Wednesday, October 31

Sorts of Ads

I am always fascinated how people can be so creative and lucrative that they can make a certain place attractive to be an advertising space. The first time I saw billboards over bridges, on top of a building, in round abouts... I said a silent "wow" and gave credits to whoever conceptualize it. And now, this kind of business is also available online. How cool is that? is a marketplace for advertising. It has been designed to accommodate all types of advertising formats from publishers and media sellers who are based in the UK and Ireland. But the ads placed by the sellers are available all over the world. For me, this is an advertising breakthrough brought about by Media Buying UK.

Isn't SHE Beautiful?

We went to the shop the other day. Instead of using a pram for Ian, we just left him on his capsule and prop it on top of the shopping trolley, so he was sort of like very exposed. He was wearing a white jumpsuit with blue piping and there was a yellow blanket on top of him.

While MCJ and I were busy comparing stuff, there was this woman who cooed Ian. She was kind of like talking to her daughter or MCJ saying, isn't SHE beautiful? isn't SHE gorgeous?. She stayed for about a minute and after they passed us, MCJ made a remark, she called Bubby a SHE. The woman might have overheard us that she went back and said sorry. Well, we're not really offended or whatever. Actually, we find it funny. It wasn't the first time that Ian was called a SHE and if not, people would ask what's his gender first.

The first time MIL saw Ian, she said, he was too beautiful to be a boy. She might be right as most of the time, Baby Ian is mistaken to be a girl given the boyish clothing and stuff.

With Ian's mistaken identity, I would always be reminded to buy more masculine stuff for him. :)

Thanks for them!

When the budget belt is thinning out, you sometimes consider doing things that you don't dream of doing like the word mortgages. Mortgaging a house that you fully own - you bought it using your savings which you really sweat out for, isn't easy to do but you are thankful that they've been invented and are available.

Somebody close to me, mortgage their house they owned for more than 30 years to salvage a drowning business. It was painful for them to do though they still own the house because the repayment is very huge and there is the fear that they might lose their property. The good thing about that loan was it was a no doc financing... so not much hassles. And instead of applying for a business loan, they mortgage the property where the business is conducted so they don't have to provide for the not-so-attractive records of the business.

I am friendly

...says she. Thanks, sis.

This award is one of the best gifts I've received on my bday. Loooveee it! :)

I'm passing this great gift to all of those in my roll... you all deserve it as I don't visit un-friendly site, you know. :)

Online Gaming Sites

Yesterday, I got the post assignment to write my opinion in an online casino review site. I think, they kind of accepted or like or whatever my post that I got the same assignment today. So here I am doing something that I am not really good at but trying. Normally, I don't give reviews but this opportunity is different as you will just write something based on what you see on their website, not on their service. Well, actually.. it's the same story when it comes to reviewing a website. Lol.

Anyway, is a simple website yet user-friendly and straightforward for me. I know that there are several online games aside from the most famous and widely-played online poker (well, for me) but I don't really know what are those others. Well, for an amateur like me.. it's not a problem in this website as the kind of games are prestinely displayed on top for easy access.

As mentioned in the site, there are almost 3000 online gambling sites in the world wide web and a review site such as pro360 could help player choose which gives the highest bonus and ratings instead of you filtering through those sites yourself. Saves the hassles, right? But I notice, the site where MCJ plays isn't listed there. Might not be that popular or trusted? Oh well... He's just playing using play money anyway.

Tuesday, October 30

My Wallet

Mitch wants to know what are inside my wallet. Well, girl.. here they are:

old ids (college id is the oldest), membership cards and all sorts of cards, photos, gonuts donuts promo card, terminal fee docket, store dockets and lotsa lotsa of lovely items

There are lots of clutter inside it, I realize. I am using the same wallet since I was in RP and I haven't discarded any yet. Well, until after taking the photos. Thanks girl for this tag, I was able to clean it. It's now not bulky as what it was.

Oh, after taking the photos, I found more dockets in the outside pocket. lol.

I don't have cash.. just some loose change inside the coin purse.

Calling these lovely ladies: dangkin, mich, ann, annie and arlene, if you don't mind.. may I know what are in your wallet too?


Top Usa Online Casinos is a site where online casinos were reviewed and ranked by professional poker and blackjack player according to bonus size, payout rate, customer support, # of games, deposit options, graphics and ease of use. I can't say that it is updated daily, actually, I can't determine the frequency of the update as it is not indicated in the site. What I just noticed was, the date that it was last updated was one day ahead of where I am now. I don't know though where part of the world specifically is the site maintained.

This gamesite is designed to help USA residents find gambling sites that were deemed safe and fun by the said site.

The Top Usa Online Casinos is kind of user friendly as it provides the links for the gambling sites, the facility to download the kind of game that the said gambling sites offer, the payout percentage and best of all is the brief comments/reviews of the sites that give ideas to the prospect players what can you expect in the gambling site.

This site, I reckon, benefits the gambling sites that they reviewed as well as the prospect player that will use this free guide.

Sunday, October 28

Egg Mischief

I know that you don't get proper but junk mails on weekends, yet, Baby Ian and I still check our mailbox during our walks.

And look what we found?
A broken egg inside and luckily, there isn't any mail that will stick to it.

My CSI-mind is trying to figure out how did this egg ended up in our mailbox in a holy Sunday, broken and scattered in that way. Was it thrown whole and just got broken when it hit the surface? Or was it broken down before dropping it? Sort of like the latter because the eggwhite dripped from the front side and the mischievous-somebody dropped the shell close to the yolk. And obviously, the culprit would be tall, if he is a kid because our box is a bit higher that I have to tip-toe to open it and the whoever apparently opened it because the opening in front where you can slip the mail wont fit the lense of the camera let alone an egg. And by the looks of it, it was just done a little before I checked it because it was still fresh.

Who might have done this? Hummmm, speculations.. speculations. I have something in my mind but I won't have a slip and write it here. I didn't even tell it to MCJ. Don't bear false witness, remember? And it would just be speculation until proven right.

It doens't concern MCJ, so why do I bother posting it here? Need something to post as not paid, eh! Bwahahaha! Now, you might think.. I did it myself. :P

Do you know your printer cartridge?

