Sunday, November 14
It was a successful day for us at the Mabuhay Festival. My friends and I met there, Mcj was very busy to come with us. Jens tag along (as he didn't have a choice anyway). The day started well for us despite some hassles on the public transport.

We went there mainly for the food and of course to have a glimpse of how many Filipinos are there in Brissie. Well, there are heaps.

On to the food. I bought lechon kawali, lechon paksiw, pakbet, dinuguan, chorizo, polvoron, biku, puto and kutsinta. I know, most of them are fatty food but who cares (if ever I gain weight, there's always best weight loss supplements to resort to). The filipino food high is always worth than worry about weight. I have one week to eat it or put some in the freezer.

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