Thursday, October 18

Plan Ahead

MCJ loves watching the TV show Airport. They are the stuffed-up and horrible incident that happened at the airports. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is annoying but for those who are involved - passengers mostly - it is embarrasing especially if you know that you will be seen by thousands of people all over the world.

The most that I can remember are; a guy who was too drunk that he pissed on his pants and after being advised that he will not be allowed onboard, still tried to checked-in several, a dog that escaped his cage and ran away from the airport, the ferrari that will be boarded on the plane but is a bit wide for the space inside the cargo area and the passenger who booked her flight months in advance online only to find out at the day of her flight, that it wasn't available anymore. There are more stories, but mainly they focal point is unorganised travel by passengers and some slip-ups at the airport.

It is horrifying for those passengers who frequently travel and stuff their trips and be seen on the telly. Sometimes a trip planner comes in handy when you're planning for a big trip. But whatever the outcome of your travel, I just do hope that you will not be stuck at the airport where they film the said program. :)