I was printing bingo cards earlier and the printer stuffed-up. It missed to print some part of the card. I thought we're running out of toner but MCJ told me to just restart the printer and it will print fine after and so I did.. and really, it helped. But if we run out of toner now, I would really be sorry as I haven't finished printing the bingo cards for tonight's game. I have seen lots of printer cartridges here but I am not sure if they're new and which one fits the printer that we're currently using. You see, there is another printer that works perfectly here but is not connected to any computer and there's another one that isnt working, as far as I know. These all use almost the same printer cartridges. So far, I've only seen one kind of cartridge here.

I'm not in a dilemna of knowing which printer cartridge works for which (yet), but if you are, be thankful that cartridge finder can help you. It will help you identify which cartridge works for your printer if you are not sure of and not only that. It will do the work for you of finding the best price of product there is. How cool is that?


Today, daylight saving time kicks off in Oz except in our state, Queesland - the sunshine state.

From what I've seen and heard, this has been an issue for long especially to the people living close to the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Their life is in chaos during DST. Imagine living in a place where the time in your neighbor is 1.5 hours (ish) ahead of you. They experience confusion particularly in store hours. They would go to a supermarket and then finally realise that it is already close when they are there because the time there is ahead than where they've been.

Queensland joined the wagon of DST before but it was just a trial run and after that a referendum was done, and no DST won. A study was made about it and a positive result came up for DST, yet the Premier of the state ruled it out.

Some even proposed a DST to half of the state and no DST to the northern part. How awkward would that be?

As an onlooker, I am used to the statusquo now and our household is sticking to it.

Me a nurse

MCJ always got headache. Sometimes, it is just mild... at times, too painful that he needs to lie down after taking two paracetamol. That, I reckon he is too immune to the painkillers that they don't work for him anymore even if he has to chew them rather than swallow them.

I know that botox for migraines are now available - seen it in telly recently, he wouldn't go through the knife to get rid of the pain completely, however I may convince him. He's just the kind of person who would just nurse himself (and me playing nurse) if he has an illness. He'll go through extra miles just to avoid going to the hospital. He said, before I got preggy.. the last time he went to the hospital was 19 years ago. Imagine that? And he was not the one who was sick. lol.

Fab? Me? Yayyyy!

Received another award from IdealPinkRose. Thanks, girley!

And let me borrow your words,
Ngayon ko lang nalaman na isa pala akong fabulous blogger.
Love it! :) I'm flattered.. really!

And I want to share this award to dangkin, arlene, fionixe, mitch, mich and mommychi.

It's that time again

It's the time of the year again where people aside from preparing themselves, act like Santa.. bearing gifts to naughty or nice. Christmas is really near but I can't smell it in the air nor can I see it in my environment. Oh well, I was used to cool Christmas not hot. I can't see any poinsettias in the garden like I used to in my parents' place. But still Christmas would be here whether I am in it or not. :)

Back in my working years, I received lots of goodies from the banks and suppliers. Companies set aside huge sum of money for Christmas giveaways like umbrella, personalized pens, organizers, calendars, etc - all for the customers.

Maybe I might feel Christmas when I receive gifts or give aways. lol. Not really. I want to celebrate Christmas quitely with the fam.

Friday, October 26

How Many of Me Are there?

Seen this in Arlene's home. Me curious did the same. :)
LogoThere is
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I used my married name.. but using my maiden name, there is nil. :)) I really have a very unique name, eh!

There are 6,063 people in the U.S. with the first name Era.
Statistically the 2397th most popular first name.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Era are female.

Grab it if you can

When the prices of basic commodities and what have you's rise, expect to find cheap hotels or any sort of accomodation. This is good news to everyone who loves r & r, and who don't? This is the perfect and ideal time to grab the opportunity to be in one of your dream holiday destinations.

I've mentioned before, London is in my wish list of holiday destination. I've read about it, seen some of the tourist spots but it's another story seeing those things in your own eyes, right? Hopefully if we can go there, we'll be able to find a London accomodation that is within our budget. I know, I know.. there are cheap hotels but we need it to be child-friendly, now that we have Baby Ian in tow.

Thursday, October 25

Snagged Tag

Mich let me snag this meme... thanks, girl!

1. Was your first pregnancy planned? Yes, before we even got married.
2. Were you married at the time? Yes.
3. What were your reactions? kind of excited and apprehensive as we're not sure that time if i was really preggy.
4. Was abortion an option for you? never...
5. How old were you? one month away from 29
6. How did you find out you were pregnant? my period was delayed and my body changed. before i went to see a doctor, we really sure that i was pregnant.
7. Who did you tell first? it was hubby and i who made speculations. :)
8. Did you want to find out the sex? yes, though we guessed at first and it wasnt right.
9. Due date? my ob in the RP said, its july 8, 2007.. but the doctor here said it is july 12, 2007.
10. Did you have morning sickness? not just morning, but all day sickness. worse at night though.
11. What did you crave? i didn't crave for something special or anything in particular but i ate lots of green mangoes and i am always eating.
12. Who/what irritated you the most? nothing in particular but my sense of smell heightened and i don't like any smell at all.
13. What was your first child’s sex? baby with a winkey ;)
14. Did you wish you had the opposite sex of what you were getting? No but my parents wished we had a girl.
15. How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? between 20-30 pounds
16. Did you have a baby shower? no, but goodies kept coming in even after i had given birth. :)
17. Was it a surprise or did you know? :)
18. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? fortunately, none
19. Where did you give birth? Hospital.
20. How many hours were you in labor? a snappy 3.5 hours
21. Who drove you to the hospital? MCJ
22. Who watched you give birth? MCJ
23. Was it natural or C-section? natural
24. Did you take medicine to ease the pain? nope, i tried inhaling gas but it didn't help so i gave up after 2 tries.
25. How much did your child weigh? 6.8 lbs - not really big but big enough for my size
26. When was your child actually born? July 14, 2007
27. What did you name him/her? Jens Christian Immanuel
28. How old is your first born today? 1 day shy of 15 weeks

Keep Safe

A friend once shared that her husband's identity was stolen and their bank account was used to purchase goods in different states. Luckily, they found out about it early on and the damage done was not really that bad.

Some instances where identity was stolen is when you provide your credit card or bank account details in an internet site that is not safe or over the phone transactions... but mostly it is in an unsecured mailboxes where your mails, credit card bills or bank statements were dropped by the postie.

