Monday, October 15

The Juggling Act

..the best description on how modern mothers are doing the job. And aside from motherhood, who can do better in this? The clowns. :)

So here are a few important points of distinction noted by a writer in this magazine:

1. The average circus clown juggles between three and six items at any one time. Three. Six! I mean, ha! Could a circus-trained clown manage a pram laden with 14 grocery bags, an overfilled nappy bag and a broken umbrella while also carrying in the other hand a shopping list, handbag, eight overdue library books and the screaming toddler who refuses to sit in the said pram? And could they then maybe breastfeed a small baby at the same time? Would insufficient talent simply not an option?

2. Clowns receive training. Can you imagine that? Actual tuition in the jobs are deemed too tricky for just any old Joe. Clowns even have trade unions. When they think the work conditions are just too unberable, somebody... wait for this... listens!

3. Clowns have time to apply make-up. I know. Crazy.

4. Clowsn are the hits of the show. NOT those people you avoided until they finally have something interesting and worthwhile to say again.

5. Clowns make children happy. Not apparently miserable. And bored. And dysfunctional. And ripe to be thrown out of indoor playlands.

6. Clowns, for all the right reasons, receive applause. They are appreciated. Mothers, on the other hand, do all that we do for little mroe than a patronising slap on the back from our own parents and, belatedly, a few hundred precious pasta-glued Mother's Day cards from our offspring.

How's that? Yet, motherhood is still the most rewarding job in the world however it might be difficult and tiring.


Anonymous said...

everybody loves a clown, sabi nga.

but everybody loves a mom, too. kahit di sinasabi but in our hearts, saludo tayo dyan.:)