Thursday, October 4


I'm flat out with paperworks for my visa application. One of which is NBI clearance.

Okay, I checked out the website of Philippine Embassy here and gathered information. While it is a walk in the park to secure a NBI clearance in Manila, it was all together a different story when you're not in your homeland. And I sort of expected that but at the same time expected that it would be a bit organized and effecient them being in another country where public offices were expected to be that kind by the populace. But the way I see it, a simple process was just made complicated.

Here's how it is. Just a note, the information in the site isn't clear. You might suspect that it was intentionally made vague so you won't go through with it. lol. The form is not available electronically and only then they will send the form. The applicant will fill out the form, have her finger prints on it witnessed by a police officer then send the form back to the embassy with the $50 fee. I don't know what will they do with the form but they will send it back to the applicant and the applicant should send it to the NBI office in Manila with a 200 pesos fee (for I don't know what - maybe for the postage). The applicant should follow up to the NBI office in Manila not to the embassy here. How convenient is that? Not!

Okay, I don't have a choice but to go through with the process... so then I requested the form two weeks ago. When I rang the person incharge was not available but the lady who took my call got my name and address and what do I want, saying that she'll inform the incharge of my requirement. She gave me the mobile phone of the person incharge but I didn't bother to ring him as I see it was not necessary. I gave our residential address not the PO box so it will be delivered promptly. I waited... two days, one week... 10 days... nada! I ring up the other day and again the person incharge was not available and the same lady took my call. She said, the note where she wrote my requirement is sitting on the person incharge's table.. nothing has been sent. Waaaaaaa! Wouldn't you be annoyed with that? I was thinking that he might need some information from me before sending the form but hey, I gave my phone number. I tried to ring again yesterday and again, he's not available. Grrrrrrr!

MCJ once suggested that it might be better for me to go back to the Philippines and secure the forms/documents that I need myself. It might be a bit faster and secure. Too late though because we've let go of my paid return flight last month as the fare type was not refundable.

Hayyyyyy! I just really have to wait and wait.. and follow up.. and wait and follow up. Maybe, they'll come in our mailboxes soon.