Sunday, August 28


I saw this video today for the first time looking for something to listen to while blogging. This version is so pleasing in the ears - no screaming like car wheels screeching. Just easy listening. Just a lovely Sunday afternoon, relaxing after biking around the house.

It's nice to wish also - just anything that the heart desire. I wish that everyone's wish will be granted.

Beefing Up

My desire to beef-up could be in progress. I noticed this week that I have been eating every hour which is unusual as normally, I feel hungry but I don't feel like eating. These days, I don't even allow myself to feel hungry. I just eat and eat and eat. The question of what suppresses appetite is far from my mind these days. I am more concerned on what to eat next or planning/thinking what will taste good to concoct. Thankfully, I am more into healthy and natural food not those coming from packets or containers.

Closing Down Sale

The babies galore in our area is closing down as they are moving to a new location and at the same time joining another brand umbrella. It was fortunate last weekend that I went to spotlight to buy futon covers (which I was told most people now use quilt covers for them). I parked a long way from spotlight and have to passed the babies galore store. Of course, I can't just walk past it when I saw the 70% sale sign. Of the Tatapilla and I went. We went out carrying a shopping bag full of the Tatapilla's winter clothes for next year - all for just a whooping 60 bucks. No halloween props though. I could have bought more but I was curbing my impulsive buys.


Sunday, August 7

Working from Home

on a weekend. This doesn't happen often so I am not complaining.

Our customer has data problem and fixes have to be done on their database outside of the office hours. I can do it on Monday night but really, what is the difference between Sunday and Monday. It's actually preferable today as I had time to relax before hand rather than the Monday madness.

The work involves running processes and workflows that take about 30 mins or so. That gives me time to surf and blog about jewelry fashion trends for moms.