Monday, January 31
My knowledge on ink is pretty limited. We use printer in my work but I'm not the purchaser although in my previous job I was a bit involve in buying the office supplies, the options really are limited as to the printer that we were using then.

But I am not without the thought that buying ink just like any other office and school supplies are quite tedious and at times cumbersom as there are many choices of ink cartridges. Throw in the colour factor.

But it seems, those little and most important factors in buying printer cartridges have been addressed by Being an online shop, it is surprising that they also cater to corporate clients not just individuals. We all know that corporate clients get discounts in most if not all businesses. Based on the testimonials of the past customers, the customer service is also excellent plus they are said to be providing value for money for printer ink cartridges.

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At 7:28 pm, Anonymous Promotional Pens said........
Finding good quality ink cartridges at a reasonable price is important. And having a good selection is important. Thanks for the link... we'll check them out.

At 3:15 am, Anonymous toner cartridge said........
Another great place to snag cheap compatible toner cartridges is

thanks for sharing :)

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