My friend said their residential mailbox was not secure, no lock and anybody can open it. I advised her to get a mailbox that you can lock and once mails have been dropped you can't pick them up again unless you unlock it.

Identity theft have been happening everyday in any part of the world. It's really up to us to secure our mails and stuff so we won't be prey to the predators.

Hear Me?

There was some time when I love listening to music when I was at work using earphones. Everyone in the office has speakers and listened to their own music and I want to do the same without mix sounds. But the habit didnt last long as I was warned by an officemate to stop doing it else I'll be the same with her friend whose ear was operated because of listening to music using headset or earphone. And so I heed to the advice. You see, I already have a poor vision, being deaf would be just another impairment that I don't need. :)

It is imperative, for me, to take care of our ears and preserve our perfect hearing. It is one of our senses that make us function normally. But in our normal day to day activities, it can't be avoided not to hear destructive sounds that cause long term damage to our hearing. And we can avoid it by using hearing protection like travel ear plugs. Even singers use musician ear plugs so they can listen to their own voice and as well as minimize the sound that they can hear.

Wednesday, October 24

Halloween Treat

Got this sweet treat from Arlene. Thanks, girl! I really like (probably need) this as people here are not big on occasion such as this - or maybe only the people that I know. :)

Happy Halloween to everybody.. and I'm treating Dangkin, Mich, Cess, Ann and Idealpinkrose.

The Imperative

It has been in the news in the last month or so that students here have been assigned of so many homeworks that they're flat out doing them when they're home at the end of the day. Some educators didn't see the benefits of giving so many homeworks to students.

As a Mum now, I am wondering what would be the education system when Baby Ian will be in school. It's too far a future but, I see education as his ticket to a good life. And whatever the system would be, surely it would affect my stand on going back to work. Although you can always seek the help of a tutor, for me it is still big deal that I am at home when my child go home from school and supervise and give some homework help. And hopefully, Baby Ian will be good in Math as his Dad because I am hopeless in that subject. :) Did I tell you that I flanked in Algebra when I was in college?

What's in my Bag?

Mich wants to know what are the stuff in my bag. Not much...

Since I have baby Ian, I don't carry my own bag anymore.. instead just chuck my stuff in his nappy bag. :)

But recently, I use my own bag because the documents for my visa application can't fit in the nappy bag hence, I have the green folder, my passport, the small envelope containing the documents from Immi, a pen, my wallet, a fan and hanky - it was scorching hot then, lip gloss and the most unnecessary terminal fee docket from my last trip to RP - found it in one of the pockets of my bag. Some of my personal effects are in the nappy bag.

And now, I want to know what's in the bag of Arlene, Leah, ZJ and Julai.

Island Continent

As an island continent, Australia has a lot to offer to tourists. In Queensland alone - the state where we live, you will be flat out visiting prestine beaches, camping grounds, theme parks and what have yous. It has been in our list of r & r to roam Australia and we haven't touch ground yet with most of Queensland's pride.

And then there is the New South Wales, Sydney as the capital city. Actually, the NSW and Q's border is just almost 2 hours drive from our place. Just in Sydney, you will find lots of interesting sites and if you're the type who loves the noise and hustling bustling, you're in the right place. There are lots of hotels in Sydney that you can check out for your accomodation in Sydney - in its heart. Maybe you want to try the Sydney hotels that have the beautiful view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Plus you can check out the restaurant that offers the most delicious food in the whole OZ.

That's just the two states I've mentioned.. how about, the far north, the west and the down south?

Tuesday, October 23

Water and Its Conservation

We have a water crisis and it has been going on for more than a year. The water level in the dams is getting lower and lower, that despite of the rain which isn't much actually. And if it rains, it doesn't fall to those areas where water is needed.

The government had introduced several measures to reduce the usage of water everyday. Currently, some areas are on level 6 restrictions, a tougher one compared to our place. We're on level 5, which means.. sprinkling and hose isn't allowed to water the lawn and garden but rather bucket watering. That among other restrictions. The government also offers rebates and cash back if you buy and install rain water tank in your house, buy front load washing machine or install water efficient taps and shower heads.

So far, it was reported recently that the water consumption had gone down more than the expected. And summer will be here soon, the rainy days are nigh.

Monday, October 22

What is more important?

Idealpinkrose asked me these questions:

Which is more important? Education or money? Why?

I always thought it is easy to choose from things if money is one of the options because it wouldn't be it but now that I'm prompted with this question, I find it easy, NOT!

But still I have to give my answer, so I will qualify it as I possibly can.

I think, the importance of things depend on the circumstances you're in. :P

I would choose education (tool to have a job) as long as I have a little amount of money in my pocket to take me to my job, buy me food until the payday, buy me clothes to be presentable at work and something to pay for my lodging. However educated a person maybe.. she still needs a little moolah to give him a push.

On the other hand, however rich you maybe if you don't know how to spend you're money wisely, you'll end up broke eventually. You might say, some self-made business men were not that educated. Yes, formally that is.. but they've been educated by their life experiences.

Do I make sense? :P

What I really mean is, can I have both? lol... I won't ask much - just a little bit of money and a basic education.

But, practically, I would chose education. :P

Me and the Alphabet

Tagged by Mich. Thanks, girl.

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I talked when watching movies - this annoys MCJ A LOT!
2. I now know how to sew.
3. Ilongga ako.
4. Certified racing fan.
5. Loves thriller movies, tv series, and the like.
6. Still act childishly at times.
7. Always day dreaming. :D

A - Age: 30 - 9 days from now

B - Band Listening To Right Now: none

C - Career: Mother and Wife

D - Drink or Smoke: I drink occassionally

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: MCJ

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: bears (i dont like anything that crawl :P)

H - Have a Boyfriend: yes.. MCJ :D

I - In love: MCJ & Ian

J - Junk Food You Like: chocolate bars

K - Kids: Our Big Guy, Ian

L - Longest Ride Ever: manila to baguio

N - Names For Your Future Kids: haven't thought about it yet, still considering if I want another baby :P

O - One Wish You Have Now: to have a baby before i turn 30.. and i got Ian just in time.

