the thumb is not a finger. Good thing, my third finger got bigger and bigger and now, the rings fit.

What are these rings? These are the symbol of My Husband's Love, Devotion, Commitment and Loyalty to me. The rings are personally designed by Chris and especially for me. The rings are One Engagement Ring (center) and two Eternity Rings (both sides). Well, you know when is an Engagement Ring being given? That is, when you're engaged. Hihihi! While Eternity Ring.... I thought before, eternity rings are just rings with stones all over, that's why it is called eternity. I didn't knew then, when the Eternity Ring is given to the wife.

Well, in Australian tradition, Eternity Ring is given either during the First Wedding Anniversary or during the birth of the first born child. But why are the Eternity Rings given to me by Chris even during our Engagement? Because, since the rings are in one set and were practically designed to look like one, thus they were given to me at once. Another reason is, Chris might loose them over time. =)

What is the meaning of the design of the Rings? Since they were designed by Chris, expect it to be romantic and old fashion. Hehehe, You haven't asked but He is very old fashion, conventional, GOD centered and very romantic.

The Engagement Ring has two princess cut diamonds which signify the YANG and YIN, Chris and I.

The two Eternity Rings have five diamonds in both of them. They signify the ten commandments. Since, the Eternity Rings are in both sides of the Engagement Rings, which are US, further, it means that WE AND OUR RELATIONSHIP ARE GUIDED BY THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.

See the ingenuity of My Husband? I would never have thought that kind of design. Just proves that He is more creative than Me. =)

Friday, July 1

Its month-end

My Hubby and I have just a short chat. Chris was busy and tired for the deliveries as Gary (Hi Bro) is very sick. So, off I went to Rob Place and look for pants. Found one in Folded and Hung. The fit is just right for me. I think, it will be my favorite store when it comes to pants.