Wednesday, April 22

Late Bloomer

Some of you may have seen the movie Twilight several times already. There is a DVD release of the movie. I am just currently reading the book. And boy, wasn’t I a convert.

My choice of books range on the rom-com, chick lit, adventure or any easy to read. Although some of the stories are predictable, I still love reading them. I can say that sci-fi or mythologies much more about vampires are not my thing. But I can hardly put Twilight down at night. Even at work, my mind was into it. I am looking forward to be free so I can read a few pages.

Why I like it? There aren’t many characters in it. I give credits to the author for writing it so simply. When you heard of vampires, it’s either you get scared or you brush it off as a myth. Reading this book, makes me not care about it. It seems more romantic for a vampire to be such like Edward. The book is very well written that vampires are seems not out of this world, that they exists now, that they could be mingling with us.

I just borrowed the first book at the library and I checked, the other three of the saga are all booked out for reservation. If I want to save money, I would put in my name in the reservation list but I want to read them soon. So, I scoured Ebay and found several for bidding. I bid on the three other books this morning. Hopefully, I win any of them.

I am mulling over if I want to see the movie though. Not seeing the movie would make me more creative and imaginative. And I also don’t want to be disappointed.

We’ll see. It’s not a hard decision to make as choosing auto insurance for a fickle minded like me.

Sunday, April 19

Weekend Adventures

Jens and I went to the shop on our own by bus one time and it was followed by many more trips. It is our little adventure and our sense of independence while I still haven’t got a licence to drive on my own.

We take the opportunity to ride a bus when I need something from the shop and Mcj is busy working. When I promised Jens to go to the park and Mcj is not available to take us, we would walk down the road with our baby jogger stroller to catch a bus. Even going to the library is fun. Jens likes it especially when he gets a seat of his own. He feels he’s one of the big guys. He doesn’t even want me to hold him.

I reckon, we would keep on doing the adventure and bonding time even if I can drive on my own – making it our own little tradition or date?

Thursday, April 2


It’s raining cats and dogs now. The pelting of the rain on the roof is like a background music for the day.

I don’t really much like rain especially when it floods but being here in the office and seeing the place around us from the top, it looks nice. If this is home, I would be cruising down memory lane or nostalgia. But I have no time for that. Though, the rain provides a comforting noise at the back of my head while reviewing the user manual of the scanner.

See, these days I can’t talk without ever saying anything about my work. I’m so into it now, emerged, soaked and drained. And I love it. I wonder if the lawyers in Mesothelioma feel the same.