P - Phobias: pain

Q - Favorite Quote: none? cant think of any ;)

R - Reasons To Smile: a lot... just seeing MCJ and Ian

S - Sleeping Hours: 10:30pm onwards

T - Time You Woke Up: 8-9am

U - Unknown Fact About You: haven't lost any teeth yet

V - Vegetable You Hate: none

W - Worst Habit: talking while watching tv/movie

X - X-rays You’ve Had: chest

Y - Yummy Foods: seafoods

Z - Zodiac Sign: scorpio

I'm feeling cheeky today so I'm tagging everybody on my roll. :P

Sunday, October 21

Koala Sighting

Can you see it?

Front View

Back View

Early this afternoon while I was picking the laundry off the line, MCJ pointed to me a koala going down the branch of a tree. It was fairly big. That was my second sighting though hearing them is often after they mate. They make laughing sounds.. hummm.. cheeky. :)
Baby Ian and I went for a walk later and when we were close to the trees, I remember the koala that we saw, so I really searched for it on the trees... despite my poor vision and I spotted him again, on the same tree but on a different branch.

Retire Now or Later

Most of us, if not all, wants fine things in life that's why we're working hard. But most of all, we're working hard for the future.. aside from giving our kids (if married or with kids) a better education, it is mainly about our retirement lifestyle. I used to have this kind of mentality until I read this story.

One day a rich Westerner who had made sqillions from speculating on the stock market was strolling along the beach and saw the fisherman pulling in his boat with his meager catch.

The rich Westerner stopped and remarked “not much of a catch today”. The fisherman replied “yes not much” but explained that his small catch was enough for him and his family.

The rich Westerner asked, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

“I sleep late, play with my children and have an afternoon’s rest under a coconut tree. In the evenings, I go to the local pub to see my friends, play some music, and sing a few songs….. I have a full and happy life.” replied the fisherman.

The rich Westerner ventured, “I have an MBA from Harvard and I can help you…… You should start by fishing longer every day. You can then sell the extra fish you catch. With the extra revenue, you can buy a bigger boat.

With the extra money the larger boat will bring, you can buy a second one and a third one and so on until you have a large fleet. Instead of selling your fish to a middleman, you can negotiate directly with the processing plants and maybe even open your own plant. You can then leave this little village and move to a city from where you can direct your huge enterprise.”

“And after that?” asked the fisherman.

“After that? That’s when it gets really interesting,” answered the rich Westerner, laughing, “When your business gets really big, you can start selling stock in your company and make millions!”

“Millions? Really? And after that?” pressed the fisherman.

“After that you’ll be able to retire, move out to a small village by the sea, sleep in late every day, spend time with your family, go fishing, take afternoon naps under a coconut tree, and spend relaxing evenings with friends…”


However inspiring this story is, many of us are still working like the Westerner for valid and compelling reasons. Wanting a luxurious retirement lifestyle and living in a place like those offered in the Arizona luxury real estate, among others. At the end of the day, what matter's most are those things that make us happy.

Saturday, October 20

Haberday Daddy!

It was MCJ's birthday yesterday and I forgot to greet him. I didn't even remember it, I completely forgot it because of the hubbub that we had. And I feel guilty. :(

Fat or Not???

We want Baby Ian to be fat as according to MCJ he would have reserve incase he gets sick. Fair enough. But it's another story when it's the adult that's getting fat. Instead of helping the recuperation when ill, being fat will sometimes make the illness complicated and endanger ones like. Just ask MCJ about. :) With the bug that hit him recently, he complaint that he had difficulty in breathing and added that he would go on a diet.

Well, I've been telling him that. It's not really that he would need to go with the fads like Southbeach, Atkins, etc.. or using diet patch... he's far from that state yet. Just cutting out on chocolates and pigging out would do him good. :)

But what was funny was... when he said he wanted to go on a diet.. he made this comment "I don't know with you but I".... Waaaaaa! I'm not fat, just having a jelly belly. lol.

Down by a Bug

It wasn't a good day for us yesterday. The night before, Baby Ian played-up - crying, regurgitating, unsettled. Good thing though, he went to sleep before midnight. But it didn't do any good. We were very tired and lethargic when we woke up yesterday morning.

We were all kind of sick. MCJ vomited in the unholy hour of the morning and very lethargic that even moving a mouse was a big effort. I was not that sick but, I felt bloated and tired. We spent most of the day in bed. I didnt got to eat until 3pm and MCJ 7pm.

We blamed it first to our dinner that night, frozen fish and chips because, just after eating... we kept on burping. But nah, it wasn't it. It was the bug we caught from MCJ's brother G.

I don't know if Baby Ian had it too but he had been regurgitating/vomiting until last night but he was not really fussy until it was time to sleep. We thought he was teething so we applied some bonjela on his gums and gave him some paracetamol. Then, it was sleeping time for him.

MCJ is still tired but Baby Ian and I are fine. And we stayed in bed almost all morning. :)

Vacation in my Mind

I think, everybody dreams of touring the world at some point in their lives.... and I am in. :) Actually, I have my list is already long for my desired vacation spots. There's nothing wrong in dreaming, right?

First on my list now, is to go back to the Philippines to my parents' place for at least a two week or a month vacation... and hopefully, we can do that next year on Ian's first birthday. *crossing my fingers*. Then, maybe visiting all the nice places in the Philippines.. and Australia. I want to know my country and MCJ's which is now my home better... so what's the best way to know them? :)

Then, maybe someday, go to London. I have friends there but surely we need to check-out the hotels for our Accommodation in London. And baby Ian in tow, it is necessary for us to check if the London Accomodation that we chose (if ever) is child friendly. Though, I think, London has lots of activities for kids. The airport there, being one of the busiest, which means lots of tourists come year especially during school holidays. And well, it would be nice to visit places outside of London. It is practical to check the accomodations available before going there though it may not be included in the itenirary, like the Manchester Hotels.

Oh, well.. I'm babbling.... like Baby Ian. lol..

Our Dream

It's always nice to make plans, dreams for the future. You don't pay for it so you can make them as grandeur as you like. lol... In our quite moment, MCJ and I would talk about what we want to do in the future.. but first what would be our financial state. MCJ is very business minded and I would say, between us, he's the most reliable when it comes to managing our finances though I am the accountant. :)

He used to have an investment property.. which is in real estate and for him that is the most profitable business. And so we dream of going into that in the future whether it be here or in the Philippines. I can see the bright side of that're earning money while sitting.. conducive for retired people. :)

Hayyyyy.. it's really nice to dream... yet, MCJ is working on it too!

