Saturday, November 27

Christmas under the Stars

Due to the new project in Town Square, this event will be at Centenary Lakes.

Christmas under the Stars will be a fun night out for all the family! Come on down to Centenary Lakes from 4pm to enjoy free rides and activities. We’ll also have some fantastic stage entertainment lined up with the assistance of the Combined Churches of Caboolture.

There will also be an interactive nativity display complete with baby animals and Santa will be making a special appearance!

Fireworks will light up the night sky from around 7.45pm before “The Chipmunks – The Squeakquel” is on the big screen.

This event starts quite early but I reckon we can get there in time to see the for works and the movie as well. There might be many business around that time to grab dinner so we might skip dinner at home. I'm sure a big event like this utilise manual directory submission service as well as automated.

Petrol Prices

Since owning a car (which is quite long enough), I have been very conscious of the fuel prices. I only fill-up my car when necessary and when the fuel prices are down. I also monitor the days when the prices are down and time my purchase. With my affiliations with the rewards card, I also can get 8 cents discount these days. It's not much as my car fuel tank can only accommodate up to about 40 liters but it's worth it. Up to 4 dollars discount is good enough. For some, it might not give them dark eye circles to miss it for me who's motto lately is "every cents count", it's something to dance about.

The fuel companies or say retailers are also getting tricky. They shift the day when the fuel price are down from the middle of the week to the end of the week without much notice or big intervals. One must be vigilant, something that I take seriously.

In our area, this week the fuel price is down on Friday. I got unleaded for 123.90 cents a liter.



maybe or maybe not.

For somebody who loves reading, I don't own a bookmark. I have desired to own one and every time I am at the bookshop, I always checked them but I haven't taken a step to buying them. I am not sure why. I have always wanted an antique style bookmark but where on earth can I get them. I just don't want something ordinary, I like them fancy. Like these.

At some point, I have thought of making collections and for something that don't occupy space, bookmarks fit. But how many bookmarks one can amass for it to be called a collection? I need to learn more about collecting and bookmarks.

Sunday, November 21

Quiet Time

soon... I'm posting my last post for the hour that is. I have several opportunities to do but they will be due in the next couple of days, so no hurry. I plan to have some quiet time soon. Maybe curl up with some book with old english characters that I have loved.

My little boy has symptoms of flu but still perky, not to worry about. I gave him panadol and all is well.

Have updated myself with my facebook community (have used my phone as well - and got me curious with htc sense).

Have fed my family and all is happy.


That I can have a Christmas decorations such as these, a miniature maybe? But I know it is a long shot. I can't even put up a wreath. It's just too much work to do but I can admire and wish and dream as well. Maybe, this year we'll just have to visit houses and places with pretty deco instead of doing something monumental at home, that is when we are finished moving all our furnitures such as cabin furniture and the like. There are so much to do that I expect my coming holidays will be filled with housechores.

Sunday, November 14


That's what I'm feeling most of the times these days. It seems I only have the energy to go to work, eat and tend to Jens then I'll be bushed. At 9PM, I would be getting ready to sleep. Juvenile, isn't it. You would think, I have one of those jobs retail, but I simply sit the whole day and figure things out. I think, it's more tiresome than doing manual labour. I can't seem to stop working even if going for a break.

I can't wait for my long awaited break. I plan to just veg-out and lay like broccoli. Well, not all the time though. I also want to have a productive holiday. Maybe doing some decorating around the house. But I can't wait for days that I don't have to worry getting up for work.

Well Behaved

When I hear parents saying that they had a hard time with their kids keeping them amuse, I always wonder how hard could it be. And when I see kids playing up when travelling, I always feel for the parents, not because I have been through it but because, I am just thankful that I am not put through it.

You see, The Tatapilla is just the best kid there is. Sure he throws tantrums but not the types that I will be at my wits' end. He is so mature for his age. When told once, he understands it. No need to repear instructions.

Today, my friend commented him for being well-behaved. He was tired but you can't hear him whinging or crying. He just sat there looking tired. When I mentioned ice-cream, he perked up so even when it was hot, we ventured in all the shops to buy ice cream (one thing that I indulge him in without even regard to hoodia in his future). He was still happy and dandy on the way home and had less than 5 minutes sleep but bounced like a kangaroo when it was time to get off the bus.

We're just happy parents to a well-mannered kid.

On Gifts

You Are Generous With Your Money

You believe that it's important to give until it hurts - and giving money definitely stings.
When it comes to causes and people you believe in, you'll put your money where your mouth is.
You believe that any time is a good time to give. You don't just give around the holidays.
You aren't selfish with your money. As long as you have enough to feed and clothe yourself, you're happy to give a lot away.

I'm not quick to admit that I am all these but all I can say is that I am a spend-thrift. I love spending money and I love buying gifts just for the sake of shopping. Although, even when Christmas is near I haven't bought any gift for anybody yet. Haven't given a thought if I'm giving Dutch Master this year.

Food Fix

It was a successful day for us at the Mabuhay Festival. My friends and I met there, Mcj was very busy to come with us. Jens tag along (as he didn't have a choice anyway). The day started well for us despite some hassles on the public transport.

We went there mainly for the food and of course to have a glimpse of how many Filipinos are there in Brissie. Well, there are heaps.

On to the food. I bought lechon kawali, lechon paksiw, pakbet, dinuguan, chorizo, polvoron, biku, puto and kutsinta. I know, most of them are fatty food but who cares (if ever I gain weight, there's always best weight loss supplements to resort to). The filipino food high is always worth than worry about weight. I have one week to eat it or put some in the freezer.


Wednesday, November 3

The Race That Stops the Nation

It’s an understatement as of the moment although I don’t want to feel like I’m getting under because of so many things to do. You see, we are moving house. It’s been a work in progress for almost 3 weeks now. We didn’t hire a mover, just a big truck to move heavy items. We’re moving most of the stuff ourselves using the van and trailers.

Now, my job is on the un-packing and sorting side. Although, it is a daunting task I am taking this opportunity to clean up and throw or store things that we haven’t used.

On the house front, we have plenty of space that walking from the room to the garage is not like a walk in the park anymore if done several times a day. It’s an A-structure house, so when you talk it echoes all over the open area of the house. Funny. I’m not sure if we need dehumidifier but the house is air-y what with all the bay windows and 5 screened-doors.

And the best of all is we live in the street named after our last name. Humm.