Monday, January 31

Left Overs

On weekends, I am inundated with left over food. It's a big dilemna (as if it's rocket science or those IT Jobs people are facing) for me because first, I am not keen on eating left overs myself so how can I feed my family with them if I won't eat them? Unless, the food is a Pinoy food.

Yesterday, we had stew/gumbo with the mish-mash of all the dishes we had for the week. It was all gone - I mean, we ate them all up. I think, no choice is good as we are forced to eat anyway. :)

So today, I had some more left over for lunch - calamari and fried rice with eggs.


On Cars

The car dealership around the corner from the house had a display of lemon green car. It was a sports car, not sure if it was an audi or something else. We were driving past and I was really tempted to stop to just check it out. It stands our from the rest because of it's colour. I told the Tatapilla that if we have money to disposed on a car, I'll buy something in the same colour, maybe a Porsche 911 Carrera - not that I am into racing or any racing for that matter.

Or something like this? I thought, the grass makes it funny.

Well, I can keep on dreaming about cars that I really like. I might try bentley? Oh, for sure it'll be a 4B for touring Australia - a jeep wrangler maybe?

But for now, I'm happy with my car.. it's going smoothly and hasn't played up on me yet.

Iphone Fun

For almost a month now, I haven't updated my iphone apps nor have I downloaded any new. I haven't actually logged into to my phone. I was just being lazy. But seeing this particular iphone app piqued my interest. I might go back to my iphone fun activities again like shopping, which comes to mind that with the proliferating and growing iphone shopping apps, it's really good for the buyers as good deals are available.. on some there are free shipping on products and it's a big bonus if the app is very fast and reliable.

I'll be iphone reborn for me.


It's Back to School, let's talk about ink

My knowledge on ink is pretty limited. We use printer in my work but I'm not the purchaser although in my previous job I was a bit involve in buying the office supplies, the options really are limited as to the printer that we were using then.

But I am not without the thought that buying ink just like any other office and school supplies are quite tedious and at times cumbersom as there are many choices of ink cartridges. Throw in the colour factor.

But it seems, those little and most important factors in buying printer cartridges have been addressed by Being an online shop, it is surprising that they also cater to corporate clients not just individuals. We all know that corporate clients get discounts in most if not all businesses. Based on the testimonials of the past customers, the customer service is also excellent plus they are said to be providing value for money for printer ink cartridges.


Wednesday, January 26

Australia Day 2011

We've just been to the beach - our family tradition during this day in a year. We met the family of the Tatapilla's friend in daycare for the first time and it was a blast.
We've avoided going to crowded beaches before but this time, because of our new friends.. we camped in the crowded but fun area.
As clothes, it was no worries about my father and son and we came armed with their togs and hats. It was another story with our friend though. They forgot their son's togs and have to swim in his shirts (with lots of sunscreen). There were many shops open but it seems none for men's clothing.
The day is not over yet but we already had a ball. The perks of living close to the beach.

Friday, January 14

Lighter Note

I've been listening to '80s music while working this afternoon. I most definitely prefer them that the latest compositions. The lyrics are more meaningful and straight to the heart - may they be love songs or just for moral lessons.

It started with Peabo Bryson in Beauty and the Beast..and moved on to David Pomeranz, Stephen Bishop, etc...

What's with 80's music anyway. They stay in ones system.

And so this is my favourite music when I was in college. The best, always makes me sad and happy. Researching for best weight loss supplement has been put on hold.. because of this.

It made me realise too that there are really good movies in the 80's that I haven't seen yet like Zapped, Tootsie... and more that I haven't found out yet.

Hectic? Sorta..

I've been working from home since Wednesday after being sent home early last Tuesday. That is, I left work early around noon but got home at 5:30 after two train rides and a bus ride. I ended up a station before the usual and have to wait for Mcj for more than an hour to pick me up. Our driveway was flooded and because of the little bridges, he doesn't want to risk crossing them as they might have been damaged by the floods.

So much on my end... though, I dont' really want to internalise the current situation of the people in Brisbane that are flooded. The massive clean-up that they have to go through, losing their posession and especially those that lost their loved ones.. those who witnessed it. It always breaks my heart. I stopped watching the news. Financial help is always welcome, government aids, proceeds from motorcycle insurance or any vehicle insurance, house insurance.. they relieve the hardships but the emotional trauma that those victims have endured, is so insurmountable that no words can pacify them.

For some, it's back to normal.. for some just go back to living and try to be normal. But all of these will pass and will be a distant memory just like other calamities.

Wednesday, January 12

Brisbane in Flood Disaster

Brisbane is declared a disaster area due to floods in areas around the Brisbane river. The rain has let us from late yesterday to today. There's a bit of blue sky today and the sun is out but it's no relief as the water has already been in the water systems and just waiting to go down to the rivers and creeks.

People in Ipswich and Brisbane CBD are preparing for the water to peak up later today and tomorrow. I'm sure safe fat burner is the very least of their worries.

King tide is also expected around today and tomorrow. That will exacerbate the water level and will cause more flooding around the city.

I'm just hoping that this soon will be over and the damage will be least than expected.


Sunday, January 9

Car Talk

Prior to 2011, the CD Player in my car wasn't working. It just stop all of a sudden with an MJ CD stuck in it. In the new year, I decided to give my car (I should give her a name) some much-needed TLC inside and out, which didn't really take us long to do. When we used our car right after cleaning, MJ's song wafted in the air. I just thought, it was from the radio. We noticed then that the player is working. It's a wonder what a few wipes, dusting and water can do to a car - without visiting auto repair shops.

I failed to report the major damage that my car had endured last year. It happened when the passenger door at the back of the driver was open and my BIL drove past it without checking his mirror. It is bent badly that if one opens it, for somebody like me, I won't be close it. I happen to dodge opening it for quite sometime and when I un-intentionally did, I was at the shops I had to call for rescue. It still hasn't been fixed - even the shops are not as far as that of Chicago auto repair, I just can't do without a car - as if I am so used to having one...LOL.

Today, Mcj tried to fix the wiperblades and something broke. It's sunday, shops are closed so there, I won't be able to use it as it has been raining all day. My car is not Toyota Camry, it's Holden so parts are available locally - no worries about that.


Medical Supplies

I have always admired people with career that gives them distinct uniform. Gears that identify them from the rest of the pack. Now, the top most that comes to mind is medical uniforms, then there's the people in service, etc.

As to uniforms, there are many stores that one can buy them from online or offline. Most people utilises the web prominently, because of ease. Plus discount discount medical scrubs and discount nursing scrubs are ripe for the picking.

There's also the quality to consider and other hidden charges when buying online. It is sometimes better to do your research before committing something.


This 2011

...we're praying, hoping, wishing that it'll be better than the previous. Despite the natural calamities that hit (and still going on) QLD, we still expect something good if not better to come. One can only hope.

I have made some mental list that I'd like to change or do. I'll just keep them in my thoughts, though sometimes, I forgot them and I jumbled their order of importance.

I want to accomplish many things this year. I haven't made a list but I'll work on it. Small projects is also in the forefront of my mind like decorating the house and maybe consider buying some UTV Accessories.

Days fly by so quick and we are now on the 2 week of the year. Happy 2011.