Thursday, October 18

The Big Guy!

Baby Ian turned 3 months last Sunday! It only seems a few weeks ago when he was born. :) But with the nappies that we've changed.... it wasn't just a few weeks. lol.

He's on 5-11kgs nappy size now... means he's growing?

Screened and Tested

In my previous company, salary increase was based on merits and the score on the employee's appraisal. I think, this scheme has been adopted by most employers now to see if how well their employees are performing and to know who are performing well to award appropriate commendations. And to know that there are various softwares fit for every industry in the market, it is process that can be done easily. In that company, I never knew if they were using a software but what I am aware of, they're using a specialised system, developed by a foreign consultant. Now, I know of one software, the healthcare management software... designed specifically for healthcare institutions. Isn't it great to know if the healthcare service that you're employing has an employee management appraisal system? It means, employees are screened and you know that somewhat you're in safe hands.

Plan Ahead

MCJ loves watching the TV show Airport. They are the stuffed-up and horrible incident that happened at the airports. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is annoying but for those who are involved - passengers mostly - it is embarrasing especially if you know that you will be seen by thousands of people all over the world.

The most that I can remember are; a guy who was too drunk that he pissed on his pants and after being advised that he will not be allowed onboard, still tried to checked-in several, a dog that escaped his cage and ran away from the airport, the ferrari that will be boarded on the plane but is a bit wide for the space inside the cargo area and the passenger who booked her flight months in advance online only to find out at the day of her flight, that it wasn't available anymore. There are more stories, but mainly they focal point is unorganised travel by passengers and some slip-ups at the airport.

It is horrifying for those passengers who frequently travel and stuff their trips and be seen on the telly. Sometimes a trip planner comes in handy when you're planning for a big trip. But whatever the outcome of your travel, I just do hope that you will not be stuck at the airport where they film the said program. :)

Playing Mum

Mummy is playing Mummy even if she doesn't have to.

That was MCJ talking to Baby Ian when I asked him to wipe the chuck-up mess on Ian's face again even if he had done it thoroughly.

And that remark made me think. Pondering on our daily routine and what had happened during the day, I realized that there are instances that concerned Ian that I indeed, over-reacted. It's not because I am that kind or I really have to, but it has been my motherly instict telling me. I guess, the motherhood profession is growing on me and it has grown fast and had rooted deeply.

I was not groomed on this job. Sure, I've got lots of nephews to practice early on, but I was not able to. I embark this job with few ideas on what to expect. My biggest weapon are, my emotional maturity and MCJ's support.

Yes, I shed some tears a few weeks after giving birth but I reckon they were just baby blues. It even hit me while I was still in the hospital. But if you will ask me now, how am I going? I will say, excellent! I know I still have to learn a lot - motherhood is a learning in progress profession for me. But I have adjusted now.. and slowly getting the hang of it.

Ann, said "di nakakainip ang maghapon pag may baby sa bahay (your day isn't boring having a baby at home)".. and I agree 100%.

Motherhood for me is the most rewarding and fulfilling job in this world and I am very proud that I am on it.

Wednesday, October 17

RP = Home

"So, are you not going home anymore?"

That's my mother asking me.

You see, more than a year ago I was granted of a one year multi-stay visitor's visa. That was not what we wanted but that was what was granted. It was a "take it or leave it" deal. So, it suffice.

And for the next twelve months, I've entered OZ four times and went back to RP three times. One of which, I went home to my parents' place. In my mother's mind, I am just here in OZ for a vacation and I will eventually go back home. Well, partly true until at the beginning of September this year when I was granted of a Bridging Visa A that allows me to stay here indefinitely. We have to let go of my paid flights with Qantas because of the non-refundable fare condition. That after paying almost $200 for rebooking it, just incase I won't be granted of the bridging visa. Rebooking it again would be futile as during that days, we don't know when we're going for a holiday in RP. The rebooking fee might be more than the airfare cost. Not a good idea, then.

Now, that I can stay here indefinitely.. and we're processing for my spouse visa application, we've planned of going for a vacation back home. It would be the whole family. And I am excited. We will introduce Baby Ian to the whole tribe. :)

To Each His Own

MCJ is not fussy on food - main meal. He will eat anything (edible and without poison) that you will put infront of him however it may taste like. That's how they're brought up by their Mum. They eat their veggies not leaving them on the side of their plate. While his brother G, is a celiac, so he can not eat anything with wheat, barley and the like. Even that, he's not fussy but he always have the pepper and salt shakers infront of him when eating especially mashed potato. Oh, and he loves it mashed really... not just plain.

On the otherhand, I am a bit fussy. My palette is not really on my tongue but on my eyes and nose. lol. Yet, when it comes to taste, I get used to it. But I only started to eat more veggies when I realized they're good for my health, that was when I was already working. Our Mum isn't strict so we can get away without eating our veggies. ;)

Bilingual Babies???

I speak Ilonggo, Tagalog and English. MCJ speaks English. We live in Down Under and talk English at home, so obviously Ian will learn and speak English. But do I want him to speak or learn a second language, Tagalog maybe? Yes, but I haven't given a thought on how or when to teach him when I was pregnant nor after giving birth.

I read him stories, recite or sing nursery rhymes in English and sometimes in Tagalog inconsistently. I really didn't have a BIG goal in mind in doing those exercises but I know my/our efforts will not be futile in the future.

Teaching kids second, third or fourth language has advantages and disadvantages:

Learning other languages alters grey matter - the area of the brain that processes information - in the same way that exercise builds muscles. What's more, the younger the adults were when the learning started, the smarter they were. Those who started when aged five and under had the highest IQs. They not only learn a second language, they also obtain "softer" skills, such as better socials skills and self-confidence.

Babies who hear two languages from birth often start speaking later than monolingual bubs. But even though might experience a few month's delay, once they start, they catch up quickly. The child can also show signs of confusion by using word from one tongue while speaking in another. This usually takes a few months to overcome, and certainly doesnt put them behind in their development.

Seems the advantages out-weighed the disadvantages, but is it really worth giving a try?

