Monday, October 15

Rise and fall!

I'm not really into celebrity news or goss unless it's my favorite ones which are only few and they don't get much publicity unless they have a movie, so me reading celebrity magazine or watching a goss or news on telly about celebrities is very rare. But, I take interests on Britney Spears drama on fighting for the custody of her child and her reckless behavior while driving even when she had a toddler onboard.

Being a Mum, I get more interested and affected for news that concerns babies and children that when I didnt have any. News concerning children always hit home.

I favor the decision to give the custody of her child to her x-hubby not because I don't like Britney (which not really as I don't also have a favorite singer) but because her reckless attitude made her not apt to be a mother and good example for her child and not also because I know and like Kevin F.

Being famous can make or break a person and it is sooo sad that mostly for young celebs, it breaks them. I am not one to be able to know how it feels and how to handle it... but when there are other people involved especially children, it's another story.

Drugs and alcohol are major contributors on the fate of rich, young and famous. And with the downfall of each person comes the sprouting of rehabs like alcohol rehabs. Why can't an old adage "prevention is better than cure" works?

Enough! Who am I to pass judgement anyway?