Sunday, January 9

Car Talk

Prior to 2011, the CD Player in my car wasn't working. It just stop all of a sudden with an MJ CD stuck in it. In the new year, I decided to give my car (I should give her a name) some much-needed TLC inside and out, which didn't really take us long to do. When we used our car right after cleaning, MJ's song wafted in the air. I just thought, it was from the radio. We noticed then that the player is working. It's a wonder what a few wipes, dusting and water can do to a car - without visiting auto repair shops.

I failed to report the major damage that my car had endured last year. It happened when the passenger door at the back of the driver was open and my BIL drove past it without checking his mirror. It is bent badly that if one opens it, for somebody like me, I won't be close it. I happen to dodge opening it for quite sometime and when I un-intentionally did, I was at the shops I had to call for rescue. It still hasn't been fixed - even the shops are not as far as that of Chicago auto repair, I just can't do without a car - as if I am so used to having one...LOL.

Today, Mcj tried to fix the wiperblades and something broke. It's sunday, shops are closed so there, I won't be able to use it as it has been raining all day. My car is not Toyota Camry, it's Holden so parts are available locally - no worries about that.