I've had a big discussion with MCJ about it, and actually.. a bit of dis-agreement, as he doesn't want me to teach Baby Ian a second language. His reason? English is already as complicated as it is. We must stick to the basic first and work our way up. Okay, so it is status quo for us. There might be a school that teaches Tagalog in the future, I'll enroll Ian there surely. lol.

But I want to share these tips in going through this exercise:
1. Whatever approach you choose to adopt, they key is to be consistent.
2. The more your child is exposed to both languages. the better the results.
3. People are more effective as teachers than CDs and DVDs.
4. One language might become dominant for a while, but that will change with time.
5. When teaching at home, adopt the dame approach for all your children.


Lighten Him Up

Most babies loves lights and so is our Ian. When he's whingy at day time, i'll just bring him outside and he will lighten up.. laugh if I'm lucky. At night, he's always fixed on the lamps.. as if there's something wonderful and attractive in them. That's mainly the reason why we don't turn the light in our room always except when we change his nappy. The bright light and the illumination in the room makes him alive and active that it would be a bit difficult to settle him. What make us see things in the room most of the times are the table lamps on our both sides of the bed.

The other night, he was really fussy after a 4 hours sleep. He might be over-stimulated that feeding him lying down made him cry as well as placing him on my chest. MCJ had to take over and they went for a walk outside in the cool dark night. Luckily, some of the solar powered lights that serve as torchieres were running so it wasn't completely dark after all. After that walk and feeding him sitting down, Ian settled down and went to sleep. Hayyyyy!

Tuesday, October 16

Lucrative Investment

These days, one of the most lucrative investments is real estate. Sure, buildings depreciate but land don't and usually the value of the property just rise and rise as time goes by. The performance of the economy has a great impact on the movement of the prices of real estates among other commodities. Add the fact that most places/suburbs improve, tugging along the market value of the properties around that same place.

And this investment is very attractive to people who are already in the business and those who are willing to take the risk and plunge. With the ever increasing and improving market for investment like this, couples the sprouting of marketplaces... virtual and actual. Some prefers virtual such as the condo hotels as there are wide range of options compared to the actual real estate agents around the area.

Monday, October 15

The Juggling Act

..the best description on how modern mothers are doing the job. And aside from motherhood, who can do better in this? The clowns. :)

So here are a few important points of distinction noted by a writer in this magazine:

1. The average circus clown juggles between three and six items at any one time. Three. Six! I mean, ha! Could a circus-trained clown manage a pram laden with 14 grocery bags, an overfilled nappy bag and a broken umbrella while also carrying in the other hand a shopping list, handbag, eight overdue library books and the screaming toddler who refuses to sit in the said pram? And could they then maybe breastfeed a small baby at the same time? Would insufficient talent simply not an option?

2. Clowns receive training. Can you imagine that? Actual tuition in the jobs are deemed too tricky for just any old Joe. Clowns even have trade unions. When they think the work conditions are just too unberable, somebody... wait for this... listens!

3. Clowns have time to apply make-up. I know. Crazy.

4. Clowsn are the hits of the show. NOT those people you avoided until they finally have something interesting and worthwhile to say again.

5. Clowns make children happy. Not apparently miserable. And bored. And dysfunctional. And ripe to be thrown out of indoor playlands.

6. Clowns, for all the right reasons, receive applause. They are appreciated. Mothers, on the other hand, do all that we do for little mroe than a patronising slap on the back from our own parents and, belatedly, a few hundred precious pasta-glued Mother's Day cards from our offspring.

How's that? Yet, motherhood is still the most rewarding job in the world however it might be difficult and tiring.

Rise and fall!

I'm not really into celebrity news or goss unless it's my favorite ones which are only few and they don't get much publicity unless they have a movie, so me reading celebrity magazine or watching a goss or news on telly about celebrities is very rare. But, I take interests on Britney Spears drama on fighting for the custody of her child and her reckless behavior while driving even when she had a toddler onboard.

Being a Mum, I get more interested and affected for news that concerns babies and children that when I didnt have any. News concerning children always hit home.

I favor the decision to give the custody of her child to her x-hubby not because I don't like Britney (which not really as I don't also have a favorite singer) but because her reckless attitude made her not apt to be a mother and good example for her child and not also because I know and like Kevin F.

Being famous can make or break a person and it is sooo sad that mostly for young celebs, it breaks them. I am not one to be able to know how it feels and how to handle it... but when there are other people involved especially children, it's another story.

Drugs and alcohol are major contributors on the fate of rich, young and famous. And with the downfall of each person comes the sprouting of rehabs like alcohol rehabs. Why can't an old adage "prevention is better than cure" works?

Enough! Who am I to pass judgement anyway?

Sleepy and Funny Sunday!

We had a big sleep in yesterday... Ian and I woke up at 11:00 in the morning. Not that we don't sleep-in everyday. Lol... But it was just a lazy day for us.. we didn't go for our usualy morning walk.

MCJ was (and is) busy so I have to prepare his lunch.. and I did after Ian had his. So Daddy and Baby had their play time while Mummy made lunch. Then, I heard MCJ shouted "gross". I knew then that Ian had a big surprise for him under his pants. Lol. After a few minutes, father and son walked up to the kitchen to show to Mummy how big and gross the mess was! I had to laugh because MCJ will again have his share of changing soiled nappy.. a very soiled one indeed! Ian ended up having a cold bath on the backside down. MCJ said, after that.. he should not change nappy in one week. lol...

Let's Go Cruisin'!

I always fancy going for a cruise for a holiday. It was put-off for a certain period of time when I read a story in a magazine of a newly-wed couple who went for a honeymoon in a cruise and the husband went missing up until that issue of magazine was published. I got temporary phobia... yup, just temporary because now, I consider going for one. Not in the near future though. Just another addition to my list... especially now that there is a frequently aired commercial of a local cruise. It is very tempting.

For now, I only "heart" local ones but if you're the one who loves the Carribbean, check out Discovery Cruise Line. It sails daily to the Bahamas and offers three options, the day cruise, the cruise and hotel packages and the transportation only. At Discovery Cruise Line, kids can sail and stay free at their current special offers. You can also book for a reunion or wedding on a Discovery Cruise Line. That's something unique and fabulous for such occasions.

