Thursday, October 11

Insured and ready

Have you ever experience looking for something and can't find it but when you're not, it just pop-up like mushrooms? It's not surprising here in the office as piles of papers and stuff are getting higher and higher each day. Important papers get burried like credit card bills, rego renewal slip, invoices to pay, insurance policies, etc. And that really frustrates MCJ especially if a certain bill was unpaid on its due date and that incurring a surcharge. Grrrrr... I don't like it either, wasting money for something that could have been avoided if only that paper was not burried. This is the time when soft copy of stuff comes in handy like online insurance policy, invoices and bills.

But MCJ has dilemna of soft copy files also. The hard drive of the computer that he was using was reformatted and some of the necessary files were not backed-up. How good is that? Not!

Speaking of insurance like auto insurance plans, we lost our SLR camera at the beginning of this year in the van but we were not able to claim it with insurance because we don't have any in our van. What a slop!

Well, for those who are sloppy like us, getting your stuff insured is a bit easier now as there are insurance quotes online. If you're addicted to internet like me, no need to get our of your chair to know the cheapest insurance there is.