Tuesday, October 27

The Brothers Gibb

I didn't know what Beegees mean until we have visited Thee Beegees Way at Redcliffe, the hometown of the band.  Mcj told me that it is short for The Brothers Gibbs, as Aussies are known for shortening or giving things nickname.  But really, it was not an Aussie who gave Beegees their name.  It was Bill Gates and he was also responsible for launching their career.  How sweet is that?

Going to the Beegees way will give you an insight of their history.  They were really sweet brothers who dearly love one another and their parents.  Just like new aspiring artists, they've been through a lot.  I have not read if they resorted to guitar maintenance as young upstart but they might have.  I'll have to read more on their history to find that out.

Saturday, October 24

Things I am Thankful

Mcj's birthday.  

Busy at work.  Working at home now on a Saturday night.  

Leaving a bit late to go to work.

Time to make breakfast on weekdays.

Time to do yoga on a weekday morning.

Abundance of Filipino Christmas Songs in youtube.  I'm listening now and it just makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Time to read lots of books, again.

Half Packed

It's not long now.  Mcj is doing a countdown every Monday, it seems.  Four weeks to go.  I can't say that I am ready.  I have packed one full suitcase and stuff for the two other suitecases are lying about.  I still have many things to attend to, some last minute shopping for presents, hotels to book, extra domestic airline baggage - they only have 15 kilos free baggage.

I only have weekends to get ready but I am taking the day before we leave off from work.  Hopefully, that is enough for me to sort last minute stuff like schoolwork that the Tatapilla's teacher is giving him while he is away.

But whether our baggage and other stuff are ready or not, I am so ready for a break from work.  It has a very busy few months.  

Sunday, October 11

Updates, updates, updates

We've been working in our garden, mostly on ornamental plants though.  We don't have a full-blown garden yet, still in the works but maybe we'll get it built or made when we come back from our coming trip.  We have repotted some plants and fertilise them.

I did some packing for our upcoming trip.  It's been going on for quite a while now but today, was quite serious.  The stuff are in their final suite case.  No shifting anymore.  I have a month left to prepare.

Been working at the office for most of last week and I think it'll be the case until the carpet will be replaced.  

The Tatapilla has been good at school.  He needs to focus as he will be missing a lot when we go overseas. 

Tuesday, October 6

Working from home

Most of last week and today, I have been working from home.  it's not an ideal scenario when there are customer items to address or when i have to connect to shared databases or files.  but over all, it has been okay.  connection is good albeit slow at times.  

so what happened?  well, due to the hail storm last weekend, our 2nd floor office got flooded.  we can blame it to poor design of the building, poor drainage, un-usual hail storm, etc.  but at least, fixing the office is underway.  it might need recarpeting and replacement of some of the desks not to mention some of the machines.  

the good news is, we will all be going to work tomorrow. 

I won

yeah! we're talking of monetary value here.  I'm not a gambler but for fun I joined our footy tipping competition at work.  You know, the one where you pick the team that will win every week.  hopefully before the game for the week starts. 

It has been a tight competition for all of us.  there have been different leaders at some stage.  different winner for the half-way mark, different winner for the state of origin, different winner for the finals and of course different winner for the over-all comp.  and that's ME!

even if my favourite team missed out on winner, I still got the money.  but really, i am hoping for Broncos to win.  never mind me.  i was heart broken, to say the least.  i think, i have been on denial.  i have nothing against the Cowboys, infact... I want them to win but as an avid supporter, you just can't take it away from me.