Used is the new New

Hey, I’m not going to lie, it’s great to have a brand new car that nobody has ever driven before. However, that being said, I also know that brand new cars that nobody has ever driven before also tend to cost more money. So here’s what I suggest, when it’s time to replace the car you’re driving with something a little bit more up to date, why not check out the Missouri used cars dealer that understands that just because a vehicle is pre-owned doesn’t mean that it’s old. Conklin Fangman has the best selection of Kansas City, Missouri used cars of anybody, and they want to work with you to make sure you get the perfect pre-owned vehicle for your needs. So take my advice, go check them out, and upgrade your car to something that’s new…but not too new.


Ian was a whingy yesterday morning... actually, we had a big drama as he was fussy while eating so to lighten him up, we both looked at the mirror and coo him. That always did the trick but that time, it didn't. He was not even looking at the mirror yet he was looking down to the magazine with a baby cover. The baby was smiling in the photo.. and Ian did exactly the same, smiled while looking at him. It was soo surprising for me. I think, it's a sign that he's ready to socialize with other babies.

I know he smiled because the baby in the photo was also smiling. From what I've read, babies will smile at you when you talk to them smiling. And you develop their social skill by doing so. So Mummy always gets a big smile from the Little Man because, I'm always smiling while looking at him.

Since, Ian had been showing some signs of liking others, I am planning of joining a Playgroup soon... maybe, when he turns 4 months.

Try It Before You Buy It

I know that buying from a jewelry store online can be stressful if you're not really sure what to expect. With that in mind, I always recommend Adolf Jewelers, the Virginia jeweler with the selection you'd expect from an online store, but with the service you can really only get by going into an actual store. Their selection of designer jewelry and diamond engagement rings is second to none, and the staff there is great at making sure you find the perfect piece for whomever you're shopping for. Check them out today and I'm sure you'll be shopping with them for a long time. Relax, they'll make you happy!

Saturday, October 13

One Down

Yesterday, we had again a big day out. We went back to town to have my medical examination. Fourteen days ago, I had my chest x-ray and HIV test and the result of these tests will determine if I need further test, and thanks heavens, I have a clean bill so the medical exam was just routine. Was I bothered or worried about the results of my x-ray and HIV test? Nope! But knowing the results made me happy as it means I'm free of any illnesses.

This exercise is just one of the many for my visa application. But at least the more crucial is over now, the rest are just paper works though they're more complicated than I expect them to be.

One down, what's next? The cumbersome NBI clearance maybe.

Behind my Back

Just recently, MCJ had our computers overhauled; reformatted the hard drive, install a new virus protection (that is free), bought a new dvd drive and burner, and what have yous. He didn't do it all himself yet the guy who did most didn't ask for payment. How cool is that? He just did it to develop goodwill for his new business.

All the tinkering was for faster speed and effeciency.

Then, just a few weeks ago, MCJ changed the inclusions of our contract with our ISP for a much faster speed and still unlimited.

That so, I will have a fast connection when I'm using the other computer which has a small hard drive for blogging. Well supported, eh? lol.

Thursday, October 11

Australia's Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump has run more than three years (am I correct) and this real life Forrest Gump of OZ has walked for 30 years except that he does not own anything like Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

John Cadoret has lived his life on the road since quitting his only job. At first, it was just a three month holiday to get out of the routine. Eventually, he liked what he was doing and never stops. He walked from Victoria to Queensland and back again. For 20 years he hadn't contacted his family but after being reunited again, promised that he would reach them from time to time.

He has no tax file number, no social security number, no Medicare number, no bank, just his own boss. He never worked a single day for 30 years and never claimed a cent from welfare. He just lived off what he can find in the street. He sleeps where ever he is when the sun comes down, did a lot of reading.. and thinking (maybe). He walks approximately 20km a day.

View video here.

Insured and ready

Have you ever experience looking for something and can't find it but when you're not, it just pop-up like mushrooms? It's not surprising here in the office as piles of papers and stuff are getting higher and higher each day. Important papers get burried like credit card bills, rego renewal slip, invoices to pay, insurance policies, etc. And that really frustrates MCJ especially if a certain bill was unpaid on its due date and that incurring a surcharge. Grrrrr... I don't like it either, wasting money for something that could have been avoided if only that paper was not burried. This is the time when soft copy of stuff comes in handy like online insurance policy, invoices and bills.

But MCJ has dilemna of soft copy files also. The hard drive of the computer that he was using was reformatted and some of the necessary files were not backed-up. How good is that? Not!

Speaking of insurance like auto insurance plans, we lost our SLR camera at the beginning of this year in the van but we were not able to claim it with insurance because we don't have any in our van. What a slop!

Well, for those who are sloppy like us, getting your stuff insured is a bit easier now as there are insurance quotes online. If you're addicted to internet like me, no need to get our of your chair to know the cheapest insurance there is.

Tuesday, October 9

More Moolah, You Reckon?

Got more time today to stay online as Our Big Guy is fast asleep on his pram after a long walk. I didn't bother to transfer him to his bed as it might wake him up.

Anyway, free time from Ian means blogging and bloghopping time. And so I did. Thankfully so because I came to know another blog advertising site, Blogsvertise. I'm getting hooked in this paid post mania that I instantly register my blog. I am now waiting for the approval and hence this post.

Blogsvertise, I reckon works the same way as other blog advertising site but it has a little thrill as they features the photos of the featured bloggers in the homepage. Now, it might make you think that's what lures me to sign-up. Probably... plus the moolah of course. lol.

Sunday, October 7

the latest me ;)

With my friends

Ian now can appreciates toys. I would put one of these teddies infront of me and coo him and he would smile. I got the same reaction when I make a motion of the teddies kissing him and me making sound. He loves playing.
Our latest game is 'feet up'. MCJ started it and now when you say feet up, he would raise his feet and we would hold them and say, yayyy, then he would be all smiles.
He loves looking at moving objects like fan, swaying curtains, etc. When he's lying on his bouncinette and the ceiling fun is running, ahhhh... you can just imagine his face, as if an angel up there is talking to him.
He can now grab and hold things. I don't wear earrings anymore when I am nursing him. I almost lost one the other day. And my hair is always coiled up, else he would have a handful of it.
He is very ticklish, got that from me. MCJ always plays the raspberry game to his feet and belly when changing nappy and there the laughs. When I tickle his belly, he would curl his legs up and smile.

