Wednesday, October 24

Island Continent

As an island continent, Australia has a lot to offer to tourists. In Queensland alone - the state where we live, you will be flat out visiting prestine beaches, camping grounds, theme parks and what have yous. It has been in our list of r & r to roam Australia and we haven't touch ground yet with most of Queensland's pride.

And then there is the New South Wales, Sydney as the capital city. Actually, the NSW and Q's border is just almost 2 hours drive from our place. Just in Sydney, you will find lots of interesting sites and if you're the type who loves the noise and hustling bustling, you're in the right place. There are lots of hotels in Sydney that you can check out for your accomodation in Sydney - in its heart. Maybe you want to try the Sydney hotels that have the beautiful view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Plus you can check out the restaurant that offers the most delicious food in the whole OZ.

That's just the two states I've mentioned.. how about, the far north, the west and the down south?