Friday, August 12

Trip to Davao

Davao view from the hill-top.

I miss blogging. I was so busy these past weeks. Been planning for the training to be conducted to Dipsscor, busy with the presentation materials, and with the personal things to bring. Hummmm, its really different to be a lady.

Davao is a very nice place. The land area is very vast. Its not so crowded. You can seldom find an aircon-taxi. No traffic. But the malls are far from each other. Hummmm, someday I want to live in this place.

They have a nice night life area here. Have watched fashion show here, things that I have not done in Manila. Been going to the bar.... I have an active night life. Hehehe.

Will post some pix here that I took when we went to the hill-top. Its just a resto, Dencio's to be exact but it has a spectacular view of the city.