Monday, July 20

P Plater

Yes, I am now!

I took the exam this morning and I passed with flying colours. Well, I call it flying colours as I only have 2 minor mistakes - steering control and not turning off the indicator. My instructor said they were not really big M.

My effort (almost 10 months of practise) and money (I always have a driving lesson with paid instructor) have paid off. I'm thankful to my instructor for sticking around, to Mcj and Jens for being so patient and all.

Pardon me, but I am proud of myself today. Wahahaha!

Anyway, have to get back to work and do the pressure washers opp. I only have the morning off from work but at least, I'm working from home.

Friday, July 17

Life for the P's

We easily fall into our usual routine or non-routine after we got back from the Philippines. I went back to work as well as Mcj and Jens goes to day care everyday.

I do the laundry and cleaning and a bit of cooking on the weekends. Plus I’m back on the wheel. With the practise gap I had – more or less two months, my driving skill had dropped to a very low level. I’ve been working for it to come back and my instructor booked my practical exams on the 20th of this month. Hope I’ll make it.

All is back to normal except, I’m now addicted to the Filipino movies of Sarah G and John Lloyd C. I’ve seen the AVSL movie at least 10 times for the last 3 weeks. I don’t get online often so I’ve just seen the movie You Changed My Life twice so far. I’ve seen almost any video there is online. I know I’m late but when you’re living down south, being late to anything is normal maybe except for fat burning thingies. I liked Sarah even before so I’m not surprised of myself.

It was The Tatapilla’s birthday yesterday. I almost forgot about it. Maybe because we had the party in the Philippines. We push the boat out for him last Sunday by seeing the movie Ice Age 3. It was nice, highly recommended. Jens’ first and he age the popcorn before we got in the cinema and went to sleep before the movie started. We had birthday cake last night and as it was his day, he didn’t eat his dinner but just cake.

Winter is well underway. Sometimes it is really cold but I’m getting used to it. I still have to see snow which happens once in 20 years here in Queensland. Have to aim on going somewhere that snows next winter maybe.

Wednesday, July 8

Updates on The Lil Boy

The Tatapilla is now a bit better although we still give him puffer and his medicine. Although, the virus is not something that should really be classified as deadly (for me), who would want their child to get sick.

But we can’t wrap our kid in a cotton wool anyway. We can’t screen their air intakes. We just need to observe precautions as much as we can like washing hands properly and frequently. But isn’t it true that we need bacteria and virus in our body to boost our immune system? So how much is too much?

Jens is an outdoor kid and he “loves” for the lack of a better word, playing in the mud, stumping in the puddles, picking up stones, and any activities that will get him grubby. I don’t want to deny him the fun of doing those activities as much as I don’t want him to pick-up any unwanted organisms. It’s just catch 22.

Let’s just do the best that we can to take care of our kids and let nature do the rest.