Monday, October 22

What is more important?

Idealpinkrose asked me these questions:

Which is more important? Education or money? Why?

I always thought it is easy to choose from things if money is one of the options because it wouldn't be it but now that I'm prompted with this question, I find it easy, NOT!

But still I have to give my answer, so I will qualify it as I possibly can.

I think, the importance of things depend on the circumstances you're in. :P

I would choose education (tool to have a job) as long as I have a little amount of money in my pocket to take me to my job, buy me food until the payday, buy me clothes to be presentable at work and something to pay for my lodging. However educated a person maybe.. she still needs a little moolah to give him a push.

On the other hand, however rich you maybe if you don't know how to spend you're money wisely, you'll end up broke eventually. You might say, some self-made business men were not that educated. Yes, formally that is.. but they've been educated by their life experiences.

Do I make sense? :P

What I really mean is, can I have both? lol... I won't ask much - just a little bit of money and a basic education.

But, practically, I would chose education. :P