Sunday, October 28

Egg Mischief

I know that you don't get proper but junk mails on weekends, yet, Baby Ian and I still check our mailbox during our walks.

And look what we found?
A broken egg inside and luckily, there isn't any mail that will stick to it.

My CSI-mind is trying to figure out how did this egg ended up in our mailbox in a holy Sunday, broken and scattered in that way. Was it thrown whole and just got broken when it hit the surface? Or was it broken down before dropping it? Sort of like the latter because the eggwhite dripped from the front side and the mischievous-somebody dropped the shell close to the yolk. And obviously, the culprit would be tall, if he is a kid because our box is a bit higher that I have to tip-toe to open it and the whoever apparently opened it because the opening in front where you can slip the mail wont fit the lense of the camera let alone an egg. And by the looks of it, it was just done a little before I checked it because it was still fresh.

Who might have done this? Hummmm, speculations.. speculations. I have something in my mind but I won't have a slip and write it here. I didn't even tell it to MCJ. Don't bear false witness, remember? And it would just be speculation until proven right.

It doens't concern MCJ, so why do I bother posting it here? Need something to post as not paid, eh! Bwahahaha! Now, you might think.. I did it myself. :P


Anonymous said...

i don't want to speculate too and if ever you're not the one who did it..better tell mcj about it.

coz here, the racists and bigots usually starts with tampering your mailbox, etc. I know somebody who had a similar incident and police caught two neo- nazis as the one responsible for the seemingly harmless prank.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi! You're tagged! See "What's Inside Your Wallet?" Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hmmm that was weird. But yeah some racists do nasty stuff. tsk tsk. But yeah who are we to judge?

Who could've done this? That's really mind boggling now..

dangkin said...

that might be his treat to you?! i mean, mcj's treat? hehehe..

mitch said...

Aaargh! I could just imagine the trouble of cleaning that out!

Mich said...

LOL! Era, that was funny, I can imagine you doing it so you can post it. Hahaha! Anyway, naku, you'll have a hard time cleaning it. goodluck! :)