Tuesday, October 23

Water and Its Conservation

We have a water crisis and it has been going on for more than a year. The water level in the dams is getting lower and lower, that despite of the rain which isn't much actually. And if it rains, it doesn't fall to those areas where water is needed.

The government had introduced several measures to reduce the usage of water everyday. Currently, some areas are on level 6 restrictions, a tougher one compared to our place. We're on level 5, which means.. sprinkling and hose isn't allowed to water the lawn and garden but rather bucket watering. That among other restrictions. The government also offers rebates and cash back if you buy and install rain water tank in your house, buy front load washing machine or install water efficient taps and shower heads.

So far, it was reported recently that the water consumption had gone down more than the expected. And summer will be here soon, the rainy days are nigh.