Tuesday, October 6

I won

yeah! we're talking of monetary value here.  I'm not a gambler but for fun I joined our footy tipping competition at work.  You know, the one where you pick the team that will win every week.  hopefully before the game for the week starts. 

It has been a tight competition for all of us.  there have been different leaders at some stage.  different winner for the half-way mark, different winner for the state of origin, different winner for the finals and of course different winner for the over-all comp.  and that's ME!

even if my favourite team missed out on winner, I still got the money.  but really, i am hoping for Broncos to win.  never mind me.  i was heart broken, to say the least.  i think, i have been on denial.  i have nothing against the Cowboys, infact... I want them to win but as an avid supporter, you just can't take it away from me. 




Unknown said...

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