Wednesday, October 24

The Imperative

It has been in the news in the last month or so that students here have been assigned of so many homeworks that they're flat out doing them when they're home at the end of the day. Some educators didn't see the benefits of giving so many homeworks to students.

As a Mum now, I am wondering what would be the education system when Baby Ian will be in school. It's too far a future but, I see education as his ticket to a good life. And whatever the system would be, surely it would affect my stand on going back to work. Although you can always seek the help of a tutor, for me it is still big deal that I am at home when my child go home from school and supervise and give some homework help. And hopefully, Baby Ian will be good in Math as his Dad because I am hopeless in that subject. :) Did I tell you that I flanked in Algebra when I was in college?


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