Gifts for everybody

October is a very important month for our family. MCJ and my birthdays fall in this month, as well as my mother. But at the same time, it means Christmas is drawing near. Oh I miss the Pinoy way of celebrating this season. I've been here for two Christmases and it's really very far from home. They're not big on it.

Anyway, before I came into my current mindset, I love these special days because of gifts. Yeah, it was those time when I was sooo superficial and materialistic, I would say. I know some of us one way or another been through that state. I've changed now. It would be a good surprise and sooo sweet to receive unexpected gifts, but as much as possible I don't want my friends or loved ones to worry or hassle themselves in choosing gifts for me. I seem to be in an awkward situation when I receive gifts because I don't really know how much should I thank the giver, what would I say to please or to show my gratitude. It botherse me actually.

But, it's another story when it comes to MCJ. I'm always dropping hints and sometimes too upfront to tell him what I want for my birthday or on any special occasion. Maybe, I can tell him now that has coupons? How about for the things that I love like shoes. coupons are handy.

How about you? What would you want this Christmas? Not that I'm going to give you gifts. lol. You can ask your dear to buy you something using dell home coupons.

Only Girl

Our family had been blessed recently... another grandchild for my parents, the number 8 and the only girl.

My elder sister gave birth to a baby girl, Yzabelle.

I'm not there to share the happiness but I'm rejoicing here because now there's a girl among the cousins.

Ian is the 7th boy grandchild. Before, I had my scan when I was pregnant everybody in the family expected a baby girl.. and they reckon Ian was. A neighbor even told me that I'm having a girl though we knew the gender through the scan. And everybody was happy with the thought. Yes, that's how hungry they were for a baby girl.

Now, there's another reason to be excited to go for a vacation.

Light his world

Ian loves light, well.. whose baby doesn't? He can look at the lamp very intently for a couple of minutes, he doesnt get bored. At night when I'm feeding him in bed, I wanted to turn the bedside lamp as he looks at it and sways his attention away from eating but I can't see what's happening with the light off. When he's whingy, I just take him outside when the sun is up and shiny and everything will be bright again. MCJ sometimes played game with him with our bedside lamp by letting him touch it to turn it on and off, and it made him laugh. It's they're toy. lol. Maybe if the lamp has more intricate design like Murray Feiss, babies would be more drawn into it.

Saturday, October 6

Is it crunchtime?

However you may manage your finances there really comes crunch time. It's not because you spend more than you earn but you might have major expenses like paying off mortgage balloon payment, renovating a house, buying a car, or paying children's tuition. Yup, they are the expenses that can't be avoided (if you're committed to them early on) and eat up a big chunk of our budget or savings. And when you're getting closer to the end of the rope, you sometimes consider and try borrowing money in a spur of a moment. These days, borrowing money from big institutions do not happen in one day, a week or two weeks.. mostly a month. Thankfully, there are institutions that offer payday loans. Services such as these come in handy when the family financial belt is getting tight and the savings have been exhausted. But you must be sure that the offer is safe and secure.

Thursday, October 4


I'm flat out with paperworks for my visa application. One of which is NBI clearance.

Okay, I checked out the website of Philippine Embassy here and gathered information. While it is a walk in the park to secure a NBI clearance in Manila, it was all together a different story when you're not in your homeland. And I sort of expected that but at the same time expected that it would be a bit organized and effecient them being in another country where public offices were expected to be that kind by the populace. But the way I see it, a simple process was just made complicated.

Here's how it is. Just a note, the information in the site isn't clear. You might suspect that it was intentionally made vague so you won't go through with it. lol. The form is not available electronically and only then they will send the form. The applicant will fill out the form, have her finger prints on it witnessed by a police officer then send the form back to the embassy with the $50 fee. I don't know what will they do with the form but they will send it back to the applicant and the applicant should send it to the NBI office in Manila with a 200 pesos fee (for I don't know what - maybe for the postage). The applicant should follow up to the NBI office in Manila not to the embassy here. How convenient is that? Not!

Okay, I don't have a choice but to go through with the process... so then I requested the form two weeks ago. When I rang the person incharge was not available but the lady who took my call got my name and address and what do I want, saying that she'll inform the incharge of my requirement. She gave me the mobile phone of the person incharge but I didn't bother to ring him as I see it was not necessary. I gave our residential address not the PO box so it will be delivered promptly. I waited... two days, one week... 10 days... nada! I ring up the other day and again the person incharge was not available and the same lady took my call. She said, the note where she wrote my requirement is sitting on the person incharge's table.. nothing has been sent. Waaaaaaa! Wouldn't you be annoyed with that? I was thinking that he might need some information from me before sending the form but hey, I gave my phone number. I tried to ring again yesterday and again, he's not available. Grrrrrrr!

MCJ once suggested that it might be better for me to go back to the Philippines and secure the forms/documents that I need myself. It might be a bit faster and secure. Too late though because we've let go of my paid return flight last month as the fare type was not refundable.

Hayyyyyy! I just really have to wait and wait.. and follow up.. and wait and follow up. Maybe, they'll come in our mailboxes soon.

Bet and Stream Live

When MCJ is not busy, he'll be stuck in front of the computer for ages.. as if he's really doing something of great importance if you can't hear the sounds playing, that is the sounds accompaniment of the games he's playing online. Games, not just one.. but all the assortments the site has to offer. It is interesting though, even for me who just listens to the sounds. He loves games, but he once tried sport betting.

So if you are the sort who loves sport betting, you might want to check out You can bet in almost all sports running, live. Some people bet and watch the actual sports while you can also be in your lounge room, being a couch potato, put a bet on your favorite sport and player and stream live.

Wanna try now? Davis Cup is now on...

Monday, October 1

I Know Me

Yesterday morning, I held Ian infront of the mirror and talked to my great surprise, he smiled... or shall I say, laughed soundlessly while looking on my reflection on the mirror. That despite of him being whingy.

The proud Mummy in me was really exhilerated because that was the first time he reacted infront of the mirror. We've been trying to talk to him while facing in the mirror, introduced ourselves but he just looked around.

I don't know what was in his mind that time. Did it mean, he know's what he looks like now? Or that the mirror holds a reflection of how you look like? I'm not sure, but for me, that was another milestone.